Salons have trouble attracting talent

44% of Salons Are Actively Hiring But Have Trouble Attracting Talent

New survey results highlight that salons, spas, and barbershops are finding it difficult to identify and attract talent amid today’s shifting workforce. 55% are waiting until the economy completely rebounds so that they can pay a respectable wage, and 44% are looking to fill their chairs now but are bumping up against this new generation’s desire to be independent. 

Stylists Are Getting Harder & Harder to Hire

“For those actively seeking staff, be it stylists, colorists, assistants, or receptionists, the quest is unanimously laborious and mostly unfruitful. ‘We are finding it more challenging than ever to find young stylists who are passionate about the beauty industry and who want to work more than two to three days a week,’ wrote in one respondent. ‘We advertise everywhere. Nobody is even looking at our ads for hiring,’ said another. Even at salons where business is booming, it’s a challenge. ‘We have not been able to find new stylists for at least six months,’ said one respondent, adding, ‘We are booked weeks in advance, our stylists earn more than 95 percent of stylists in our area, and it’s still very difficult to find [staff].’ One owner said they are considering poaching from other salons after failed attempts with traditional advertising methods. Another owner’s solution is to hire back former employees rather than continue attempts to attract a new workforce. Others who are seeking help turn to resources such as Indeed, Craigslist, Facebook, and Instagram, and sales and brand reps (for salons affiliated with brands, like Aveda Concept Salons). Others say word of mouth is the best tool for attracting quality talent. The tried and true method of reaching out directly to beauty schools for newly licensed graduates is, for now, a thing of the past—most cosmetology schools were closed during the pandemic, likely due to a combination of stay-at-home orders and a widespread aversion to in-person experiences. The industry is simply behind when it comes to a new, trained workforce.”

Kristen Heinzinger, American Salon

And although we don’t agree that our industry is behind when it comes to a trained workforce, we do agree that our fellow salon/spa/shop owners have not always kept up with the times. In today’s world, there is a heightened demand to want to build his/her book of business on their terms. 

ShearShare to the Rescue

As our brick-and-mortar small businesses look to fill their empty suites and stations, ShearShare becomes more attractive because you can now put a price on your station for the day and rent it out to a licensed industry pro who has their clientele. Long gone are the days when you generated interest from an ad on Indeed, Craigslist, or via social media. Now you have a safe space where only industry professionals go: ShearShare. Do yourself a favor and try ShearShare for free! You’ll thank us later. 😉  

Read the full report here.