5 Habits of Highly Successful Beauty & Barbering Professionals

5 Habits of Highly Successful Beauty & Barbering Professionals

Becoming successful in the beauty and barbering industry does not happen overnight. It takes diligence, commitment, and belief in yourself. So ShearShare wants to provide our guide on implementing the habits of highly successful professionals. These tips can not only benefit beauty and barbering professionals, they can benefit any entrepreneur that wants to be successful in their industry!

Habits of the Highly Successful Professionals

Visualize Your Success 

Did you know that most top athletes are trained to visualize their goals right before a competition, increasing their chances for success? This is the power of visualization! Visualization is a simple technique that you can use to create a strong mental image of a future event, according to Mind Tools. It offers several benefits:

  • Visualizing outcomes that you want can increase your confidence. “Seeing” yourself succeed helps you believe that it can – and will – happen.
  • Visualization helps you “practice” success. When you imagine every step of an event or activity going well, you get your mind and body ready to take those steps in real life.
  • Anyone can benefit from visualization. You don’t have to be a life coach or personal development expert to use visualization to achieve your goals.

So picture yourself achieving your small business goals. It’ll get you that much closer to accomplishing your goals!

Staff Your Weaknesses 

Don’t try to do it all! Hire based on your weaknesses. You have to take an inventory of your abilities and see where you want to multiply your efforts. There may be things that you absolutely have no skill or patience to do, according to Michael Sutherland. So staff it! Put people in positions that will do those things you must get done – accountant, banker, attorney. Seek professionals that will help you grow, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Establish a Routine Ritual 

Establishing a routine can improve so many aspects of your life as a beauty or barber professional. According to Web MD, by cutting back on the decisions you have to make early in the day, you can get off to a better start. Organizing your time can result in a happier, healthier you! Here are some ways you can benefit from having a routine.

  • Your stress level will fall – If you have a plan, you’ll feel more in control and you can focus on making good choices for the ones that remain.
  • You’ll sleep better – Keeping a consistent sleep schedule is the first step toward being better rested. Plus, it can give you a psychological boost.
  • You’ll enjoy better health – Practice things like meal planning, taking your medication on time, and exercising regularly. A healthier body means a healthier mind.
  • You’ll be happier – If you have a schedule, you can build in time for play. Whether it’s reading, playing a video game, or watching birds at a feeder, downtime is good for your mental health.

Use Failure as a Mentor 

If you look at anyone that is successful in their industry, they all have one common denominator, failure. Wins and losses (quite a few) shape the basis for a long and successful career. Overcoming and learning from your failure will save you time and missteps. Additionally, you should seek out mentors that have experienced more than you have. According to ShearShare CEO, Dr. Tye Caldwell, sage advice from a trusted mentor will take you to a higher level in your profession. They can provide invaluable resources to your personal, professional, and financial life. So own your faults, learn the lesson quickly, gather yourself in confidence, and restart!

Protect Your Energy 

Whether you are energized by other people or prefer time alone, you might be wondering how to protect your energy when filling up your calendar with clients, meetings, and personal relationships. “If you start to notice yourself feeling drained, empty, or [like you have] a pit in the stomach, that is a sign that your energy needs to be restored,” according to Natalie Bernstein Psy.D. Energy protection is not just about avoiding “bad” energy at all costs and seeking out only “good” energy. It’s about shielding yourself from energetic depletion. How to protect your energy:

  • Use other’s energy as a guide – If you find yourself feeling ignited by someone else’s vibe in a negative way — be it anger, frustration, or stress — ask yourself where that matching energy lives within yourself. Not every experience will feel uncomfortable, but when an interaction does impact you, it helps to take a beat and bring awareness to your experience and what it is trying to tell you.
  • Set boundaries and maintain them – becoming more in tune with your own limits in every aspect of your life with particular awareness about how far you can go before you begin to feel overwhelmed and triggered can lead to a stronger understanding of your boundaries.
  • Allow yourself space to recharge – Give yourself time and space to recharge, in whatever way is most appealing to you. More often than not, many run themselves down energy-wise without even knowing it. But if you spend some time recharging, you can experience a shift. “When you’re recharged, you’re less likely to make choices that deplete you.

Point blank, success comes from being intentional. Whether it’s visualizing your success, establishing a routine, or being cautious about the energy you accept, being purposeful about the success that you want to achieve will help you get there!

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