5 Small Business Tips to Reinvigorate Your Beauty or Barbering Brand this Summer

Growing any business requires knowledge, creativity, and a genuine passion for what you do. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned pro, knowing how to replenish your barber business is an important component of your overall success. Here are some tips on reinvigorating your beauty or barbering brand this summer.

1. Determine what kind of clients you want to service

We all start out taking any client we can get, but if you’ve been a professional in this industry for a minimum of a year, it’s definitely time to start asking yourself a few questions about the type of clients you want to represent your business. Would you like your future book of business to be filled with gossipers and late clients or time-sensitive, consistent clientele that tips? Take a look at yourself first (it all starts here!), define your strengths (lean in on them!), and work backward to start attracting those same types of clients. (Also, see tip #2 ;)). As our CEO Dr. Tye says, “your clients look just like you.”

2. Empower your clients to bring you more customers

As you build consistency with your clientele, word-of-mouth referrals start to happen. So try focusing first on those clients who are already in your chair instead of spending time and energy looking for new ones on your own. Learn why your clients love coming back, and then reward them every time they bring you a new customer. After all, they are your walking-talking billboards!

3. Staff your weaknesses

We got into this business because we’re creatives, right? Not necessarily because we love reconciling accounts, reading over contracts and CAM charges, quarterly taxes, managing inventory, etc. Don’t beat yourself up about not wanting to do it all or having time to cross off those non-sexy small business tasks. It’s ok to hire a cleaning service, a fractional accountant, or even barter with one of your lawyer clients to look over your contract renewal. Instead of stressing, STAFF YOUR WEAKNESSES,

4. Collect your customer data so you can build deeper relationships

Remember how you felt the last time Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook went down and you couldn’t connect with your clients? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that blackout will happen again. How will you engage potential clients and communicate with your current customers? Start TODAY by collecting basic contact information, style preferences, and appointment info onto a Google spreadsheet (it’s free!). Better yet, use a system like Hubspot. Tell them ShearShare sent you and get a family discount!

5. Find your niche because “the riches are in the niches”

Yes, you went to cosmetology school or barber college to learn it all, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all. If you’re noticing that 90% of your appointments are for natural makeup or hair color or coffin nails or protective styles or scissor-over-comb cuts, lean into that! It’s okay to reposition your brand and offer services that match your strengths. Plus . . . you’ll be doing something you love! These pricing tips may come in handy.

To hear Dr. Tye give a few more tips, watch this short video!

If you, too, are an entrepreneur or small business owner, let us know in the comments below some tips and tricks you’ve incorporated to make sure your business remains reinvigorated during this summer season.

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