How to Scale Your Beauty Business

How to Scale Your Beauty Business Using Facebook & Instagram Ads

If you find that you don’t have enough time to market your small business on top of running your business, you may be focusing on the wrong thing. According to Lorell Lane, founder of the Social Sales Lab, posting organic content all day, every day “ain’t it”! If you are a salon or shop owner, Lane gives various workshops to business owners looking to increase their revenue via social media. 

Facebook and Instagram ads are a great place to start if you are looking to utilize social media more for your business. Lane’s workshop entitled, “Facebook Ads Workshop”, discusses how to accelerate & automate your sales using Facebook & Instagram ads without overspending time or money. “Put a virtual version of yourself on the internet so you don’t have to physically or manually try to struggle to get sales every day,” says Lane. Take a look at her suggestions below.

Retargeting Ad Campaign

A campaign is a sequence of content Facebook has the capability to retarget members of your audience that interacted with your content. That includes clicks, likes, shares, website visits, and everything in between. Utilize this functionality to give your audience a nudge in the right direction. It’s unlikely that people will purchase your product or services based on one interaction with your brand. So use this campaign to reach back out to those members that are interested, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. But! You have to invest in these ads. Lane once had a client that increased her income exponentially after investing $1,000 over the course of a few months. 

Repurpose Your Content Using a Funnel

Creating new content daily can become exhausting and the quickest way to burn out. But Lane says you don’t have to stay on the “content hamster wheel”. There are three steps to getting someone to purchase from you, she says. She calls this a Freedom Funnel. 

  1. Introduction: the top of the funnel is the introduction to the problem your audience has and the solution you provide. It’s less important to sell something, and more important to make sure you’re highlighting how you can help their pain point. 
  2. Trust: the middle of the funnel is showing social proof. This means reviews and testimonials from the clients you already have to instill trust with the audience you want to reach. Ask your clients to leave reviews and keep them up to date. Few people trust a brand that doesn’t show proof of others having positive experiences.
  3. FOMO: the bottom of the funnel is where you sell with urgency. FOMO or the fear of missing out encourages your audience to act now not later. Now that you’ve introduced your brand as the solution to their problem and proven you’re trustworthy, it’s time to offer them your service or product. Let them know what they could miss out on. 

Long story short, creating one ad for all will not work. Lane’s pro-tip? Take a look at your Facebook and Instagram insights and pull out the top-performing content. Separate each piece of content into its respective funnels and automate the ads so they’re targeting your desired audiences around the clock. 

Create High Converting Ad Copy 

Most people think they need to hire someone to create high-performing content for them but Lane says that’s not the case. She creates high-converting ad copy by using CAKE. No, not the dessert. It’s an acronym that helps her create converting ad copy for her campaigns. 

  • Call to Action – the action you want your audience to take based on your content (download this, click here, etc.). Always end your ad with a CTA and make sure it is clear. This small tweak can convert large amounts of traffic 
  • Agitate the Pain Point – start your ad off by agitating a common pain point of your audience. For example, if your clients struggle with hair loss, begin your ad with, “Struggling with hair loss?” It’s important to know the pain points of your clients because you can craft copy that speaks directly to them
  • Know Their Solution – this is where your shameless plug comes in. In order to prime your audience to buy, you have to educate them on how you can help. Try using “Introducing” or “Use this to…” in your copy
  • Educational, Entertaining, & Inspiring – according to Adam Mosseri the top 3 pieces of content that will get the most ranking on their platform are content pieces that are educational, entertaining, and inspiring. So make sure your content is one of, if not all, of these things

By automating your ads and implementing these tips, you’ll have more time, more revenue, and more freedom! 

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