Gig Economy

5 Things to Know About the Gig Economy

As beauty and barbering professionals using ShearShare, we are all a part of the ever-growing gig economy. As the gig economy in the United States grows, it’s easy to not fully understand what is going on at all times in the midst of independent contractors, freelancers, and standalone services. ShearShare provides support for those who participate in the gig economy, and below are a few things to get you started on the right path in the biggest business growth path to date. 

What is it? 

According to Gallup, they define a gig work arrangement to include independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers and temporary workers. Essentially, any worker that is receiving funds from individual sources through each service provided is part of the gig economy, by having different “gigs”. As beauty and barbering professionals, especially fully freelance professionals, you can utilize ShearShare for support throughout their gigs. 

How will it Grow?

A study by Intuit predicted that by the year 2020, 40% of American workers will be a part of the gig economy. They also reported that free agent employment would continue to accelerate with more than 80 percent of large corporations planning to increase the flexible workforce. The economy style will grow as long as technology grows, allowing entire communities to access different services away from large employers. As beauty and barbering professionals, many individuals have taken over the once retail company spaces. 

How To Participate More in the Gig Economy?

As the Gig economy grows through technology, you can utilize your skills to grow with it. By using ShearShare, our users are on the forefront of the gig economy. As beauty and barbering professionals, you can sell your work through social media to increase your following and influence. You can also connect with different beauty companies at the click of the button to garner bigger gigs. 

ShearShare users are advancing through the gig economy space faster than any other beauty professionals in the United States. Download today!