Courtney Caldwell at Black Girl Magic

ShearShare COO, Courtney Caldwell, Joins Black Girl Magic Summit Small Business Panel

Our co-founder and COO, Courtney Caldwell was tapped to join the Black Girl Magic Digital Summit, which was hosted by Boss Women Media and sponsored by Capital One and Amazon. The 2-day summit focused on connecting, engaging and informing women around key topics like financial wellness, entrepreneurship and money management. It put a light on the real issues that are impacting our communities and how women can persevere in times of certainty.

Some of the featured guests included: Valerie Jarret, President of The Obama Foundation, actress, producer and change agent, Yara Shahidi, actress Naturi Naughton and of course Boss Women Media founder and CEO, Marty Mcdonald.

As a small business owner of a women-owned business, Courtney sat down with Marty Mcdonald, Zainep Mahmoud, head of acquisition marketing at Capital one and Dr. Unoma Okorafor, CEO of Herbal Goodness to talk about what it means to lead a business as a woman. Additionally, the powerhouse cast of female entrepreneurs talked about the lesson they’ve learned taking their ideas from concept to fully funded.

The Importance of Self Confidence

One topic that kept coming up is how important it is to be confident in yourself and your community. Having people behind you that believe in you can be the key difference between giving up and pushing forward. Likewise, knowing what your brand and product is worth is a key aspect when it comes to successful fundraising. Never be afraid to ask for what you need, especially if you know you can deliver. 

There were way more gems that were dropped but all 4 successful women, so we encourage you to watch the full video above! Feel free to send us a DM on any of our social media platforms if you have any questions for Courtney!