5 Things You Should Know Before Reopening Your Salon or Barbershop

ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell went from the boardroom to the barbershop to give ShearSharers a firsthand preview of life after reopening. After the first return-to-work weekend, he’s learned a few things that have helped his business run more smoothly. Listen and prepare.

If you’d rather read the video transcript, you can find the full transcript below:

0:00hey guys dr. Tighe here wanted to share

0:04some information with you I know that

0:06now that some cities are opening we’re

0:09probably less than 20 states that have

0:12decided to open up salons and

0:15barbershops we know that there are going

0:18to be major changes new normal there

0:22they’re looking at the guidelines from

0:26state to state that they’re giving to

0:28the licensed beauty and professionals

0:30that they want them to go by Texas where

0:33I’m located has opened up since last

0:37Friday which was the 8th we weren’t

0:40expecting to open up so soon we would

0:43think it was gonna be sometimes the 18th

0:46or after but you guys know that the lady

0:49in Dallas you know she opened up her

0:51salon and was working got cited and you

0:55know it was a big PS coal and you know

0:57it made national news

0:58so probably we think and that was one of

1:02the reasons why they continued they

1:03pushed it to open up a little sooner

1:05that’s what I’m thinking that’s my

1:06opinion I don’t know that for sure but I

1:09know for a fact that when they decided

1:11to open I didn’t know how to think

1:13because my mind had already triggered to

1:16the 18th and the expectation of that

1:18even though a lot of people were upset

1:23that either their state hasn’t opened

1:25made a deadline open or hasn’t opened

1:30you know they’re a little upset

1:33frustrated like a lot of different

1:36emotions have been stirred from this

1:39beauty and Barbra professional industry

1:42cosmetologist barbers you know salon

1:46owners barber shop owners there’s a lot

1:48of people now that have the opportunity

1:51to use their voice their platform and

1:54speak up and I think that we need to

1:57understand more so than anything that

2:00regardless of how people think of us as

2:03an essential business or not we have to

2:06understand that there are regulations

2:09and laws that we have to go by we

2:11understand ously we have done the

2:14industry and I don’t want to go into

2:15that what I really want to talk about is

2:18what is this new normal one to be like

2:21and I really wanted to express my

2:23opinion I really want to express my

2:24concerns and I really wanted to share

2:26with the licensed professionals the ones

2:29that are getting out of school that are

2:31still in the school the ones that have

2:33gotten out of school the ones that have

2:35been in the industry from one to five

2:36years the ones that I’ve been industry

2:38from five to ten years the ones that are

2:4010 plus veterans there is a new normal I

2:44recently you know when they when they

2:46said it last week I think it was around

2:48Tuesday when they shared with choose

2:52your wins and when they shared that we

2:53could open and I have a great I have a

2:55great crew at my salon and barbershop

2:57they asked me they said they will follow

3:00my lead and what what did I think about

3:02them you know going what did I think

3:04about them going in on the date that

3:08they assigned us to go back which was

3:10the 8th which was Friday last Friday and

3:12me personally I didn’t have a problem

3:15with it because as a CEO of sheer share

3:18I’m able to really look and see how the

3:21states are opening up I remember when it

3:22was a whole fiasco with Georgia and

3:24everything that was going on and how

3:26people felt about it and and then

3:28feeling uncomfortable to open back up

3:30due to a lot of precautionary things

3:33that they didn’t really want things that

3:35they didn’t know when things they didn’t

3:36really want to tackle at that time and

3:39so I’ve gotten a chance to look at

3:42behaviors look at the data look at

3:46what’s happening and really look looking

3:49to not only us being smart about over in

3:52our business but the mindset that we

3:54have to have if you hear some tapping

3:55that’s my dog but anyways just really

3:59getting a clearer understanding of can

4:02we open back up can we do utilize the

4:05safety and precautions and follow the

4:07CDC guidelines I know that OSHA is a

4:10part of some of the guidelines as well

4:11and there are some of those guidelines

4:13are in there so there are things that we

4:15really need to think about so I wanted

4:19to really not only just give you

4:23information but I wanted to really get


4:25trenches as a license cosmetology and

4:27Barbara myself I wanted to go into work

4:30on Friday kind of go in before the crew

4:33because my staff decided to wait to the

4:35next week which was I was really cool

4:37and they actually my opinion about I

4:38think that’s great because they we

4:40expected everything to be opening up

4:42after the 18th so a lot of things

4:44weren’t they hadn’t gotten all their

4:46their essential necessary items that

4:48they wanted to work with they want to

4:50make sure they got those things me as

4:52the owner I want to make sure that a lot

4:54of things were there for them but I know

4:56that there are a lot of things which I’m

4:58going to list going forward on how

5:01things are so different and trust me

5:04guys I’m gonna be honest with you you

5:06need to share this with your barber with

5:08your stylist whoever is in the industry

5:10whether they’re massage therapists

5:12anybody that works in this industry of

5:14hair skin and nails share this video

5:16because I think that they really need to

5:18understand what are the new normal and

5:21the consequences that come with that not

5:24only for yourself for your clients and

5:26not only just for your clients before

5:28the people that that they live with or

5:30the people that they’re going to be in

5:31contact with we have to make sure that

5:33we following the guidelines we have to

5:36make sure that we’re creating a safe

5:38environment not just for ourselves

5:40because I believe that if you take care

5:42of yourself you’re gonna take care of

5:43your customers and taking care of your

5:45customers they’re going to now look at

5:47you a little bit different when they

5:49come into your business it’s gonna cost

5:51a little bit more salon and barbershop

5:53owners stylists who have Suites salon

5:56and barbershop workers whether you’re

5:59independent you’re going to have to now

6:01buy more more tools more products and

6:04it’s gonna be costly so we’re gonna

6:07really kind of talk about price

6:09increases you’re gonna have to increase

6:11your prices that’s just come with it I

6:13think that over the last thirty plus

6:15days that we’ve been out of commission

6:17as far as working in salons our value

6:19has been elevated to the next level and

6:22if your salon or barber shop or a

6:25licensed professional who is really was

6:28really wanting to raise the prices the

6:30time is now the value add to who you are

6:33as a licensed beauty and Barre

6:35professional has went up and I really

6:37believe that

6:39the time to do it and your clients

6:40really won’t have a problem they may

6:43they may not understand but I think that

6:46if you show them all the things that

6:48you’re doing which I’ll talk about here

6:50in a second from what I’ve experienced

6:52over the last couple of days this

6:53weekend because I wanted to go in so I

6:55have people that reached out to me and I

6:57say you know what let me go in let me be

7:00first let me really think about how this

7:02process is gonna work and can we as

7:05licensed professionals create this new

7:07normal because it’s easier to go in and

7:09say you know what you know we’re gonna

7:11go back in yesterday let us open up and

7:13we’re gonna do things you can’t go back

7:14in with the same mindset you can’t go

7:16back in with the same ways you were

7:17doing business and you can’t utilize

7:19that same effort of what you did before

7:24to think that you can cheat to get to

7:26this new level because is you can’t

7:29cheat it it is what it is and the

7:31guidelines are there I will say that

7:33Texas really laid it out for us on what

7:37the guidelines are and I know that other

7:39states are doing the same thing it may

7:42not be the same but I know that there

7:44are a lot of things in there that are

7:46the same and I just read recently that I

7:51think it’s Massachusetts is not going to

7:54Connecticut it’s not going to allow

7:56blow-drying and so this is something

7:59that we all need to stay on top of if

8:01you’re licensed professional because you

8:02need to understand that and I can

8:04understand the the fear and the

8:09awareness needs to be out there but we

8:11really need to understand this next

8:14level of new normal so let’s get into it

8:17I went in on Friday and there were some

8:20things that I really wanted to focus on

8:24not just for myself before the clients

8:26so I started like Wednesday kind of

8:29thinking about that you know coming up

8:32making my mom move a little faster

8:34because I was really thinking it was

8:35gonna be the 18 so I was kind of moving

8:36in a little bit of a pace but once they

8:39said that we could open up Friday I was

8:41like you know what let me go in let me

8:43think about this I want to be able to

8:45educate people that are looking at

8:48getting back into work that are not

8:50there yet

8:50states that haven’t open

8:52things that you can be thinking about

8:53because I’ve already gone before you and

8:55check these and done some of the the

8:57check offs that we’re gonna have to do

8:59to create this new normal so I wanted to

9:01make sure that I had disinfectant I want

9:04to make sure that you know people need

9:06to understand that you can take the

9:08barbicide certification it’s really it’s

9:11not hard if you if your school or your

9:14college focused on sanitation if you

9:17went to school licensed beauty

9:18professional barber professional and you

9:22didn’t you didn’t really focus when they

9:24was talking about sanitation and all of

9:26these sanitary precautions that we need

9:28to take as professionals for skin and

9:31and just just being clean you missed the

9:34mark that is really one of the big

9:36things that you should have gotten out

9:38of school and I think that you know we

9:40tend to focus on our artistry more than

9:43the important things which is sanitation

9:47being clean skin all the things that

9:50that we that can go wrong if you know we

9:53don’t understand the different skin

9:56issues that you could get from using

9:59Clippers from razors from color anything

10:02that requires us to have that knowledge

10:05so I want to make sure that I had

10:08sanitary wipes someone to make sure I

10:10had barbicide disinfectant I want to

10:12make sure I got spray bottles I wanted

10:15to make sure I had the proper amount of

10:19cleaning tools that I needed as far as

10:21towels and whatever and so on and so

10:24forth but I also made sure that when I

10:27went in I distance all my chairs and I

10:31distanced the barbers and I distance the

10:34stylist and I made sure that the clients

10:37are aware of the changes that we are

10:41making that we’ve made going forth and

10:46all the things that are getting ready to

10:49be changed for the new north so let’s go

10:51to Friday went in and I made sure I said

10:56disinfectant bottles invisible places or

11:00clients to see them make sure I sent it

11:02make sure I had sanitary wipes invisible


11:05that class could use them make sure that

11:08I took the time to educate them on the

11:12precautions that not only the government

11:15with the laws of regulations of this

11:18pandemic and this coronavirus has

11:20allowed us to be to do but I also wanted

11:23to make sure that I imitated them on the

11:26changes that we were making in the

11:28business in the shop going on it really

11:33was I want to say I’m really proud of

11:36the effort that I put in because I’ve

11:40always been really focused on sanitation

11:42cleanliness and taking care of the

11:44client in that in that way not just for

11:48them but for me and for clients to be

11:50comfortable I think now there needs to

11:53be another level of comfort that the

11:56client must see all the way from kids to

11:59the elderly so what did I do different I

12:04did everything that they asked I’ve got

12:08into the shop made sure I was I had my


12:11I changed gloves after every client I

12:15made sure that I did not take my gloves

12:19off until I gave them a transaction from

12:22a credit card back accepted money and I

12:25made sure that I was wiping down the

12:28door handles inside and out bathroom

12:31inside and out and making sure that

12:34gloves were worn the whole time also

12:37giving them the opportunity to sanitize

12:39their hands wear their masks they have

12:41to wear their masks coming in now there

12:43are a lot of I will say this there there

12:45are some people that have longer hair

12:47over the years so as long as you’re

12:50wearing your mask they can take theirs

12:53off for that service at that time so I

12:57let them know that but before they got

12:59their service I made sure i disinfected

13:01my chair with the barbicide and let it

13:04dry for two minutes but while they were

13:06waiting I gave them my health statement

13:08that I put that I’ve provided for my

13:11team and the shop so the declines the

13:14sign given us

13:15have a little bit of history on their

13:18whereabouts no are they do they have

13:21symptoms and they can give us the date

13:23and so if someone comes on that day and

13:28they didn’t have it before and they call

13:30us and let us know that they have it now

13:32we now have to make sure that they can’t

13:34come back for 14 plus days and everybody

13:38that was there everybody that was there

13:43now we have to make sure that they don’t

13:47get they don’t come back to those

13:49individuals that were getting serviced

13:52that day as well there’s a lot of things

13:55that come with that because you want to

13:57make sure that everybody is safe and not

14:01only safe there but you want to make

14:03sure they’re safe when they go back to

14:04that family I’m gonna go to their

14:05friends or wherever they’re gonna go

14:07afterwards so they don’t affect anyone

14:08else so that was one of the things we

14:10did have them sign a health statement in

14:13that process I wanted to make sure as

14:15well is that every client after you

14:19service them you have to make sure that

14:23you disinfect your chair for the next

14:25client change out your cake can you use

14:27the same cakes anymore you get to change

14:29out your cake so if you have to go buy

14:30new cakes please do that but you have to

14:33change out new cakes you have to also

14:36wash your tools your attachment tools

14:40with with every a guard you razor just

14:42to make sure you really now disinfecting

14:45those if you’re gonna use those again on

14:47the next client if there is a client

14:49with longer beard and you really want to

14:51you really want to make sure that you

14:53service them make sure they have already

14:56come with their beard clean so that you

14:59don’t have to blow dry and all those

15:01other things that come with that make

15:03sure they come with their beard clean

15:04that way it takes away the brunt of the

15:06work from having to shampoo them and

15:09blow dried them that’s gonna take time

15:10and then I wouldn’t really allow anyone

15:13to use it any blow dryers right now

15:15things may get better going forward but

15:17right now is not the time I will say

15:22this and this is for people we will be

15:25using the temperature

15:26mine didn’t come in so I didn’t use it

15:29that day because I had I had received

15:33mine yet because there are such a

15:34backorder on temperature guns but no

15:37contact temperature guns to the forehead

15:39definitely need those make sure you

15:42utilize it for your staff daily to make

15:44sure they don’t have a temperature and

15:46the clients so that you can stay up to

15:50understanding where they’re at when it

15:53comes to their temperature because that

15:55is definitely a symptom if their

15:58temperature is is low want to make sure

16:01also that at the end of the day you’re

16:06cleaning your tools your your your

16:09disinfecting them and you’re cleaning

16:10them getting ready for the next day all

16:12your cakes cleaning them washing them

16:15hot water getting them ready for the

16:18next day this is something that we were

16:21able to really focus on I really wanted

16:24to like I said get into the trenches I

16:26really wanted to talk to the clients I

16:28really wanted to get their take but then

16:30I was able to also share with them that

16:32the prices are going up and what what

16:35that meant for business going forward

16:37and I think that a lot of shops that

16:40aren’t following protocol precautionary

16:44precautions and aren’t following the

16:46guidelines their clients are going to be

16:49unsafe but they’re gonna feel like you

16:51don’t care about us that may allow you

16:54to lose business and allow another

16:56business to gain that business now one

17:00of the things I will say in this you can

17:03no longer have walk-ins so every

17:07appointment needs to be done

17:09specifically for that barber stylist

17:13cosmetologist for that time no one can

17:16wait in the salon no one can wait in the

17:18barber shop I specifically said that no

17:22one can wait in the barber shop with

17:24anyone unless the child is five and

17:27younger bar being younger is what I

17:31would typically say that someone to wait

17:34but they’re not getting service they’re

17:36just waiting for that child to be


17:38that’s the only way that someone can

17:41wait but if you’re waiting to get

17:42serviced and your child is in the chair

17:45you have to wait outside unless your

17:47child is 5 or younger so that’s the

17:51rules in my shop I would definitely

17:53suggest that for you if you have 5 or

17:56less barbers each barber or stylist

18:00needs to have just that specific person

18:03there they’re bringing this discount to

18:0610 people which is including yourself

18:08so 5 or more is too many people in the

18:11shop and if anyone is waiting with 5 or

18:14less that’s too many people in shop

18:16because 2 times 5 is 10 so it just makes

18:21sure that you’re keeping the numbers low

18:24so that’s why I said that no one needs

18:27to be waiting everyone needs to be in

18:30the chair out of the salon after service

18:33before the next person comes in gives

18:36you time to really prepare yourself for

18:40the next client also give you the

18:43opportunity to disinfect and do all the

18:45things you need to do at that particular

18:47moment as well clients are going to

18:50really respect that they’re going to

18:52really appreciate that because really at

18:56the end of the day at the end of the day

18:58your business is going to get a

19:01reputation based on the way you respect

19:04your business your clients and yourself

19:07and that is all gonna be based on your

19:10sanitation and cleanliness and the

19:12precautions now that we’re in this

19:14pandemic of the corona virus they can

19:17take over at 19 think about this guys

19:20it’s gonna mean a lot going forward I

19:22can only share this with you because I

19:26want to get me trenches as a licensed

19:28beauty and bar professional over 25

19:30years it makes a difference to really

19:32know we went to school for sanitation we

19:35went to school for understanding all of

19:37these precautions before this there are

19:40certain things that we’re used to but

19:42now that we have gotten into this

19:45pandemic and this virus which is

19:47considered airborne and

19:50it’s its own on surfaces for anywhere

19:54from 24 to 72 hours we now have to take

19:57the precautions to the next level and we

20:00have to be educated and education is not

20:03something that we should be afraid of

20:06nor should we slight at all because it’s

20:10going to take us some time to really

20:12build up a normality to this new way of

20:15doing things because we’ve just been so

20:17used to using one cake we’ve been so

20:19used to either not using gloves or using

20:21one pair of gloves till one breaks or we

20:24haven’t been used to just washing our

20:26hands out to each client probably just

20:28sanitizing and wiping them down with a

20:30towel or wet towel or something these

20:32are new behaviors that if you don’t pay

20:34attention if you don’t be really aware

20:37of what you’re doing it’s easy to fall

20:39back into that old way of doing things

20:41you don’t want to do that so I wanted to

20:44make sure with the time allotted I gave

20:46I gave clients our hour to an hour 15

20:50minutes between each client depending on

20:53service or regardless of service gives

20:55me the opportunity to prepare clean

20:58doors do the things right beyond the

21:00chairs so clients when they walk in they

21:02feel comfortable they see the change is

21:05it gonna be a little bit quiet it’s

21:06gonna be a little bit dim for a while

21:10sure it is but at least you’re open at

21:12least you can work at least you can

21:14service your clients that’s what we have

21:16been fighting for to consider ourselves

21:18essential business and essential workers

21:21to this to this world and to this


21:23people need us and so if we follow the

21:26guidelines if we follow the rules and

21:27regulations we’re going to continue to

21:30be valuable not just for our industry

21:34but to people that need us who need

21:35haircuts who want to come in and make

21:37themselves look good and feel beautiful

21:39so they can feel good about themselves

21:41there are things that we need to really

21:43focus on if you have a lot of people I’m

21:46talking about a huge shot I’m gonna say

21:50five I’m gonna say eight plus then

21:54you’re gonna really have to think about

21:55shifting your barbers stylist and

21:59spreading out and possibly thinking


22:03differently going forward so it’s gonna

22:06cost a little bit there gonna be some

22:08changes but the changes are gonna be the

22:10for the better it’s gonna be for the

22:11future depending on how you see how

22:15positive you see what we’re doing going

22:17forward is like it is going to mean

22:20change change is inevitable this is a

22:24good thing for a lot of people and it

22:27made this another good thing for some

22:28because I think that people who weren’t

22:31doing the sanitation and cleanliness

22:33before something really difficult it’s

22:35gonna be really difficult to really

22:37understand the way we do business for

22:41the client and not just for the client

22:43for ourselves because if we’re not

22:45healthy we can’t go to work we can’t

22:48serve as clients so I don’t even make

22:50sense to argue that you are essentially

22:52you can’t go to work if you have the

22:54virus and you have to be now quarantine

22:57for 14 days so you put yourself in

22:59position now to not even be until not

23:02the government not even be affecting you

23:04you have now affected yourself and your

23:07business so think smart do the right

23:10things go to your state’s laws and

23:13regulations look at all the rules and

23:16regulations they put in place there’s

23:18like four pages in Texas Texas

23:20Department license and regulations I’m

23:22sure whatever states you you you’re in

23:25whatever state that is your license and

23:28regulation laws are there to I’m sure

23:30they’re somewhat the same but pay

23:32attention to the symptoms these are

23:34symptoms I’m gonna name them up really


23:36I think that it’s something for you to

23:38understand not just for your clients but

23:40for your employees as well

23:41the symptoms of of Cova 19 are calm

23:44shortness of breath or difficulty

23:47breathing chills repeated shaking with

23:50chills muscle pain headache sore throat

23:54loss of taste or smell diarrhea billing

23:58feverish or measured temperature greater

24:01or greater than or equal to a hundred

24:04degrees Fahrenheit known close contact

24:08with the person who is who is who is

24:10labeled confirmed to have COBIT 19 these

24:15are all the symptoms

24:16I’m sure that every state is putting

24:18them out there there’s something to

24:20think about but going forward I have

24:23gone before you and I’ve done some of

24:25these things I’m telling you there is a

24:28new normal I have witnessed it myself I

24:30wanted to make sure that I was in the

24:32trenches I got a chance to to feel what

24:35people are going to feel what some

24:37people probably have already started

24:39feeling but I wanted to share it the new

24:41normal is here if you’re a state that

24:43hasn’t opened up yet

24:45pay attention get ready and and really

24:49make your clients feel special not just

24:52for the sanitary reasons that the CDC

24:55has put out but for you to continue to

24:57have those clients because a lot of

24:58clients are gonna be skeptical to come

25:01into your business if they don’t see

25:02you’re taking precautionary measures

25:05going forward and I’m telling you it

25:07could be longtime clients and they’re

25:09gonna be they’re gonna be watching

25:10everything you do every move you make

25:12everything you do I had one client that

25:14was bringing her old brush that he was

25:17using at home

25:17I specifically got this client his own

25:21brush because he’s been a longtime

25:23client and friend and I said this is

25:26your brush that one was not good enough

25:27it was dirty this is what you’re gonna

25:29use bring it every time you come and and

25:32make sure that you feel good because

25:34clients are gonna be uncomfortable and

25:37we have to make sure they’re comfortable

25:38so lastly you can go up on your prices

25:43guys I don’t think that clients are

25:46going to really really be afraid of the

25:49new prices and they have to reflect the

25:52money that you’re spending for products

25:54and tools you got about new gloves you

25:56got to be a new capes gotta buy more

25:57products to clean disinfectant you

26:00that’s all along with all the things

26:02you’re already doing so if you tell your

26:05clients and show your clients the

26:07interest that you’ve made to warrant

26:10raising your prices and even if you even

26:13even if you want to raise your price

26:14before because your value has gone up is

26:18your price is going up has been

26:20warranted due to the fact that people

26:22really believe that we’re in a central

26:25we’re in a central group of people that

26:28need to go back to work and our image

26:29essential so you have the opportunity

26:31now to take advantage of something that

26:33you have probably been a little bit

26:35nervous about something that you know

26:37has probably given you a little bit of

26:40unease because we sometimes hold

26:44ourselves back by not putting a value on

26:47what we really do well and on what we

26:50really do as far as taking care of our


26:53you now can have the opportunity to take

26:56it to the next level and show your

26:57clients how valuable you are I’m sure

26:59they already know but taking the proper

27:01precautions and necessary regulations of

27:06the CDC guidelines and OSHA guidelines

27:08the clients are going to really

27:10appreciate that going forward I want to

27:12share this information please share this

27:15video with your friends your family

27:18anybody that’s going back to work that

27:21hasn’t gone back to work so that they

27:22can understand – you hear me so that

27:26they can understand – the value of going

27:29back to going back to the salons and

27:31barbershops and how we’re looking at

27:33this new normal to protect them I think

27:36that it’s gonna be a great thing I think

27:39that it’s gonna be a better thing and I

27:40also think that if something like this

27:41happened again we can stand firm that we

27:45can now talk to our politicians talk to

27:47the government about who we are and why

27:49we can open up when other people

27:52shouldn’t open up that’s what I want to

27:54share I want to get to get this to you

27:57and I want to make sure I was very

27:58succinct and what I was sharing with you

28:00and I want to make sure I delivered it

28:02very well but this is where the things

28:04are if you have to listen to this twice

28:07do that but share this video guys I

28:09think it’s gonna be very very worth it

28:11at the end of the day have awesome peace


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