6 Master Barbers and Hairstylists Share the Productivity Apps They Can’t Live Without


Working in the beauty and barbering industry produces a full life and an even fuller schedule. So many apps help with productivity, organization, and forming good habits that there are too many from which to choose. But the ShearShare team is here to help you sort through the noise. Here are six favorite apps recommended by renowned beauty and barbering professionals to help you maintain peak performance on a daily basis:

Raymond T., III

A renowned businessman and nationally-recognized social media marketing educator in the beauty industry, Raymond Torregano, III, is the founder and Creative Director of the TORREGANO GROUP.

“The productivity app that holds it all together for me and my business is Google Calendar. If you don’t tell TIME where to go, we will wonder where it went. Goggle’s stack of apps all work seamlessly together for getting things done. I’m a die-hard Apple guy on my phone … But Google runs my life, lol!”

Kristina M.

A seasoned balayage hair artist, ShearSharer Kristina is also a hand-tied hair extensions specialist and on-location bridal and event stylist based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

“I use my notes app often! Any ideas I come up with I write them down ASAP, or content that I’m inspired by from other successful people!”

Marvy M.

Best known for the weekly “BARRRBERS!” videos, Marvy Marv is a veteran barber, owner of The Palace Barbershop in New York, and the creator of the @barrrbersapp. Check out his annual expo, the BarrrbersFEST!

“The one productivity app I can’t live without is my notes app. In fact, I even wrote this TO-DO in my notes app, lol! I write EVERYTHING in my notes app: from goals, to ideas, to captions, to things I got to do, etc. My notes app is everything to me.”

Chioma V.

Chioma is an accomplished master stylist and weaver and has established herself as a go-to resource for many A-list agencies, celebrities and networks. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines such as Essence, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Bazaar and Seventeen. Chioma is a super-popular ShearShare host located in Manhattan, New York.

“I can’t live without Winly, a business growth strategy app.”


Season B.

Known in the industry as community liaison @thesocialbarber, Season manages the social media strategy for some of your favorite influencers like celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble. Season is a @BooksyBiz Ambassador and shares free business tips on her Instagram page.

“I can’t live without my iPhone calendar.  I have so many businesses and partnerships—not to mention family life!  I love that I can see my whole life in one place. If I don’t put an event on my iPhone calendar, it doesn’t get done. On my iPhone calendar, I have multiple schedules. But I can see them all in one place.

John M.

John (aka @popular_nobody) is a Modern Salon Top 100 Game Changers, master barber, and evangelist for
Hanzo, Paul Mitchell, Cosmoprof, Andis, and a Hims Partner. He creates barbering curriculum for schools and mentors barber neophytes. 

“I’m starting to find interest in LinkedIn.”

Thank you to these ShearShare supporters for sharing a few tips for how they are able to accomplish more with less!