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Kati Whitledge, founder and host of the Beyond The Technique podcast, a top 5 podcast for hairstylists, empowers your salon and inspires stylists to live their best lives “on and off the court”! She believes the key to substantial success in the beauty industry lies beyond your technical time behind the chair.

So get ready to be energized and inspired by her interview with the one and only Dr. Tye Caldwell! He’s the visionary, pioneer, and CEO of the innovative ShearShare app—our industry’s HAIRbnb. Learning about his journey is incredible. Not only did he start doing hair at the age of eleven, but he also wrote a best-selling book in the midst of earning his Doctorate, Mentored by Failure.

You can watch the entire video podcast interview here or on YouTube. If you prefer to read the transcript, you can find that below!

thank you for joining me this is Katie Whitledge with the beyond the Technic podcast hey everybody we’re introducing

hair being be to you today what no not air BnB this is not your next vacation

getaway this is hair B and B there’s nothing like it we have dr. tight

Caldwell here as the first-time guest he is the CEO the man behind this big

vision is gonna share all about what the heck this is for those of you listening to us today you can watch us live or raw

and unedited I guess I shouldn’t say live we’re not live we’re recording this right now together but the video version

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and only a dr. ty Caldwell here today dr. ty is the co-founder and CEO of

shear Shay the first on-demand salon and barber

space rental app so cool a 26 year industry veteran master barber stylist

and salon and barbershop owner dr. ty is recognized as a tech visionary an industry pioneer his mission is to help

beauty and barber professionals around the world maximize their earning potential listen to his small business

wisdom for cosmetologist barbers and salon owners on the sheer share YouTube channel I’m so glad we’re doing this

YouTube video today and our podcast today so without further ado help me welcome to mic dr. Tighe Caldwell

welcome to beyond the technique thank you for having me I’m excited about you

know speaking with all you’ll use the followers and I just want to make sure that you know I can bring some

enlightenment – enjoy it – some bodies today today oh you’re so handsome look

at your teeth I thank you thank you well

you know yeah I’m being modest yeah I’m a little shy when it comes to that well

you don’t need to be shy you’re you have a safe place of me dr. day I was asking

dr. tide to share a bit about just how he got into the industry and his

doctorate is in the beauty industry so I’m so curious for you to share this with everybody how did you decide to get

into the industry and what prompted you to go as far as you possibly can in your

education well you know I wanted to do something that was going to be a passion

of mine something I really wanted to enjoy and love and you know I thought

about it when I was a kid I wanted to help my parents I wanted to you know make money but I also wanted to love what I was doing when I want to become

successful I definitely wanted to make people look good I wanted to chart a path not just for

myself but for some family members to follow and in this and just have them working alongside of me and so like

right now the industry in my shop shop is ran by my nephew and my brother and they also work at my company

with share share and so you know giving people the opportunity and building a community of people that can get that

can look as an example of myself that’s doing something in an industry sometimes

where people don’t feel like we’re where we should be as successful as we are or we should not be doing this because they

have a different path they may want to try for us I always looked at this career path is something that I really

could could dominate not just for myself but in my community and then be a great

example for my family and friends wow that’s amazing and you are so many tell

us what it was like to go all the way at your you know to get that highest degree

possible Wow so if I had to really go back you know I started doing the art of cutting hair

when I was 11 years old not the seventh of eight kids we couldn’t afford to go

to a barber shop and go to the salon when I was younger you know I grew up in a small town in Arkansas and you know

one of the things that you know we were able to do we grow up on three acres so we were able to you know really think

about utilizing all our our land we had a garden we took we we were organic

before organic was cool and you know doing those things so you know learning to utilize all our skill sets and

artistic value as we were growing up so like I said we couldn’t afford to go to the to the salon and barbershop I must

end up getting a pair of scissors and you know decided to utilize it and cut my brother’s hair and then I trained my

sisters and I just something I just picked up this was before YouTube this was before anybody was teaching you

anything and I just was I became good with it and I was just using a pair of paper cutting scissors and and and then

one day I got a chance to borrow my brother’s friends clippers and why did

he do that the rest of it was history of course I practice on my family and I

became good at it and then before you know it I was cutting my friends at school I was cutting the teachers kids

on Saturday mornings I had a job you know what I was going to school you know I was and what middle school and I was making

money for just about some clothes and stuff like that when I was a young kid but not not only did it do that it

really helped me understand what it took in order to become successful at that

early age and not only did I say money I was able to have extra income on

weekends give my parents money rest is history I did I did after graduating high school

I did attend a couple of semesters of traditional college but it just wasn’t something that I was just really passionate to do I was just really just

trying to chart the path that everybody else did in it I’m not the type of person to just do what others do and

follow the path with other people I normally if we gonna go through a fork in the road I’ll go over the past dozen

and that’s what I decided to do but I didn’t feel like going that path toward

my dream I didn’t thought to go get my license to work in the beauty and barber industry I actually attended a dual

college you know back then you know they had those colleges so I attended a cosmetology and barbering school dual

dually so I learned how to do everything from from nails makeup to perm rods to

to flat irons to cutting hair to no doing anything that had to do with face

hair skin and nails and that was exciting to me because I knew that once I got out of school I had a lot of

things I could could juggle or decide on what I wanted to do or be able to utilize when I knew that I was working

on different clients and trust me I think that everyone should go get a dual license because you’re gonna need it in

today’s society right now with diversity being so so big you know and everybody

should be able to could I think that you know anglo should even cut african-american african-american because you know Anglos I think that if

we can diversify our skill set we can become super successful I have a love and passion for this industry so unlike

any other there was no other career that I really thought that I wanted to really choose and I could think of things that

that could be fulfilling but nothing that would have really made me happy it allowed me to accomplish me in my dreams

and you know as I was able to start my own business I I work at another salon once I graduate

that graduated school and I would work there for five years and I realized that I really wanted to make a difference in

in the community and and when I say community I wanted to to be a staple I

wanted to be a salon a barber shop that people knew that was going to give them

a quality service that was going to give them the aesthetics there was gonna give them comfort from the little kid all the

way to the elderly a elderly person and I think that that’s something that I wanted to do so after working at the

best salon and barbershop for five years and it’s not going to open my own barber shop and salon I think that that’s what

really made me feel like I was really charting the path and doing the things that I really set out to do and I was

excited about that I think that if I was able if I was able to give anybody any

advice no later on down in this interview I would definitely definitely tell them to just go after their dreams

and and and once I did that you know the floodgates open where their challenges of course there were and that gave me

the opportunity to just enhance my stuff and I think I’ve done four different

makeovers in the last 20 years of my salon and barbershop the last big the

last big makeover I did was I bought another business beside me and I turned that business into nothing but sweets

and so that was one of the great thing so while I was turning into sweets today at that particular time I was writing my

first best-selling book I was going to get my doctorate degree that we’ll talk about and I didn’t know it hadn’t

started sure sure yet so after I did that last makeover had those stations writing my book I attended miracle

University to get my Doctor degree I’m so glad I could be at it I’m actually like I still a doctor degree in barber

and cosmetology I’m an instructor and I’m a speaker so I speak all over in

different schools of barber schools and cosmetology schools and I help people

understand the business behind the chair and the business of and successful in the beauty environment industry so that

has really helped and I think that getting that degree kind of a signals to other people that you can go

as high as you want to go and I’m thankful for that and so when I wrote my first book you know a mentor about

failure that was something that I wanted people to understand as well that you can have failures in this industry but

there is a part of the process to get to success you can never get to the place called bear if you don’t understand

failure comes in that journey and so I try to tell people to understand that in

that journey of getting to success and getting to that place called there you have to go through ups and downs and and

a lot of mistakes and failures are part of that process I think that we don’t realize in the midst of going through

that journey we don’t want to quit quitting is stopping a failure it is pivoting and it’s learning how to

continue to move forward and that’s what I’ve learned to do so going on to this

conversation when I had when I built that that’s those stations in those sweets I realize around 2012 that the

industry was starting to change very individualized industry I think that we’re starting to see that the shift

with salon sweeties coming open and people wanting to sign contracts they had commission-based lawns really know

taking a really huge chunk of the industry and I think what the the salon

and barbershop owners were not understanding is that social media tech

is now giving people individualized forum to become successful on their own I think that

it’s always been this way but I think that it started being realized as we

started getting closer and closer to this text tech age is that each individual whether you are a licensed

professional or salon owner you in both the business the salon professional barber a makeup artists cosmetologist

you’re all a professional you’re a business within yourself and then you have the brick and mortar you have the business that’s the business and I think

that we were fighting to understand that so my sweets went empty for so long and

I’m wondering why and I realized that people were starting to become their own businesses going to salon Suites and

stuff like that and I thought that that’s okay that’s what’s changing the game and people were able to not get

stuck in luck get stuck in long-term contracts and it was all about aesthetics it was all about what’s the next best thing or

what’s the next the next best look and I think that we all wanted to realize that

it’s all about service in the consumers all of our service in the customer and the customer has to be comfortable where

they’re going to get serviced at and I think that that’s what people weren’t realizing and I found my spot going

dormant for like six to nine months and I’m like what is going on and so one day a stylist came to me and she was like

dr. Tighe I see that your salon has been the best in Plano for the last three years I really like to set up she said

but I only have one problem the problem is I don’t want to sign a long-term lease nor do I want to become a part of the

team I’m actually getting ready to move to the other side of town and I would just like to rent your space a couple of

times a week every other week so that I can service my clients and I don’t lose those clients anybody in the beauty and

barber industry whether your salon owner whether your stylist licensed professional you know that if you move

across the street there’s a tenancy you’re gonna lose 1% of your clientele if not more to know how far you move

away this individual did not want to lose her clients she want to come back to that side of town and continue to

service her clients at the same time build another book of business where she’s moving to and so I was I didn’t I

just wasn’t for sure but I was apprehensive like every salon and barbershop owner would be if they owned

their salon and it’s like okay well you don’t want to be a part of team what’s the risk there’s a lot of risk involved and so I went home talking to my wife

about it who was my co-founder Courtney Caldwell and I say you know I have an individual a young lady that wants to

rent a space for me and she was like who does that and the last thing and I was like well you know a lot of people are

doing it but they’re just not doing it by the day and I said I would rather

make something rather than nothing and and she agreed and I called a young lady and I told her about it and and she

wanted to know how much what was I gonna charge her and I was like I didn’t even know I had to kind of think on the fly I

didn’t want to charge the price of my boobs went divided by the amount of days I just want to kind of give a premium

price and I gave a escalated premium pricing she was like great and I was like wow I

mean I charged enough for one day that I could have that that was almost a

price of my booth man for the week and that excited her because she had a great amount of until she knew that she was

gonna make the money she was gonna make her money back and being her clients were gonna be satisfied with the with

the location and the aesthetics of the salon so that’s initially how we first

got started but what made it so unique is that she came back to me maybe a

couple of days later and asked me could I do for her what I did at my salon at a couple of more locations that were

closer to her clientele and I was like are you sure and she was like yeah I was like well why are you choosing for me to

do this for you she was like well I have I have two reasons she said and they’re the only reasons I said what are they

she said the first reason it is is that you’re licensed professional you are Who I am you’re one of me and you know what

we need and as far as the industry and so that that makes me comfortable knowing that I can I can actually help

and she said the second reason is that you get to a business owner you own a salon and barbershop so you know the

apprehensions and you know you know what the salon owners are gonna be a little bit cognizant of when it comes to me

wanting to rent from them and they’ve never met me so you can kinda you know be the intermediary to kind of help me

get in and I was like wow that’s a great that’s a great reasoning for and I was like well let me try give me the locations give me the number

and I said I also look at some other locations just in case they say no believe it or not none of those salon owners that I

reached out to that she wanted to go to said no and I was like this is amazing I could not believe that three years in we

were helping her her friends her friends friends over three years manually

matched two salons and barbershops all over the nation strictly through callin

talking giving feedback given information giving real information that

we do now on share share so if you’re if it just say to you but you you asking

for override and and you want to know what kind of car it is you wanna know what the driver looks like the salon

owner wants to know who the stylist is it the stylist is a barber isn’t a makeup artist

you have to be license to be on the platform and and they want to know how

many years have they been in industry you know how long they’re gonna be there you know what time are they coming and

then a stylist or the barber wants to know you know how nice does it salon look what’s the location

what’s the coach for like and is it a private suite or is it a station so we were doing all these things manually

before we’ve been put in our app and so we we had strictly direct data and we

knew exactly how to build the app and then it helped because because I come from the industry I kind of know what

both sides more so much in here I know I

know I know thank you for allowing me to share it all I the way you even share how you

approach this first professional who asked for a couple days makes me think

that growing up with seven other siblings is why you have this servant

leadership mentality tell us how does that translate in the way you had worked

in your own business and even how you approach building this tool it is up for

people nationwide thank you for saying servant leader because this is what I

share when I’m at schools when I’m speaking on stage where this motivational or what it is learning a

learning of teaching class you have to be a servant leader and I think coming from a large family it teaches you how

to to share it teaches you how to learn from others it teaches you how to

understand that it takes a group of people it takes a try it takes a

community it takes other people believing in you and supporting you in order to get there so I learned social

skills very early in my life I think I started learning how to be social when I was know two and three years old and I

got better and better because my mom was that was a staple for her she was always make me read the newspaper to her she

used to always know allow me to say out large word they were harder to pronounce

but I think that what what has allowed me to reach licensed professionals and even salon

and barbershop owners is because you have to make sure you become they who they are they need to know that they’re

in a safe environment they need to know that they’re talking to people who understand them who speak their language and they’re not talking over their heads

but they’re not only that people want to be able to trust you and I think that I want to give people the opportunity to

so that I can hear them I can reach to them and and whatever depths of life that they’re in whether they’re the

highest of their peak aware that the lowers of their lows I want them to know that I understand and I want to hear

what they gotta say I understand them yet at the same time if I can help I want to do everything I can to do that

awesome thank you so much for sharing that how has this Tec app and I know

it’s such a stretch right it takes you into your stretch zone to develop

anything technology it costs double the time and money that you think it’s kind of but now that it’s here how is this

change in the game for professionals nationwide it’s changing in so many

different ways because not only are their job opportunities but I think that the opportunities are so much more best

now in this tech space because you’re able to reach people far now it’s not

just within your community it’s not just within your region it you can go farther

I think that what we what we didn’t understand before is that you know it’s all about no getting to the masses in

your community it still it’s still small but it’s big and the reason that I can say that is

because tick me building this tech app gives people an opportunity because we’re a b2b app licensed beauty

professional and salon owner it’s given us the opportunity to allow people to understand that now that we’re in over

560 cities in 11 countries that there are other people out there that are going through the same thing that there

are you know so many salons and so many barbershops think ok well I’m going through this problem no we have this

many salons on our app because everybody has empty chairs we have a lot of we have a lot of stylists who come to our

app a lot of licensed professionals because they say ok I’m looking for empty chair but I don’t want to sound

alone least the hardest thing about building this app is is making sure that you are

reaching people who are in need of what you are what you’re developing and

that’s what we knew a long time ago because we had three years to develop it manually and and we did not know that

that that this many people were having such a problem but if you’re in the

industry you see the change and that’s what I started seeing that’s so innovative and to be in that many

countries congratulations that’s a huge success thank you on the tech side what

had to come first for you the chicken or the egg are you know seeking out the stylist first do you try to find homes

for them first how does it go for you well you know what that’s that’s amazing because you know we first decided to do

this and you always get a look at think about the chicken egg you you have to make sure you load your app up with

locations so we wanted to make sure we had salons we want to make sure we had barber shops because no matter how many

salons and barbershops you have you want to make people always want more people like choices some people are meager beginnings

they’re just getting out of school so they may want to be able to get someone where it’s a little bit not as as hard

on their pockets and then you have some people who are celebrity stylists and you have some people who who are know

servicing high-end clientele so they want to they don’t care about the price they just want to know what what other

choices I want to know if I can go if you’re in New York you wonder if you can be in Manhattan or you can’t be in Brooklyn if you’re in Dallas you wanna

know if you can be in Holland Park or if you’re gonna be in Frisco if you want to know if you can be in Cedar Hill if you can be in Plano so it just really

depends on what your appetite of anaesthetics your location your type of

clientele because you’re taking your clientele to a place that they’ve never been before so you got to think ahead

for them say okay if you got the soccer mom who’s who can come in the middle of

the day before kids get out of school wants to hang out with her friends and drink tea and drink wine you want to

take them somewhere where it’s a little swanky where it’s a little laid-back if you’re talking about taking a sports

head to a shop you want to take him around most Boise place and if you get the younger kids who are into coloring

with the body and artsy you want to take them somewhere with a little swanky way gets their attention so it can be comfortable

so we want to make sure we get a slew and an array of salons and barbershops and spas that can connect with everyone

so definitely you I want to say the the age before the cheeky well tell me how

do professionals out there who are educators and they travel all over and

they’re so connected through Instagram that seen clients in different cities as you mentioned is something they not only

want to do but they they love to do how do they get onboard with the sheer share

well we don’t both we’re mobile we’re mobile device we own both phones so you

can download from the on your own from your phone on your app and we can sign

first thing you’re gonna do is sign up if you’re if your license is professional and put in your profile if you’re if your salon and barbershop

owner you’re going to go through the whole application and get all the information in and we can keep you

rocking and rolling anywhere from oh no the next three to seven days you know

how fast you bring put in your pictures and get your profile up and you be ready to go and it’s free to is free to

download and it’s free to put your salon or barbershop course follow so can all

we’re doing is all we’re doing is taking a percentage of the booking and I think it and it’s a total between both so the

licensed professional pay pays for what they see and the salon owner has an opportunity to choose the price that

they want to charge for their space and I think sometimes it makes it so much easier but we’re able to help them if

they have a issue with not knowing what the price is she just saw this opportunity you connected the dots and

you made it come to life it’s so awesome I love that thank you I think it’s just

the beginning tell me I know that you’re the kind of man you’ve already brought this up that you were writing a best-selling book in

the midst of getting your doctorate and then you’re launching your Suites you’re used to doing a lot of things at one

time so this can’t be the only thing you’re working on ty tell me what you’re up to right now well you know really you

know every now and then I still get a chance to go into the salon and and I have

few people sometimes that I can just kind of keep my skills up and you know that’s that’s a good thing I can still

go there and reach out to those guys and I do teach classes all over all over the US I meant all the shows whether it be

premieres we’re going to be IBS and so I’m they’re teaching classes as well and

I also am selling my book my book is on Amazon it’s a Amazon bestseller so I’m

definitely no selling the book all the time and getting people to read it and some schools out there do have my book

as another educational tool for their students that can I give them some real-world experience outside of their

book that teaches them the path to get through school so I think that most of the time what I’m doing is just

constantly running the business my team needs me we’re a team of 50 now and we’re just constantly growing and and

constantly you know pivoting and and in advance in the app in so many ways we

got a lot of stuff coming right now we are setting up ads so we’re we’re

getting to where people can go on app and they can they can do a space and we also have on there what people can can

get their taxes done so you know most people don’t understand that this is the toughest industry when it comes to taxes

and a lot of us don’t do our taxes or we don’t do them well or we have someone doing them that don’t know the industry

and we end up messing up our taxes or or end up you know having to get audited by

the IRS and we know that you can’t play with those guys so we have it on our app where you can get your taxes down you

can get your tax savings account we help you get your quarterly taxes done so everything that I know that these

individuals have issues within the industry we want to make sure that we’re meeting them with their needs and we

also can allow you to get some insurance a liability insurance you definitely need that I think that we need to

understand that this is a business it’s not just a hobby and I think sometimes the the government and the banks

definitely don’t take a serious because we don’t do our taxes and the government don’t take a serious because we don’t

take the business of what we do seriously and we don’t do our taxes so it’s understood that if you don’t if you

don’t take yourself serious no one else will and we know that going into the banks it is so hard to get

so you need to have your taxes you need to have your 1099 we know it’s hard to get a house we know it’s hard to refi

and so if you’re doing other things you’re supposed to do it’s gonna be it’s gonna make life much easier and we also

know that salon owners want to know if you get a lot of the building insurance if you come in there and you get some

color on one of the night chairs or or on their floor how can you get that up and so we want to make sure

people are able to be responsible and and and and the and the app will allow

you to have all these services while you’re on there Wow it’s incredible and

it sounds like the things that you wish were there to help support you in this and you had kind of mentioned that some

people had this vision for where you were at in life and the path that they thought you should take or where you

deserve to be at and you were yeah no way I’m doing this path I’m gonna be big

deal others do the same thing you are helping others do the same thing it’s like you are for them what you may not

have had for yourself at the time so it’s incredible I’m curious when you’re teaching throughout the u.s. what is

your jam are you teaching inspiration business motivation are you teaching barbering what’s your main thing I teach

all types of stuff you know business industry for over a quarter of a century there’s nothing that I really can’t

teach you on I love to teach on the business behind the chair I like the

normally when I go speak at schools when I go speak at salons and barbershops in private sessions I want to know what

their issues is with maybe their staff or maybe their new beginners and when I go to schools I want to know what aren’t

they what aren’t the kids understanding as you are teaching them are they not

it’s not sticking to them what do I need to just kind of know drive home and so there’s not treatment team I can’t teach

on I mean I’ve owned a salon in the barber shop for over 20 years I’ve taught I’ve been a mentor and so there’s

not much I can’t teach on I just I just know that you know I’ve been on this journey in this path for a reason and

and God brought me to this point to be able to help more people in whatever area and I don’t claim to know

everything I just come to know enough that can help people and I think that we go through it I was young at one time

and I made a lot of money now and I blew a lot of it and I know what I can teach the young people when it comes to my

finances I’ve been a salon owner barber shop owner where I had to sign contracts and and sign some some some contracts

for some bad things in them so I know what can be taken out and I know what you can what advantages you have and and

you don’t have to just be a weakling to the to the lessor I think that we

sometimes have to know that we got to build our acumen and in order to do that we have to have people that have charted

the course before us well earlier in the bio you know I shared that people can

listen to your I’m sitting here like

you’re the kind of guy that every day I want to start with like a little motivation or just that tidbit if you

don’t already have a Facebook like private group for people where you get out every day with a little Facebook live video I’d be signing up for that

[Laughter] talking about so you’re either hey

you’re brand new don’t worry about it or you’re season let’s help you get to the next level but how about that middle

ground as you’re growing and it’s like you’re there to help people really try to get to another level and take off I

just applaud everything you’re up to it’s very clear how passionate you are ty I hope they meet in person at some

point I’d love to meet Courtney as well if you’re gonna impart with some kind of final words of wisdom I know earlier you

said go after your dreams would you expand on that or what would kind of be your kind of final words of wisdom for

us today um my final words of wisdom is you have to go for whatever it is you want to do or desire having that belief

in yourself and your abilities is imperative to get to the next level don’t give up on your dreams because you

can’t see a clear path you just got to step into it and God will do the rest feeling jaded and unsure we all go

through those moments it’s the best we don’t live there in uncertainty if we live in uncertainty it’s not good so if

we live in uncertain it’s too long you will become paralyzed by fear for those who are ready for new

Challenge there would be discomfort and and you have to know that there will be discomfort but the discomfort is

something that is good for you it stretches you it gives you the opportunity to feel uncomfortable and I

think with all those are you that were done comfort you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable and that’s one of

the things that I think that the generation behind us has to get comfortable they’re risk they’re risk

takers but they’re risk takers to a point to where when things don’t work equipment so I’ll leave you with is this

percentage ninety seven percent of people would never change two percent would think about it only one percent

will be a part of their very small group of those that will change you know

today’s title is called you know the hair B and B because that’s cheeky based on kind of what you’re doing here but I

like your my beauty business Bible preacher thank you thank you

and thank you all for joining us don’t go away because I have some to tell you if you are looking for marketing

assistance if you really need help planning out your quarter to sow April May June all of your market if you want

to all plan it out for you we got your back our next online class is coming up Monday March 23rd we’re gonna do a

complete marketing overview so you know what you need to know about salon marketing we’re gonna give you our entire marketing checklist everything

you need to know and do surrounding every campaign and promotion and then we’re actually gonna just hand you

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they will all get you actual results what does actual results well more clients more clients spend yes we want

that this is your chance go to our link in our show notes get yourself signed up

and get your marketing team signed up as well as always everybody I’m so grateful

that you spend your time here with me every single week every single Monday and Thursday until next time everybody

have an awesome day and stay strong bye bye

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