ShearShare is “So Cool,” a Mix of Entrepreneurship, Corporate Experience, & Tech

Shaquita Graham, Founder of BlackTekLab.net, debunks a few myths on building success and discusses what it means to be a smart “business builder” and how that relates to technology.

In the second segment of her video podcast around minute 5:15, Ms. Graham takes a look at our cofounders, Dr. Tye & Courtney Caldwell, creators of the new ShearShare app. She goes on to say,

“This story is so cool. I really, really love this story. [They are] a ‘fabulous couple’ that came together and developed a mobile app called ShearShare. This married couple was grinding and building separately but then took that knowledge and are now building a future together. I’m sure they can create a nice financial empire with ShearShare.”

Thanks for the love, Ms. Graham!