Open Letter: A Christmas Wish List for Salon Owners and Stylists

by Jon Gonzalez

As we prepare to enter a new year and new challenges, I put together a wish list in the hopes of making 2017 a better year — a year that will bring you, your business, and your team new opportunities and a better quality of life. I do hope we can make the following guidelines a reality.

My 2017 Wish List:

Bridge the Gap Between Hairdressers & Salon Owners

Let’s develop a better dialogue and understanding between staff and management. Better communication will help create a positive and happier work environment. We all want that!

A Higher Standard of Living

Find ways to reward all the hard work and effort hairdressers and salon owners exert in trying to earn a higher standard of living. If we are to raise our standard of living, then we are to raise our standard of educational excellence as well.

To Salon Owners:

It is my wish that I can help alleviate the many challenges, stress, anxiety, and worry of trying to find solutions of owning a successful business. I hope that 2016 ends up an excellent and profitable year for you and your team.

Busy Salons

When we create a demand for our services, we can consider raising prices so that we can keep pace with the rising cost of living. ShearShare is looking to provide at-home stylists the opportunity to work out of a salon at a price they can afford and in turn, start charging professional salon prices. #AccessOverOwnership Let’s take advantage of the different ways to keep more of our hard-earned cash.

Unity Among Salon Owners 

The only people that can demand change are salon owners. It is my hope that 2017 will be the start of a new beginning in meeting the many deep-rooted obstacles affecting our salons and standard of living with confidence, taking our salons, our team, our profession to a higher level. There is power in numbers. We must create an equal playing field for all salon owners, and address many of the challenges salon owners face daily. “Owners helping owners” will be our theme.

On behalf of the ShearShare team, cheers to 2017!