Self Care

Bringing Self Care to Clients and Yourself

Work always carries a level of stress and with the pandemic still ablaze, we have to take care of ourselves and our clients. Whether you are renting out booths in your salon, or styling clients, bringing self-care to your work will completely change the game.

We looked into different organizations such as Beauty & Body Work, Style Seat, and ONet Online, to incorporate self-care into the entire ShearShare process, and we found some great processes. 

Schedule Break Time Throughout the Day

For freelance hairstylists, make sure you are taking breaks, and consider incorporating a scheduled lunch break into your work day. If a clients’ appointment takes more than 2 hours, incorporate a break. You both will be grateful. Instead of double-booking, consider charging more for your valuable skills. You can also incorporate pampering into your work day- it is the beauty industry after all. Aromatherapy, facials, fragrant products, or even cushion rugs are just a few ways to keep your work environment and your client’s environment light and stress reducing. 

Declutter Your Work Space

More technical skills that may be helpful is to ensure an atmosphere of self care: keeping your space clean and organized. It incites a feeling of trust for the client, and help you stay focused. If you are servicing booth rentals, make sure your salon and booths are clean and ready to go- which includes sanitation. 

Lastly, make sure you are updating client records in an official manner, and keeping an official schedule. Please, the ShearShare team begs you, to stay completely organized and on top of personnel records. It saves everyone the hassle and saves your work efficacy. Work records can include beauty services used, client contact information, products and equipment used, and pricing/tips. Calendars will become your best friend as your clients continue to grow and your business takes off. 

ShearShare believes in your business, but most importantly, we believe in you! Always take care! 

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