Beauty Product Retail Marketing

How to Get Your Beauty Product to Retail

Courtesy of ShearShare, Beatrice Dixon of The Honey Pot Co and Melissa Butler of The Lip Bar 

As hairstylists and customers, we all have our creamy crack. That beauty product we whip up all the time that makes for the secret ingredient, and keeps our customers coming back. When you’re ready to move your beauty product line to the next level and go retail, We know first hand it can be overwhelming. Retail seems like a hard market to break- when really, it’s all about the tips and tricks. 

Here are 4 Tips for Successful Beauty Product Retail Marketing

Find A Broker That Can Usher You into A New Relationship

Start with your research of different brokers. For example, Walmart has MPG and Target has Stable. Google is your best friend, and you’ll see it’s a simpler process than it seems. Get in where you fit in! And more importantly, where you feel your relationship will be most fruitful. Once you have a relationship with one broker, you are sure to be taken more seriously for other brokers and retailers. 

Know your Beauty Product

Your product and your broker won’t sell itself. You have to know what makes you unique in your niche. You want to have a distinctive brand voice, and a distinct clientele. Matching that clientele to your broker is the key! 

Grow Your Reach on Linkedin 

Start building your relationships, following brokers and retail marketers, and making those connections. The emails are annoying, but the results of a well-built Linkedin profile are proven. It works. 

Have A Real Product

We love our creamy crack in the kitchen container, or a picture of our jewelry in the sunshine. But retailers need an actual product in front of them. Make sure you have a line of beauty products for preview purposes at all times. Sample packages and demos will become your best friend, so don’t be afraid to invest in what’s needed.

Don’t Give Up – Be Persistent 

When I first attempted to sell my products to brand companies, brokers, and retailers. I failed each time. Mainly because I was flying by the seat of my pants. Don’t be afraid to prepare and then over-prepare. The retail market is dense, and you need all your tools. Success is just in your grasp! ShearShare believes in you! 

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