Courtney Caldwell as a trailblazing woman that are leading the way for more women and women of color to enter the tech field.

ShearShare Co-Founder Named Trailblazing Woman in Buffalo

Did you know that Buffalo, New York is the stomping ground for a burgeoning technology and start-up scene? The Queen City is now the home of the biggest start-up competition in the world thanks to 43North, who will be giving away a $1 million investment to five lucky winners this year. ShearShare moved to Buffalo after coming in second place in last year’s competition and hit the ground running, quickly becoming recognized as a standout company.

Courtney Caldwell is a Paving the Way for Women in Tech

Buffalo Rising recently featured our co-founder, Courtney Caldwell, as one of three trailblazing women that are leading the way for more women and women of color to enter the tech field. In 2019, the tech sector workforce consisted of 67% men and 33% women, according to CompTIA. Courtney understands how hard it can be for women to make their print in the tech world. 

“The first thing I always want to make sure of, especially when I’m talking to other women who are thinking about jumping into tech or thinking about creating a startup or a tech company or whatever, is that we have to make sure we lean in on our own strengths,” said Courtney to Buffalo Rising. “So many times we discount ourselves out of a decision because we say, ‘well, I don’t have that type of experience’ or ‘oh, I don’t know how to do that,’ when in actuality we should be focusing on the strengths we already possess because that’s where the magic is. I don’t have to know how to code in order to run a tech company.”

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