Defining Today’s Beauty & Barbering Professional

The only thing constant is change. In this Webinar, Dr. Tye Caldwell shares his findings from years of research that help to define the personality and business desires of today’s beauty and barbering pro. If you like numbers, you’ll love this content. See where you stack up compared to your peers!

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0:45joining guys Thanksgiving week we’re pretty excited thank you for choosing to

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1:38alright great looks like it’s right at noon good morning again or good afternoon

1:43rather depending on where you are my name is Courtney Caldwell I’m the co-founder and CEO of beauty tech

1:49startup shear share I have the pleasure of introducing two mini sometimes it’s

1:55the first time dr. ty Caldwell who’s our co-founder and

2:01CEO he has 25 years of experience but before I steal all his thunder I’m going

2:07to let him do the introductions today he’s going to be talking about defining the beauty and barbering professional of

2:13today this is the first in a three-part series the next webinar will come in a

2:18couple of weeks now hope you’re able to join us be sure to follow us on instagram and twitter at sheer share

2:25without any further ado let’s go ahead and get started and remember any questions that you have go ahead and

2:31click on the QA and type those in and we’ll start taking those within 30 minutes good afternoon everyone I am

2:37glad that we have some people that are gonna participate in today’s talk Courtney was sharing about my background

2:45my background is I don’t always like to talk about it but it’s pretty extensive I’ve been in the beauty industry for 25

2:51years I’ve been a salon owner for two decades I instruct I mentor small business owners I recently got a chance

3:01to speak on the stage at afro tech so I got a chance to share some things out there but I’ve also written a

3:07best-selling book called mentor by failure on how to maintain success in the beauty and style industry and I also

3:13have my doctorate in professional barber and cosmetology so I think I know a little bit about this space I can’t say

3:18that I know a whole lot but I know a little bit I’m super excited that you know every day I get a chance to do

3:24something I love you know they say when you’re doing something that you love is not work and I try to make sure that

3:30when I’m doing the things that I love it feels it feels good to help people

3:35I’m glad that I chose this industry as not just a way of life but to take care

3:41of my family to get a chance to travel the world and expose not only myself my family and my

3:47son to to the opportunities that we’ve been afforded so the agenda today is you

3:54know is really gonna it’s um it’s gonna be like a three-part series and and we’re gonna talk about the status of today we’re gonna kind of define what

4:01these things are then we’re gonna follow through with where the new stylism today starts just

4:06talking about the the experience and a new way to service and then you have to go old school to win today’s market so

4:15what is the stylist persona of today you know I’m showing this this young lady because I think that she has kind of

4:21defined what what this stylist of today looks like she’s also given a perspective on certain things and she

4:27likes and so we want to just really focus in on right now the goals of this

4:33lady and she when she talked about her goals they include zero-waste paying for

4:40resources only when she want them she she really focuses on the things that she needs you

4:45know back back in time we go even three decades to go and farther styles were

4:53really working in commission-based lawns they were really just focused on the brand of the salon they were working in

4:59and then just basically maintaining that reputation that they were a stylist

5:05working under a brand but if you come into today we’re gonna go back at least

5:11six to nine years ago stylist really wanted to focus in on their clients and

5:16and the stylist today can work anywhere in any salon because they become their own brand so the goals of the new

5:23stylist today is to maximize earnings this particular one is to maximize her

5:28earnings potential and decreased costs she also wants to grow and retain clients she wants to maintain career

5:34flexibility and creative freedom and only pay for resources winning where she needs them this is where share share

5:39plays a great role in her life gives her the opportunity to work the days as she wants and those days are three to four

5:46days a week which we have really found out that these are the sweet spots to not lose clients due to change in

5:54location so let’s think about this for a second when a client would move or when you would move maybe to another salon or

6:00even change the lifestyle and and decide you got married or or whatever it may be bought a house and you bought in a

6:06different location different area from where you were working at before you know you lost clients and and and vice

6:12versa and clients move you lost a client but now you know through sheer share people are able to work closer to their

6:18clients give the client the same accoutrements that they had before and they’re able to maximize on their

6:24unofficial by taking care of those clients when where they need to be taken care of so what does that say about

6:30times of essence the frustrations are too much time spent looking for work

6:36space where that person is just she’s just too busy and she doesn’t want to be

6:41tied down by a long term by long term contract because it’s too costly and

6:46trying that new work space is it’s really what we were we were considered just really too risky and so anytime you

6:55wanted to go into a new salon you always want to get that peer validation whether

7:01it be from somebody that’s already working there or whether it be from customers who frequent there before

7:07talking to other other stylists and getting serviced by other clients by the

7:12stylist I mean so you know these are things that she’s focused on when it comes to our goals and frustrations then

7:17we move over to the top motivations our price and freedom so she’s really really sensitive to price and freedom of

7:24flexibility and we just want to focus on those things and then Imperial Valley Dayton is paramount to to what she’s

7:30doing – so channels of influence and those things that really really give her the opportunity to really do her best

7:36work and give him the opportunity to get the results that she needs so when you

7:47think about what defines the barbary profession of the day what are those three major things that sets them that

7:55sets the stylist of today apart from everyone else well the first thing I

8:00always like to share with people is experience experience really truly matters try to share this when I go into schools

8:06when I go into when I think about going into schools and when I think about

8:12talking from a student to a veteran there’s a very very difference in

8:18distinction of where you’re starting and where you’ve gotten so far whether between changing whether it be five

8:24years plus ten and then plus there are certain things most of the time when

8:30you’re a student you just really want to get out of school you wanna learn as much as you can and you want to think about okay where I got this thing down

8:36it’s not that simple it’s not as simple as some people think it’s kinda like my son in the driver’s license and once it

8:42gets licensed do you think these he’s this experienced driver but he’s really not it’s so much you got to learn in

8:48order to be a great driver defensively and offensively so the same thing goes for a stylist or new barber who’s going

8:54out there and it really wants to get their name out there everybody wants to be a clientele really wants to understand product market understand the

9:01tools that are coming out and just continue to educate themselves so the

9:06experience is major when it comes to some things like that clients are looking for a few things when it comes to finding that right stylist or Barbara

9:12and experience not the absolute first thing that I would say that they’re looking for but they’re one but this is

9:19one of the things I would consider at the top of their list for sure we should always be learning and hung our craft

9:25that that’s one of the things that I will always tell students of this

9:30industry also veterans of the game there’s we steer students regardless of how long we’ve been in industry I am a

9:3725-year veteran tat the same time so continuing education is key to getting

9:43ahead an example you know you know we got so many cuts out here now and and we got so many different types of products

9:52that were using so in the barbering industry there are things called fibers and believe it or not been in industry for a long time fibers run around a long

9:58time I did my first haircut with fibers probably three weeks ago and it was it was a great experience I actually

10:04offered it to the client they were growing their hair out that a few thinning spots and they really wanted to look good with their hair growing out so

10:11I offered it to him he wanted to try it out he really liked it so now he’s continued to use these fibers something

10:16that I wasn’t really into or or didn’t think my clients want it but I offered it to him he liked it it was a

10:22upsell it was a it was a charge that I felt like man you know I’ve seen it done I’m a visual learner but at the end of

10:29the day what is it that I can do to help enhance my clients assure them that they

10:35are in good hands with me when I’m trying out new products and and anything that’s new whether it be a tool and so

10:42it really made me feel good that I was able to do that and I was confident and and the finished product was nice so you

10:49know the client wants to feel confident that they would get a nice finished result and style to what you’re what

10:55you’re giving them so these are all the things that I always tell licensed professionals to do focus on education

11:01and along with the experience because as you continue to educate yourself you’re gonna always be on top and a breast of

11:07what’s going on and how to keep their client and maintain and maintain a client and keep that client happy

11:13because at the end of the day it’s the consistency of what you’re bringing to the table with your experience that are

11:18gonna keep you having that retention that you need number two there is a

11:23hyper focus on service you know when it comes to experiencing service depending

11:30on who the client is they’re gonna flip flop back and forth and so when I think

11:36about service I think about the ultimate experience which makes which makes the

11:43client feel special so if you think about this along with experience these

11:48two always be top of mind and it comes it comes at a purple times the client

11:55always wants to know that they’re in good hands I mean that’s just the nature of the beast

12:00clients want to feel like once they get in your chair the the thing that they’re asking for and what your suggestion is

12:08on top of what they’re asking for they’re gonna get good results but the service is always gonna be the great

12:14part of it are you talking to the client are you educating the client are you getting to know the client for who they

12:19are and are you are you focused on just them and not being interrupted by any

12:25other things around you I honestly can’t stress enough if you ever want to test

12:30this if you ever want to test the service side of what it’s gonna take to keep a client uh if you ever want to

12:38do it just give a good great haircut give a good color and didn’t give a terrible service that client believe it

12:45or not may come back once may come back twice but after that it’s wrapped because they’re going to be thinking

12:51okay well I can’t continue to keep going back here getting this type of service whether you’re being late whether you

12:57focus on other things around you whether you’re on the phone call talking to you your baby’s mom and husband or just

13:04gossiping these the client comes in for their so-called pampered time and

13:11rightfully so being a professional I’ve had so many clients to come from

13:17previous salons barber shops and just talk about how horrible service they got from another salon now I’m in the

13:23community aspect of it and I feel sorry for the client but it’s my job to give

13:28them great service and to make them feel comfortable at the end of the day it’s unfortunate for where they came from but

13:35I have to make sure that I can help them believe in what we do because at the end of the day they’re gonna think that

13:41everyone’s like that if I give them bad service as well so they’re not they’re not gonna believe in us so you always

13:47want to make sure that you’ve given the client a great experience but not only that it makes them feel special we

13:52provide great service when we when you give great service and you do the things that clients want and and sometimes over

13:59deliver you know they’re going to believe that man this is the place for me to go and at the end of the day let’s

14:05not exclude location location plays a major part in that where you’re located the culture of your shot all these

14:11things are going to play a major role in to giving a great service and along with that that’s what your show comes in now

14:18with stars being so location agnostic they’re not staying in so long as long if there’s bad there’s bad culture a bad

14:25owner or just a bad location they’re gonna go somewhere else so sure sure now less stylists who want to pick a place

14:31to work by the day it allows them to work to meet the client specific needs and so if you’re working it and that

14:38doesn’t work for your clientele find a place in the area that does shoe sure exists and we focus on the client where

14:44the stylist will borrow books or space to work specifically again to meet their clients needs it’s literally a

14:51win-win-win not just for the client but for the business and the stylist because at the end of the day who are we working

14:56for business our businesses are open for clients which are people and stylists

15:03are doing what they do for clients which are people so we have to make sure that we’re working hand in hand and we’re

15:10partnering together to give the ultimate clientele experience and and and give

15:15that great service that we’re looking for so at the end of the day there is a hyper focus on service like I can

15:21continue to say that but I think sometimes we kind of lose focus because we make it about us and we can’t do that

15:28this is really a service where when you’re doing something great and you have a brand that you’ve built you have

15:34to know that that people are looking at you and people are talking about you and that leads me to into my next one the

15:40best stylist in order to know how to talk about themselves and and branding is it’s one of those things that I’ll

15:46continue to talk about with not only stylist not only barbers but educating students makeup artists and when I’m

15:53instructing I’m also talking to veteran stylist I’m also talking to owners so how are people caring about your

15:58business that’s the first thing you gotta ask yourself are you promoting yourselves as social social networking

16:04events I mean I’ve gone to many events where it’s just a social gathering where you’re able to talk to you know your

16:11your peers who are in the industry with you I know share share we give meetups and so we’re able to talk to salon owners

16:17were able to talk to stylist makeup artist future business owners of salons and barbershops and kind of get a take

16:23and they want to kind of get no experience for me and how I feel about that the next level to what they’re

16:29gonna do and build themselves so networking events are always good are you promoting yourself on social

16:36networks like AG Instagram and Facebook are you promoting yourself on these on these just today just having these

16:45social networks around is increasing so many people’s value with clients are

16:51able to expand not only within their city about outside of their city outside

16:56of their state especially when they’re they’re traveling and they’re able to get people to

17:01understand based on pictures based on educating them through Instagram lives that they know what they’re talking

17:08about everybody’s not an instructor but at the end of the day as long as you know what you’re talking about

17:13consistently picture at the top of the food chain when it comes to knowing how to brand yourself and using the the

17:18right social networks it’s going to increase in value to what you’re bringing to the table but you can’t you can’t forget about the

17:25classic word of mouth pounding the pavement and just really putting yourself out there getting in front of

17:31people’s faces and and not being afraid to know show your personality always

17:36looking your best when you’re promoting yourself though these things are major because there’s nothing like promoting

17:43yourself on Instagram and Facebook and being when the stylist finally when the client finally meets you you look you

17:48look nothing like what you do so branding is super important the client wants to know what others are

17:54saying about you so you’re always going to be top of mind when people when you

18:00tell people actually gonna go and say well such as do you know this person they’re gonna go – yup or they’re gonna

18:05see what other people are saying about you – too bad they’re gonna ask what ratings thing are you getting an example so being interesting for 25 years I’ve

18:13seen so much over the years I’ve seen so much I’ve had a lot of people to talk

18:19about me I’m not afraid and ashamed to say that I built my clientele based on these three

18:25things that I’m talking about today which are branding which are service and and and which is experience so these

18:33things are major to me and I don’t I don’t you I don’t utilize them lightly I really believe that when you’re doing

18:39something when you’re doing something great it holds true that the things that

18:44are gonna make you great are the things are these top three things in this first in this first part one series but when

18:53people talked about me they always wanted to know what is it about him that sets him apart from other professionals

18:59not just only in ownership but in in his in what he does in his craft and anybody

19:05can tell you I’m very meticulous I’m very meticulous about my craft I’m very meticulous about what I’m doing to

19:10client I’m very precise and what I do and I take my time and it hosts and I hold true to my appointments you know

19:16most of the time is it’s always a people situation to where when people make you

19:22late the client sometimes wants to know put that on you but you just never know life happens but I’m really really a

19:27hold true to my appointments another thing they said about me was I was a consummate professional and then I’m

19:33very clean you know you got to know that people are talking about you I would rather someone say great things about me

19:40then bad things I think that all of us will want that so when you think about

19:45branding when you think about don’t just think social media think think socially when it comes to

19:52going to events think old-school classic when it when you think about passing out cards whether it be in the mall whether

19:59it be in the neighborhood whether it be at a function of any sort whether it be personal whether it be business always

20:05make sure you’re ready then people know you exist let people know where you are and always focusing on what you do best

20:12on top of what people want from you if you’re a great colorist talk about that if you are a great barber that does all

20:21different types of of cuts promote that and and these are the things that are gonna make you so popular amongst not

20:29only your peers but from clients so if I had to leave you with anything I would say remember let who you are become the

20:36definition of how to become successful because most of the times people are always asking me what did it take for

20:43you to become successful it took the little things consistently doing the same things over and over again giving

20:49my clients the opportunity to know that it’s gonna take time it’s not an overnight thing it’s not a next year

20:56thing it’s going to take time and even in the midst of your taking time you’re gonna go through different walks of life

21:01you’re gonna lose clients you’re gonna gain clients but always think about I always bring it back to yourself what am

21:08i doing to give my clients the best possible potential to be consistent with

21:14me and maintain that retention and it’s not always gonna be about just your

21:19craft some people move I was recently in San Francisco and I and I got hit up by old client of mine

21:24and and I did not know he had moved to francisco so we ended up talking and he said me I just I ended up moving I

21:31didn’t tell anybody but the fact that he saw that I was speaking at this event

21:36he hit me up and one to have coffee with me and told me that he wanted me he had tickets for me to the Raiders games and

21:42to the Warriors games I didn’t get a chance to go because I wasn’t gonna be in town that long but no but you know

21:47how much of a impression you leave on clients when they reach out to you and you didn’t even know that they weren’t

21:53that they had moved out of the city so it’s not always about you when a client moves it’s about changing life changing

21:59lifestyle anything happens life happens so those are the things that I look at

22:04I’m gonna get into Q&A but I definitely want you guys understand and thank you

22:09for not just focusing on the things that we consider big but looking at those

22:16things that we know can help us grow they’re gonna be so many different type

22:22of things that we’re gonna have to focus on when it comes to service when it comes to branding and when it comes to

22:27experience that if we focus on the big things we’ll never learn the little things in between and I always continue

22:34to believe that in the midst of gaining success failure is a part of it so you’re gonna you’re gonna educate

22:39yourselves and continue to grow but there’s gonna be a part of a part of all of that so thank you guys for for being

22:47on this on this webinar today if there are any questions feel free to ask and

22:53know that at the end of the day you are special you’re gonna do great things and never be afraid to hit me up and ask me

23:02anything you can go to Instagram and dr. ty Caldwell you can hit me up on email

23:08at ty at share share com you follow share share on Instagram there are so many things that that I’m

23:15always willing to answer and so many things I’m willing to do to give you the tools that you need and the information

23:20that you need to get to the next level because that’s my duty and that is my job and I feel like I’ve been put on

23:25this earth to do that so I’m always excited to talk to new people and and also veterans alike well thank you so

23:35much dr. ty guys it looks like we have eight minutes remaining for open Q&A

23:41I’m gonna take the first question it is from Jenny in Iowa Jenny says thank you

23:48for the information dr. Tighe sounds like you’ve been in the industry you know more than a couple of decades

23:54what’s the biggest difference you’ve seen in stylist and when you start it oh

23:59wow great question Jenny the biggest difference I’ve seen in stylist today is

24:05they are really taking social media seriously they’re really taking their

24:10brand seriously they’re they’re not again they’re not connected to the salon

24:16like like they used to be where you used to be the brand name salons where the attraction is now they are the

24:24attraction to the clients they’re starting to understand that okay if the client is coming for me

24:29and I’m in this nice branded salon you know if I leave these clients are

24:35they’re gonna go with me I’m realizing that they’re coming here for me and they’re just not walking off the street going to Sally after they’ve gone to me

24:42for so long they really want my touch they want my experience so I think the change that I’ve seen over the years it’s just the social media has taken a

24:49really whirlwind of what we’re bringing into the industry and giving people the opportunity to be more self motivated to

24:57be their own business and not only just for the clients whether they’re creating products they’re creating educational

25:03lines they’re creating tools that give them the opportunity to to expand on

25:09what they’re doing outside of just doing here great response second question

25:16comes to us from Charles out of Sacramento Charles says I’m working as a

25:24booth renter in a particular salon and growing my clientele I don’t want to

25:29Nate he doesn’t to name this along but he says that he’s noticed that his clients don’t really appreciate the

25:35atmosphere and he’s been thinking about moving locations what would you do in the case where your clientele doesn’t

25:42fit the salon environment you’re working out of you know I mean Beth Ann tell us move if you if you haven’t found a place

25:49yet no give yourself an expiration date in order to find one look for those things that first that

25:56you need make sure that the owner is no

26:02y’all building a cohesive relationship to what you need and how you want to grow and also find a place that’s gonna

26:08fit your clientele everybody’s never happy with change but at least find somewhere when they do come there that

26:16they feel comfortable sometimes comfort and and and can can overtake the mindset of change because you know we need that

26:23comfort level in order to to absorb the change that we’re facing so I would definitely say take the opportunity now

26:30to move so you can find room to grow fantastic okay next question is Jamie

26:37and out of Vegas he says I’m just starting out how do I get people to hear

26:43about me am I in my business what one thing I will say Jamie and you always

26:50want to start with the power of three and I say that you you definitely have people in your family you definitely

26:56have friends and you definitely have people in your network that they know about you ask those three people family

27:05friends and people in your social network who do they know that can come

27:11and be a client for you never think about just going out there and and doing

27:18it all by yourself you’re gonna need powerful relationships in order to help build your business so think about how you’re doing these

27:25things and and focus on that building you’re building your clientele outside

27:30of outside of just going out there

27:36passing out cars it’s gonna be fairly hard because you’re gonna it’s gonna have to be the waiting game so utilize the relationships that

27:43you already have to really build that clientele that you’re looking for that is gonna help you grow there’s gonna

27:48help put exposure out there for you those people know you they know what you’re doing so they’re gonna speak highly of you even when even when people

27:55don’t really know if they know you and they don’t have to know that your family they don’t have to know that your friend

28:00you just want those people to help promote which are bringing and how you’re approaching coming out of school

28:07and building clients fantastic one more question let’s take Clarissa out of Georgia

28:15Georgia Clarissa says hi dr. Tighe thank you so much for sharing a wealth of information welcome I’ve been in the industry 12

28:22years but a salon owner just for the last one year Oh congratulations Clarissa she says how do I attract the

28:29stylist of today you know that’s always a tricky one there is no magic formula

28:36there is also no certain way to go about doing it I think today we’re really

28:44we’re really faced with aesthetics the remote there are so many salons opening up and they’re basing everything on

28:50aesthetics putting together a nice lawn you want that you want to make sure you have great aesthetics you want to make sure it looks really nice to the eye

28:56when the customer comes in also the attraction of other people wanting to work with you but at the end of the day

29:02you want to make sure you as a person are good to work with you want to make sure that you know you have room to grow

29:09that you’re a great communicator and that you have vision for how you want to

29:14build a clientele yourself not just for yourself but for the people that will be

29:19working with you what are you doing how are you Eric ating them what what kind of marketing are you doing outside of

29:25your shop in the community on social networking spaces do you go to the

29:30events who do you have representing you and and in what short what’s your marketing expand putting that all those

29:37things together are gonna be great tools but also going to the schools finding people who you can kind of help educate

29:44them bring clients in to excite them about being where you have because anytime you bring people to your shop

29:49and you’re exciting them about getting clientele that they would have never gotten before outside of just pounding

29:57the pavement going on social media doing the events if you’re helping them build clientele they’re gonna always feel like

30:02they’re gonna give back and and so excite them and things that that are gonna help them want to stay and bring

30:10attention to wanting to work at your shop but it’s always tricky just make sure you yourself is a great owner and

30:16you have great initiatives fantastic great questions guys again thank you

30:22to tie for sharing your work there are

30:29no more questions but one thing I leave you with always remember that in this industry there’s so much room to grow

30:35don’t be afraid to continue to move forward continue to educate yourselves

30:41and and continue to folk continue to come and connect with me on these webinars I’m always trying to give great

30:46nuggets shout out to those that that are that have come onto the webinar and have listened to what I’m trying to talk

30:52about and how educating the future of beauty also how I’m continuing to expand

30:59in in the marketplace not only share share but giving people an opportunity to know their worth is industries and

31:05billions of these not an industry where that comes from tools products and service but at the end of the day is

31:12it’s gonna be us that it’s not taken to the next level so what are you doing what is your place what are you giving

31:19back to this industry so that you can get the best out of it if you’re doing all those things right I want to make

31:24sure that when you’re on these webinars I’m giving you the best I can give you as well so thank you again I’m looking forward to next webinar part 2 of what

31:32we’re talking about in defining the status of the future and right now and the things that we’re talking about our

31:39spot on to what is going on today and we’re adding a few classic information in there as well so thank

31:45you we’ll talk soon be sure to follow us on instagram at sheer share for the next

31:50webinar title thanks so much guys have a good one



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