4 Traits of Successful Beauty & Barbering Pros

Have you ever wondered what steps were required to break out of a “client comfort” slump? Wonder how to take your small business to the next level? Stop what you’re doing and hear from 30+ year master barber-stylist Dr. Tye Caldwell. As an owner of a salon and barbershop himself, he shares four ways you can go from good to great in your career. Watch the video below and maximize your earnings!

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2:29webinar today we’re speaking about going from good to great four traits of

2:35awesome beauty professionals this is not just for people who are launching out

2:40and who want you know those secrets to success about how to grow and maintain their business but it’s also for salon

2:47and barber shop owners who are looking for a dedicated team and what to look

2:52for some of those traits and skill sets when interviewing of course this is run

2:57by dr. ty Caldwell he’s the co-founder and CEO of sheer share which is the

3:02first app that lets stylist books face to work by the day and at the same time

3:07it allows salon owners to make money on their empty chairs by leasing them to a licensed Beauty professional for a day

3:15without a long-term commitment he’s poking on the stages at a ACS American

3:20Association of cosmetology schools at Pro Beauty week with Cosmo Prof I’ve

3:26been featured in modern salon Forbes magazine Fast Company and the list goes on

3:32he’s also recognized and respected in the tech startup world having won Google

3:39for entrepreneurs demo day just a few months ago and he’s ready to continue to

3:44share his knowledge from 25 years of experience being in what he considers is

3:49the best industry in the world as a master barber stylist has been a salon owner of ward winning salon for over two

3:56decades now based in Texas and now he is helping doing what he can to help

4:01individual beauty professionals and salon owners be able to maximize their

4:06earnings potential so without any further ado dr. ty Caldwell going from

4:12good to great hey guys I always get a little nervous every time they talk about my accolades and my

4:18success but it is true and I’m thank God for not being arrogant and just being

4:24there’s a really just down earth person but uh you know I’m always excited about

4:29sharing certain things about this industry I I see things and I’m I’m really understanding where this industry

4:36is going to this point you know now that we have social media now that we have you know the ways that we can educate

4:44outside of just just normal going to classes and and going to different shows

4:51there are so many ways that we can just put our information out there and I feel

4:56like what we’re doing right now with with webinars and podcasts that’s another thing but I think that giving

5:02back to the industry is super important to me so when I think about all the

5:08information that is out there and when I think about my experience I just want to pay it forward and you know I think

5:13about a lot of the old school that’s that’s been in this industry for a long

5:18time and I hopefully they have the opportunity to want to change and then with the new school coming in they have

5:23the opportunity to teach us new things and we can learn from a lot of their fearless ways of wanting to just be

5:30successful and we can give those give them those success success tips that are foundational and they can give us these

5:37new ways of doing social media and being successful in that as well so let’s just

5:42think about it like this you know you know I have to coordinate my bio then

5:47you gotta think Beauty professionals we’re just very artistic people you know there are traits and skills that

5:53exemplify it over my years of being a mentor teaching and and just having those skills myself I realized that one

6:00of the things that it takes to be successful you have to have just these four traits that I’ve always thought that we’re really really important and I

6:07think sometimes we we think okay once we’ve gone to school whether it be barber school whether it because

6:12intelligence school whether it be makeup whether anything that that touches that that faith comes out and touches skin

6:19hair and nails in the beauty industry I think that we all have it a mindset and once we get out that we’ve maintained a

6:25level of stick-to-itiveness but the real word has to sit in and we have to have to have certain traits

6:32in order to be successful and I will share those with you as I continue to go forward but just

6:39speaking of myself when I first started cutting hair at eleven years old I knew

6:44I had a gift I started cutting with scissors and then I just decided to you

6:50know test some clippers out one day my brother went out of town and I got some Clippers in my hand and realized I could

6:56do a little bit more magic with those and you know God gave me that gift and I wanted to live it out the one thing I

7:02will say I’ve seen so many of my friends and a lot of clients have asked me you know you have great skills and artistry

7:10for this beauty and she and you and you pursued what you wanted to do and I told him I say you know when you have a gift

7:16you have to kind of follow through with that and I think so many people don’t and and I say things like maybe they

7:22weren’t excited or a little apprehensive about pursuing that long-term career in this field one of the things most people

7:28marvel about is the fact that I love what I do and the long days I stand on my feet it just doesn’t bother me a lot

7:35of people say I can’t stand on my feet all day long that that doesn’t bother me at all I think what will bother me is sitting down in a chair eating and then

7:42you know standing on my feet just it just keeps me off my butt and as a three-sport athlete in high school I was

7:50always on my feet so I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t even care to sit long I didn’t even like sitting in classrooms mom I

7:55want to stand up and in the back of the room and just kind of know I’m just always doing that even when I’m having

8:00meetings long phone calls I’m walking around the table and walking around outside having these meetings because I

8:06just can’t see it I have to move and it’s really bothering me right now just to be sitting here you know doing this

8:11webinar on my butt but you know I went on to finish barber cosmetology school and later became a salon and barbershop

8:18owner and you know it’s been one of those things where when I’m looking at when I’m looking at things and traits of

8:25barbers and cosmetologist there are certain things you just got to have and you know I’m not trying to make anyone

8:33be like me I’m not trying to give anybody the opportunity to not be

8:38themselves because I want you to be yourselves and that’s just the way the industry is but I think

8:43people have gone to school and come out and just say you know what I want to do things the way that I want to do them

8:50and just really totally missing out on the foundational understanding and those traits that you need in order to be

8:55successful so if you think about a chair

9:01you think about standing behind it all day long and you think about all the work that it entails and all the people

9:08that you’re gonna meet and you know you’re gonna get really familiar with with your chair that’s gonna be your

9:14space that’s gonna be your station that’s gonna be where you run your business whether it be a suite whether

9:19it be open concept whether it be you know just somewhere that you found a place to make it home but as long as

9:25you’re a professional that chair is gonna be the place that you’re gonna do all your work now you know I share this

9:33this uh this slide with people because I want them to know that you know what

9:40maybe you need to saw him is that it took me it took I took it upon myself to pursue my dreams and looking back on my

9:48journey from then to now I have accomplished more than I could imagine being a CEO of share share and and and

9:56and having this new b2b mobile app that allows licensed beauty professionals find empty space and Barbasol space to

10:02work by the day and being a best-selling author have my doctorate professional barber and cosmetology you know just

10:09being a speaker being a mentor all those assumptions accomplishments are within the beauty industry and I think that

10:15most people got to understand that I’m touching any time I do something outside

10:20of my profession is still within my profession and that’s what I love about

10:26what I’m doing that’s what I love about how I’m being forward thinking and being

10:32forthright with the people that I’m speaking to and these are the choices that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed to do and

10:39and I’ve made for myself in the beauty industry and I’m excited about it and I’m continuing to grow and I’m

10:45continuing to learn whether it be from someone has just got an industry where they’ve been someone who been interview

10:5150 years I was just on a plane I’m in LA right now and the story has said

10:57I love your necklace my husband’s been a barber he’s 76 you can do that too and

11:02I’m just I’m excited to hear people when they see the necklace and the logo that they understand what uh what that means

11:09not just to not just to them but it makes me realize that I’m doing something that I love it they love it as

11:15well but enough about me we’re not gonna sit here and continue to talk about the

11:20things that I’m doing I think that what really make sure I get these slides

11:27going what really excites me is that the

11:35first asset that I will tell people about is passion right here the first

11:42essay that I will share with people is its passion you have to have this trait hands-down it’s the number one trait I

11:49think because it’s a major positive that can remove all the negative aspects and

11:54challenges you will face on your journey to success if you’re not in it for passion and love you’re really wasting

12:01your time you have to think about it in that way because passion is the starting point that will overcome many obstacles

12:07that you will face I see all the time that people getting this industry is like man you know what I’m not making

12:13money I want to make I’m not doing things I want to do when I say passion

12:20is the starting point they’re gonna be upset that’s gonna be obstacles they’re gonna be times where the glass looks

12:26half-empty but really you got to look at it as the glass the glass is half for the results of your work will show when you have

12:33true passion and the clients will know it as well so you just can’t think that things are gonna happen overnight it may

12:39not happen in three weeks it may not happen in three months but you’re gonna see progress progress as you continue to

12:44go forward but a lot of that hangs in the balance of what you do if you’re passionate about the industry you know

12:50don’t get into this industry for a fourth to be second tier to something else that you have passion for you have

12:56to have passion in order to really be successful in this industry and I don’t think that a lot of people really

13:02realize that no when we when we look at all the things that this industry can

13:08give us all the things that that we school for all the things that we can do in this industry in order to be

13:14successful we have to understand that if you’re if you’re not passionate about it forget it it’s just a waste of your time

13:21so I think passion will be number one if you’re a salon owner and you’re and you’re trying to hire a stylist barber

13:28makeup makeup artist any type of technician if they don’t have patience passion for it and they don’t they don’t

13:34really they’re not excited about coming to work they’re not excited about building clientele they’re not excited about what they do every day then that’s

13:44one reason you shouldn’t hire them they should be just it should just be bleeding of excitement that they’re

13:49getting in this industry and if they’re coming to a salon they wanna know being in Richmond to your salon into your

13:54space into your culture if you’re if you’ve got a partner that you want to go into a suite with and they don’t have the passion that you have you may not

14:01want to partner with that person I mean because at the end of the day you’re gonna be at work by yourself they’re gonna have clients waiting you probably

14:08have clients that you can give them but if they’re not coming to work they’re not working in the balance if they’re not doing things that are gonna help

14:14them grow their clientele and help you to as business partners or as people who are sharing a suite then you’re in it

14:21for the wrong reason you might as well being a suite by yourself so I’m super excited to share that if passion isn’t

14:27one of them then it’s not gonna work personality you know if you don’t have

14:33personality let’s just say this right here you just didn’t you’re just standing up working you know people wanna people work hard people want to

14:40come into a salon and at least talk if even if even if you’re not a talkative

14:45person if you can kind of gravitate into the constant conversation that they’re sharing with you because it may be work

14:51issues they maybe have an exciting news they may want to talk about the key is you have to be able to kind of have some

14:57type of level of conversations to kind of appease them and it takes personality

15:03to do that you just can’t be in this industry an ideal people person if you’re not a people person you’re really limiting your growth

15:09you’re limiting access to other areas of doing better business you’re limiting

15:16relationships you’re limiting your your growth outside and exposed into exposing

15:22yourself to other opportunities so I think personality it carries a lot of weight this is him this is important

15:28to me for an array of reasons your future your success and most of your leadership qualities are gonna come from your personality we live in a society

15:35where relationships really matter and most of our artists in the Beauty know

15:40that in order to be really successful you have to be relational I mean that’s just hands down clients value the

15:46relationship they have with the stylist they could they valuable issues they have with their barber and it carries a

15:51lot of weight for that stylist to continue to promote you and and continue to allow to tell people about you and

15:58and just you just got to be positive and converse with your clients even if you don’t have that personality that you

16:04want it will help you build and it would help you retain clients all while your personality will lead the way some

16:09people just bubbly they’re smiling that’s their personality and most of the time people just like talking to people

16:15who have a bubbly personality even if they’re not conversing a lot back and

16:20forth with the clients or even if they just kind of really enter their work they’re really they’re really trying to

16:25get the results and sometimes it takes a minute it really takes a minute but one of the things that eyes that I noticed

16:31about myself I’m really conversing with clients even if they’re not mine even if they’re not my clientele but one

16:37of the things that I do know as a salon owner and if their salon on its own the whip on this up on this case right now

16:43if your salon on it and in your clients the clients that come through the door not your clients they’re really your

16:49clients they may not get in your chair but you have to make them feel comfortable you have to show them that you are actually welcoming them in and

16:57you want them to understand that it’s gonna take not just that person is doing your hair but the holeshot to make you

17:03feel comfortable and I think that that’s another reason when you’re hiring people make sure they got a great personality make sure that they can roll with the

17:10punches it’s not about being it’s not about being respectful out of disrespect but they have to understand that when

17:17people walk into a salon a barber shop or a spa you know you got different people from different walks of life that

17:22are gonna really add to the personality and culture of the shop and as they continue to grow and and be retention

17:29you keep their attention with it with that stylist or that barber that they’re gonna be really good to understand that they’re gonna become family so always

17:36think about a great personality that is gonna really make things really bubble up and and

17:43create some ascension within the shop and create that better culture that you’re looking for creative skill set I

17:50always want to tell people about the creative skill set and when I say creative skill set I’m really talking

17:56about artistry we all have a gift we got into this industry because maybe we could cut designs in here maybe we could

18:03do a great fade maybe we could do a really really nice layer maybe we could

18:08do color really well and and these are the things that I think people really get to love for because they’re doing it

18:15before they go to school they’re doing it when they’re little kids they’re doing it because they’re family like the way they do here and they just love the

18:21the fact that oh man I have this skill so most of the time we just start when we start out in this industry before we

18:27get professional it’s just something we do inside until we realize this is something that we really love so when I

18:33say creative skill said I really I really think about the artistry of it and why is this important

18:39it’s important because there is no one stylist barber makeup artists alike and for example and for example even if you

18:46give two different people the same cut to different people the same cut color

18:51and style the technique in which you go about accomplishing your results with different and it they may come out the

18:59same but the techniques might be different that’s one of the great things I love about this business I’ve seen

19:04three different people work on one client where one person was curling the other was curling hair on one side

19:09another person was curling on the other side who’s recently in Tokyo Japan and my wife was getting her hair done and

19:17one stylist was on one side another stylist on the other side they both were accomplishing the same thing to get the

19:23same results and I thought that was awesome you see it all the time when I go to beauty shows I see it all the time when I’m going into different salons

19:29because you may have an assistant that’s working with the stylist may have an assistant that’s working with the makeup artist so I think these are the artistry

19:36of the industry is is really what I look for that differentiates the differentiates all of us and and being

19:43able to serve as various types of hair being able to serve as various types of skin speaks volumes of your artistry and

19:51your you said there is no one-size-fits-all service you have to know that the goal is to be well rounded let me say it

19:58again the goal is to be well rounded note I will say this put this in your note every client is a brand new canvas

20:05and also a billboard to market your art and skills if you are sending a client

20:10out there and you don’t realize it that that client is a billboard you are not

20:18even understanding how this industry works you are actually marketing yourself off of the client and and two

20:26things that three things are gonna happen and people ask this for for the only two reasons who did your hair who

20:33did who did your makeup to say I meet either recommend that that stylist a

20:40barber or makeup artist or tell me so I don’t go to them so you got to understand that when you’re putting out

20:46that creative skill set and you’re letting it show in your clientele you have to make sure you’ve done your best work I think that that’s one one of the

20:53things that really led me to be successful I think that’s one of the things that really allow people to want to work with me in my shop I think

21:00that’s one of the things that allow other barbers to become better barbers because they sometimes look at the work

21:06that I put out they say this man is consistent in his cuts he’s consistent he takes his time you can always work on

21:13your time you can always work on your speed but make sure you’re the creative skill set that you have make sure you

21:18putting out your best work and if you’re hiring somebody and it really means something to you about the creative skill set give them a client to do or

21:26color so you can make sure that they’re gonna be able to put our clock to put out the same type of results and the

21:32same type of successful results that you want in your business because you know

21:37that we have ratings now that we have reviews we have Yelp you want to make sure you have the right team that’s

21:43gonna be able to give people a good reviews to say hey you know what everybody in there can do here I can

21:48definitely say in masa and my salon and barbershop everybody can do here and I don’t have a problem sending certain

21:55clients to certain people if they got a certain skill set that I know that that they do very well so I always want to be

22:01able to push and promote people if they got a certain tree skill set and if you’re a great colorist

22:07promote your color it doesn’t mean that you can’t cut just you just have to promote the fact that you have great

22:12colorist if you’re a person that does designs it doesn’t mean you can’t do a great fade there’s a lot of kids out

22:18there they want to walk around with their football jersey number in their head it’s just some people just want to walk around with a star in the head and

22:25if you’re good at that promote that if you’re a makeup artist that can do that

22:31can do creative that can do creativeness when it comes to a artistic sketching on

22:36the person’s face – for plays and stuff like that pump that up and you can be on

22:42somebody said you can have people coming to the salon that one of that that’s gonna be doing a a High School Musical

22:49or something you got to pump those type of things up and you got to make sure people know what you’re good at so

22:54having a creative skill set is one of the things that I feel like is a good trait that’s that’s gonna give you that

23:00extra that extra on spit and if you’re working for a salon owner and they get someone coming in that that need a

23:06certain thing they can always push them there alright I know guys coming women coming to salon and then you have women

23:13to have the undercut where they want to get designs in the back I can do those and so most of the time people say hey

23:19ty he can do those and and if you are a person that gets the eyebrows you need and you like to razor over the over the

23:25wax I can do those and so people are gonna send people to to the person that

23:31can do that even if they can’t do it is keeping the clientele within so they don’t have to push the math to go look

23:36for somebody and we can’t even point them in the right direction which is best to have all those things in-house having that creative artistic skill set

23:43is gonna at least bring business and continue to bring business to your shop and to you and keep your chair fool so

23:50think about that last but not least you got to talk about consistency III put

23:56this last because passion leads it consistency pushes it and this is what I

24:02want people to know about consistency consistency is always gonna be important

24:09because I tell people in young people all the time talent would get you through the door but it will not keep

24:16you in the room I promise you it will not keep you in the room to have longevity

24:22in this industry requires consistency because it’s key to your future success

24:27and it’s key to your brand it takes you back – it takes you back to the to the artistry if you know you have a great

24:35canvas you want to push it out there but if the client came can’t be satisfied because of your consistency they’re not

24:41going to promote you and that’s gonna be a part of your branding I speak at cosmetology schools and barber schools

24:48all the time so you know and then I speak in forums I speak in all kinds of different little pockets of forums where

24:58I’m in small groups and I’m in large groups and all the time people ask me what happened what has caused you to

25:04maintain success in this industry for over 25 years and I say and and then

25:09building clientele I always tell them it’s consistency when I got a client in my chair a new client I’ll make sure I’m

25:16putting on my best work I put an extra 20 to 30 minutes on it if I if it requires it and I’m always thinking

25:21ahead to their next service so whatever I’m doing to that client I’m actually asking myself when they come back I’m

25:29gonna be ready to to really work off of the work that I want that I’ve already done so you got to have that mindset as

25:35a professional you just got to focus on quality you got to focus on the quality of the service and not the quantity of

25:40the people and not trying to pump in 15 people and and and when you can really do 10 and get paid the same amount of

25:47money or more in that day if I can tell you anything that’s gonna be super important that’s gonna give you success

25:53repeat business is the name of the game it costs you more to get a new client

25:59than they keep one so I want you guys always understand that if you’re determined if you determined to be

26:05successful in this industry make sure consistency is is really at the top of your four traits it’s gonna

26:12keep you in a business where people are gonna recognize you they’re gonna know you you’re gonna make a lot of money and

26:18you’re gonna be happy so I hope that you take these four skill sets and traits and apply them to your arsenal it’s

26:25gonna allow you to be better serve your current clientele and your future clients make an impact I always say make

26:31an impact it would take you places that you never dreamed of always consistently learner

26:37it’s gonna keep you going from good to great it’s gonna keep you on a level where you’re always gonna be learning

26:43you’re always gonna want to be better so choose to go from good to great today I know you guys are wanting to ask a few

26:51questions I’m here to answer any questions and and definitely uh connect with me at share share a doctor call a

26:58doctor tie car wheel at Instagram and on Twitter I meant doctor toy car wheel

27:04demon my email address is tight as sure calm and then WWE share calm you

27:11can always kind of give me get an outlook get a look at what I’m doing with share share and if you want to

27:16email me and Ty share share calm I’m always willing to answer question and I’m super excited so if you have any

27:23questions I’m ready great thank you so much doctor time hope you guys were able

27:29to take notes of those four traits definitely within the beauty barbering

27:34industry that’s gonna help to propel your business forward and keep clients coming back for more all right first

27:40question we have from miss Rebecca hey Becca she asks how do you motivate the

27:46non passionate worker to show up and be excited to do hair Rebecca let’s just be

27:55let’s just keep it 100 you cannot motivate anybody that’s

28:00really not self-motivated it just speaks volumes to your leadership if if they’re

28:07self-motivated and you can always add any time you’re accomplishing something

28:13in life and you get a rush from it and you get a you get a level of satisfaction from it it makes you want

28:19to accomplish more that’s just innate in us when we’re doing something great shout out to the new barber that I have

28:27in my salon shout out to the to the most the not recent one these guys are

28:32motivated and when you’re motivated and I see the motivation I can help continue

28:38to help you grow one of the things I will say is is sit them down one-on-one

28:44and ask some simple questions like is there any way I can help you what can

28:50I do what tools can I provide what what education educational courses see

28:56courses that I can help you with that I don’t have motivate you find out what their personal issues are because it

29:02could be personal they may love what they do but they may not be as passionate because they have things that

29:07I feel like are hindering them or holding them back so you definitely want to ask those questions in order to get

29:13people to really understand and get yourself to understand why they’re not as motivated having a non passionate

29:20worker sometimes can bring down the the the the good vibes at your shop and it

29:27sometimes can create a culture breakdown or culture setback so you want to make

29:34sure that it’s not doing that but definitely sit down with them just be super interested in what they want and

29:39what they have to share and be open and not judgmental I will say to several of

29:47our sure-sure hosts have the same exact question right and so what they do because the question would be my

29:54follow-up question would be you know how can you tell if someone is passionate I can tell that someone is consistent and

30:00so what we’ve been seeing lately is that our sheer sheer host or other salon owners such as yourself will actually

30:06kind of try before you by using sheer sheer they’ll have the stylist book on the platform and that way they kind of

30:12get a feel for how they work how they interact with the other team members how

30:17they you know maneuver through the day how they approach and engage with their clientele and other people in the salon

30:23or barber shop and so that’s also another opportunity area too that way you’re not you know throwing in you know

30:30putting all your eggs in one basket that’s great I would like to know – Rebecca how long past is non passionate

30:37work I’ve been a part of team so if you can follow up with that that would be great because that can kind of add help me add

30:44some Intel and more an elaborate understanding of where where this this

30:49relationship can go and if it’s gone too far all right I think a question is from

30:55Reggie Reggie Reggie he says I’m just starting out as a new boy

31:00I want to cut all textures of hair but how do I find that one thing that I’m

31:06really good at so I can start marketing it great great before I also read this question uh Rebecca you said that she’s been with

31:12you for two years how do you get people from shishir first Reggie okay

31:18we just question about okay I’m gonna come back to you Rebecca because I don’t want Reggie to uh not have this answer

31:24one of the things I will say Reggie is that you if you’re good at something you

31:30got to understand that you can account you’re gonna have to Destin och that out the park let people know what you’re good at

31:36I used to work with a guy that was from New York that did designs really well he could draw the skyline of New York in

31:42your head he was a great barber he was really fast but he hadn’t he didn’t have

31:47his license he was on the apprenticeship in uh in New York so when he came to Dallas he just recently got his license

31:54but when you’ve been cutting he had been cut in twelve years so he was living a professional under apprenticeship and

32:01one of the thing that he market he marketed his skillset of being a designer and and can do artistic work in

32:06your head but he got a lot of clients and so I always tell people your clientele will be a direct reflection of

32:12who you are and the type of skill sets that you have so definitely focus on what you’re good

32:17at because you’re probably good at a lot of things like me I’m good at a lot of different things and haircuts I recently

32:23had a client to tell me he said you’ve been cutting my hair since I was 12 and now here I am 23

32:29he said I’ve thrown every haircut that I could think was difficult at you and you’ve been able to accomplish and make

32:35every haircut look good I’ve tried six or seven barbers over the course of years and I consistently have to come

32:42back to you because I like the results and I like your work so if you’re good at what you’re doing what you do promote

32:48that and let your other skillsets show in the haircut whether you’re doing a fade whether you’re doing a a bob or

32:55you’re doing even are over a college cut and you’re doing things or whether

33:01you’re doing a color and if you if you do beers all these things are a part of your arsenal so definitely push the the skillset that

33:08you have so your clients can understand that that when you send that client out there they’re gonna look back and they’re

33:13gonna say man who cut your hair you don’t you would not believe how many clients that I’ve had traveling to New

33:19York I had traveling Atlanta LA that to ask that client who cut your hair and

33:24they say what he did that person is not here my barber is in Dallas so when you got people that can recognize a good cut

33:30all over that’s it that says a lot about you let’s go back to Rebecca before I

33:38get to fill up so how how do you get people from cher cher basically she shares a mobile app that allows stylists

33:44to rent space by the day so in essentially you have your own clientele and if you’re looking for empty space to

33:50work you can find an empty space to work to do your clientele home cher cher is not a app that allows you to get

33:55customers it’s really b2b the licensed professional is a business and a salon that has empty chair of the business and

34:02you can build your clientele as you go with your own clientele so basically to say if I’m in Dallas and I want to go to

34:09the southern sector of the city I basically take them take them clientele to us alone out there and if I’m gonna

34:15go to the western sector to see I can do clients hell out there because what you’re doing is you’re not losing clientele essentially before the old

34:22adage was if a client mood if you move whether it be 30 minutes away through the traffic through the issues or

34:27whatever you lost that client with cher cher now you don’t have to lose clients anymore you can literally your client

34:33when and where you want to and in any day of the week so that’s gonna help got a lot and as a new host Becca if you’re

34:39curious go to share share calm slash become a post again share share calm

34:45slash become a host to find out more your point though they said the this

34:50particular stylist has been there for two years it’s always good to ask you know you just ask the person directly

34:55hey what motivates you for some people it might be more money for some people it might be more difficult you know

35:03hairstyles for some people it may be the type of color that a client asked for it or days of the week that they want to

35:08work so just ask the person directly definitely do that and then you know if she’s been there with if she’s been there with you for two years and you

35:14haven’t felt like if she’s been motivated you may want to question how you do business with people who don’t

35:21have that motivation so you don’t have to waste your time if you’ve been pouring into them and you’re not getting anything out of them

35:27just be a little bit a cognizant of that and say you know you can’t yes you can

35:33it’s the old thing that I got from my grandfather and my grandmother you can take the horse to the trough but you

35:38can’t make him drink the water so if she’s not motivated itself and you’ve had it for two years you may want to

35:44just kind of give her give her a give her another meeting and see where she’s at and if she’s not the one and if she’s

35:51not bringing business or bringing you up edit income and it’s not gonna be it’s not gonna be a great relationship I know

35:58we’re four minutes over guys but I want to get she still it’s question Philip asked how do you get the right person

36:04that doesn’t mind working in a shop as a Richard I’m trying to avoid the people that feel like they want to open a shop

36:11after two months of working field I love this question it’s just loaded it’s a

36:17loaded question so how do you get the right people well one of the things I will tell people there’s always a barber

36:24is always a stylist looking for somewhere better to work if you have relationships with people you can always ask your friends you know do you know

36:31anyone that that that that’s looking for a place to work do you know anyone that that needs to be in a better environment

36:39you can always do that right there and then your relationships with people that you knew in school the relationships you

36:44know with other stylists are they happy where they’re at and if you have that right environment that they’re looking for you can always ask them to come in

36:50and be a renter you may have to offer them some things that other people don’t have in your shop to kind of make it no

36:57fit for them because every every person is different you know every every barber start as I tell my shop they don’t I

37:03don’t start them off right at the top of boom in I don’t start them off at the beginning of what a commission is I let

37:09them work themselves up to it but I got to see what Rebecca was saying I got to see that passion if you have that passion I can work with you so you if if

37:17they want to come in if you want to get them as a renter you can always ask people no I know your own commission

37:23base and people I mean I love Commission I really do but if you’re looking for a renter and you and you and your

37:29independent contractor salon you got to have certain amenities that are gonna

37:34work for them and and I think that talk about amenities you talk about freedom you talk about the way you run

37:41your shop do you have Wi-Fi do you have cable do you have a clean shot I’m sure

37:46you do you’re trying to avoid people that feel that they want to open a shop up to two months man that’s so loaded people think

37:53that is so easy to run a shop I do not believe people understand just because

37:59you have a license that’s one thing that’s where your craft you have to have a whole nother mindset to be a business

38:06owner see people forget that as they become skilled and and and good at their

38:14craft they forget there’s a whole nother layer that that you have to understand as a business person having a great skill in

38:21this industry doesn’t equate to being a business owner it doesn’t equate to being a good boss

38:26it doesn’t equate to being a good leader you have to have people skills you have to understand money you have to

38:31understand accounting you have to understand overhead there’s so many things so I never knock people who want

38:38to open their own business but I definitely ask them you know what is it about you wanna open your business is

38:44there any way I can help and and you’re not asking them is there any way I can help to hinder them from being a

38:51business owner you’re asking them is there any way I can help so that you can provide them with the right understanding and the right tools of

38:58information because once you tell people what it takes to be an owner once you tell them what it takes to be a boss and

39:04a leader and a manager of people of business then there may make them say

39:10you know what I don’t think I’m ready to be a business owner right now I really like how you running this shop you make

39:15it look super easy but I’m not ready to be in that position because once you

39:21wants people understand that once you open a business you-you-you can close down within the first year to three

39:28years people will change their outlook it’s not me if you have a personal life

39:33you have bills in your personal life you can add that times five if you’re a business owner there’s so many other

39:39things that you gotta look at and to be a business owner you’re gonna lose money for the first two to five years you’re

39:45gonna you’re gonna you not even gonna make money so for people that want to get into this business to make money you

39:51gotta have to you have to realize going either break even for the first after the first two years

39:56and you don’t lose money for the first after the first two years you’re gonna break even out during the first one

40:02maybe two years you’re gonna lose money but that’s all because you’re looking at the back end of it you’re looking at the

40:08growth you’re looking at the marketing you’re doing all these things so you may be bringing in a lot of money but you’re

40:13pushing out just as much as you’re bringing it or even more so if you want to try try to avoid people that want to

40:19open a shop for two months be educator educate them and set them to the side take them to lunch and they will realize

40:26that you love them for you appreciate them and you commend them for wanting to be an owner but you also love them

40:32enough to share with them the real reasons and the hardships of being an owner so super kudos you I think that

40:38that’s a great question is very loaded I could really live live on that for a minute and I can talk about it for a

40:44long time but that is super great now I appreciate you asking that question Wow guys thank you so much you know it’s

40:50eight minutes over but great questions as always please be sure to follow along on the shear share page on IG we’re just

40:57at sheer share so that you can stay up to date on the next webinar that will happen in a couple of weeks thank you

41:05again for joining and have an awesome day and I will say this to finish out you gotta be good in order to be great

41:11you got to be good at first so guys go out and kill it it’s Monday enjoy the rest of your day I’m looking forward to next webcast bye


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