How Beauty and Barbering Students Develop Professional Skills

External beauty and hairstyle have always played a significant role in shaping opinions about a
person’s appearance. Yes, attitudes have changed over time. Each era and even each decade formed
its own standards, unique to it. But what has never changed is the following. There has never been a
time when humanity was completely indifferent to what a particular individual looks like. In recent
years, we have seen an emphasis on naturalness. Also, a departure from the generally accepted
templates. Those that were at the peak of popularity not so long ago. Yet, even this requires some
self-care and knowledge of how to do it. This is why students studying beauty and barbering remain
in demand. This means they need to constantly develop their professional skills. All this is
necessary to master both the tools and techniques necessary for a high level of skill.

Theoretical Training. Professional Schools

The first step in developing the professional skills of students of any field is to get theoretical
knowledge. In college, students learn the basics of hairdressing. These include:
– the basics of hair and skin care,
– haircutting techniques,
– coloring techniques,
– hair styling skills.
The training takes place both in classes and through practical training. During the latter, students
can test their skills on models.
Among the well-known educational institutions in this wonderful field, the field of beauty, we will
not omit to mention the following.
– Paul Mitchell Hair & Beauty School. Under the guidance of the famous stylist Paul
Mitchell, the school network offers a wide range of programs. In particular, techniques of
various haircuts, coloring, styling, makeup, and other procedures. Paul Mitchell schools are
known for their high-quality education. Also, a preparation for work in the modern beauty
– Make-Up Designory (MUD). Make-Up Designory is one of the leading schools in the
makeup industry. They offer makeup training programs for a wide variety of fields. These
include photo, video, theatrical, and spectacular makeup. MUD students can study under the
guidance of recognized professionals in the field.
– Aveda Institutes. Aveda Institutes offer a comprehensive program of training in
hairdressing and makeup. This program consists of theoretical knowledge and practical
skills. Students can work with high-quality products of Aveda (аn American cosmetics
company). Also, they can gain experience in beauty salons.

While studying, students of beauty and barbering, as well as students of other specialties, must be
able to present their knowledge in writing. This means writing papers of varying complexity. In
relation to the theoretical material studied and the knowledge applied in practice. But, not all
students can cope with such tasks. And this is not about lack of professionalism at all. Quite often, a
person can prove to be an excellent specialist in practice, but when it comes to expressing their
thoughts and knowledge in writing, they have difficulties. Thus, students often ask EduBirdie to do my assignment. If earlier it seemed like something unrealistic, nowadays, thanks to modern
technologies and the ability of authors to share their knowledge online, there are platforms on the
Internet. Those where professional writers can accept orders for writing texts on various topics.

Such opportunities allow beauty and hairdressing students to save time. In parralel to focus on the
practical aspects of their work. At the same time, they don’t have to worry about the results of their
writing assignments. After all, by choosing a proven service, customers receive high-quality and
well-written content on time.

Practical Experience

Practical experience, after theoretical one, also plays an integral role in the development of
professional skills. In any field. This is something that needs to be gained before entering
professional adult life. After all, you can read many specialized books and watch many haircutting
or makeup techniques. But practice plays an invaluable role in acquiring skills. While studying,
students can work in beauty salons or hairdressing studios as interns. Here, they can observe the
work of professionals. As well as perform certain processes under the close supervision of their
mentors. This practice allows students to:
– gain real experience working with clients,
– solve real problems,
– acquire and improve their skills.

More specifically, the benefits of practical experience for students of the beauty and hairdressing
faculty can be described as follows.
– The real experience of working with clients.
Clients of beauty and barber shops may have different expectations and special
requirements. Working with them in practice, students learn to adapt their skills and
approaches to the needs of each client individually. In this way, they develop the client-
oriented approach and focus that is so necessary in this field.
– Skills improving and style individualization.
Students try out different techniques and methods of work and determine which ones best
suit their vision. In this way, they build their individual style.
– Solving real-life issues.
When working with clients, unforeseen situations or issues often arise. Each requires both a
creative approach and a quick solution. In this way, students develop their creativity and
ability to make effective decisions in real-life conditions and in a short time.
– Practical tests and competitions.
With enough practice, senior students can even compete with each other in terms of skill and
creativity, which is so highly valued today. Such challenges encourage students to further
improve and develop themselves.

Courses, Seminars, and New Technologies

Additional courses, as well as seminars, are an important part of students’ professional
development. They allow learners to deepen their knowledge in specific sub-areas of the discussed
field. In addition, such courses give students the opportunity to learn new relevant techniques and
the latest trends in the world of beauty and hairdressing.
Modern technologies definitely play an essential role in the development of students’ professional
skills. They allow them to:
– learn new techniques,
– observe the work of professionals from any corner of the world,
– study remotely through online courses and video tutorials.

The use of the latest technologies helps learners to keep abreast of the latest trends in beauty and
barbering like never before. These include,
New mobile apps in the beauty and barbering industry provide students with access to
information about techniques, products, and services right on their smartphones. This allows
them to keep up to date with the latest trends and apply them to their work.
Video tutorials visualize processes and techniques for working with clients. Students can
watch them from anywhere and at any time. This allows them to study the material at their
own pace.
Online courses in beauty and barbering allow students to study even from remote regions
and create their own individual learning schedules.

Latest Trends

Trends in the field of beauty and hairstyling do not stand still and are constantly changing. They
reflect current fashion directions and innovative techniques.
– Naturalness in makeup
Minimalism and naturalness are now at the peak of popularity in makeup. The trend towards
natural makeup that emphasizes natural beauty, fresh lip color, and healthy skin allows
clients to look natural in any situation. The popularity of organic makeup is reflected in the
demand for cosmetics with soft and light textures.
– Individualization of haircuts and hairstyles
Modern customers tend to express themselves through their appearance. This is reflected in
the popularity of custom haircuts and coloring. They reflect the unique style of each person.
Visiting a hair salon is an opportunity for many to create their own unique image.
– Ecological beauty
Growing attention to environmental issues has led to the popularity of organic products in
the beauty industry. Customers are increasingly aware of the importance of using natural
ingredients in cosmetics. Also, the importance of an ethical approach to production. We are
talking about organic hair colors, natural skin care formulations, and the manufacturing of
products without animal testing.
– Technologies and their invaluable help
Mobile apps for scheduling appointments. Utilizing artificial intelligence to select
individualized hairstyles. Virtual makeup artists for previewing makeup. These are just a
few examples of how technology is changing the beauty and barber industry.

The development of professional skills of beauty and barbering students is not an easy but
extremely important and exciting process. It includes many different components. Among them are
theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and participation in courses and seminars. It also
includes the omnipresent presence and use of the latest technologies. Professional training schools
prepare specialists who can compete internationally and work confidently with clients from
different cultures and approaches to beauty. Practical experience in beauty salons and hairdressing
studios is also an integral part of the learning process. It helps students to understand the essence of
their profession and develop not only technical skills but also creativity and the ability to work in
the real beauty market. The latest trends in the field of beauty and hairdressing emphasize the

importance of environmental friendliness, individuality, and at the same time a creative approach in
the modern beauty industry.

Tarsha Terry
Observer of fashion trends in the field of beauty. Writes essays on psychological and socio-cultural
topics. Researcher of the students’ perspectives in the field of beauty and care.