How Beauty Entrepreneurs Can Safeguard Their Brand Identity Online

Image source: Pixabay

The beauty industry is among the most competitive. As an upcoming entrepreneur, you will be coming up against big names ruling the industry for decades. 

The online market scene has come in recent years as an equalizer. However, it also comes with the challenge of protecting brand identities, which are critical to staying profitable. 

This guide looks into safeguarding brand identity online for beauty entrepreneurs and is an excellent read if you have invested in brand recognition and want to get value out of your efforts. 

What Is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the public’s image of your brand represented by your brand’s visuals. Visuals can include logos, names, color schemes, and package design. 

Consumers tend to trust brands they know and that have been consistent with providing quality products and services. 

For example, in the sporting industry, a swoosh sign, even without being accompanied by words, will have the consumer identify the product as Nike, and they will have a general expectation that the product will be of good quality.

How To Protect Your Brand Identity Online

Register Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to the creations of human minds and can include inventions, artistic expressions, designs, etc. Registering intellectual property gives its owner the exclusive right to use and profit from them unless you enter into agreements with other parties. 

There are various types of intellectual property you may want to consider registering for to safeguard your brand in the beauty industry, which include:


Trademark protections cover your brand identity and, more so, the visuals such as brand names, logos, symbols, etc. Once you register a trademark, a competitor can’t use it for profit. The registration process varies with jurisdiction. In Canada, you register with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. 

You may also be required to pay applicable fees. The cost of trademarking a brand identifier in Canada varies based on the registration mode and the class of products you intend to use the trademark on, among other factors. 

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is more than your website address.  It is your online equivalent of a physical shop.  The last thing we want when marketing your products online is to have another website that looks almost similar to yours because it can confuse your consumers. 

The products and services they get from the copy website may not meet the standard you offer and may cause you to face backlash for substandard products or services you did not create. 

Domain names are under trademarks, so you will have to register your domain name as a trademark, which prevents others from creating a domain name that resembles yours. 

Social Media Consolidation

Social media has become a formidable marketing tool over the years. However, it is vulnerable to identity theft and impersonation. Getting a verified social media handle is one way to prevent identity theft and impersonation. Most social media platforms charge a fee for the verification badge, but the cost is worth it as it inspires trust from your audiences. 

The second thing you want to do when marketing on social media is consolidation. Consolidation means creating a unified approach to marketing across all your platforms in terms of messaging, visuals, and tone. Having a unified front on your social media handles helps make your brand identity stand out, and your audiences are able to tell between your brand and imposters.

Leveraging Online Listening Sites

Online listing sites such as Shear Share have become quite popular as marketing options for the beauty industry. With the general acceptance these platforms are getting among consumers, it makes perfect sense to be there both as a marketing strategy and as a way of creating and protecting your brand identity. 

When new customers find you on these platforms, they will be more likely to recognize you on other platforms and can also have a place to refer to for more information about you and reviews from past customers.

In Conclusion… 

Your brand identity is the cornerstone of your business’s success in the beauty industry. Safeguarding it demands vigilance and strategic action, particularly in the online arena, where replication and misrepresentation are rampant threats. 

Registering intellectual property, owning your domain name, solidifying your social media presence, and proactively engaging with online listing sites are not just protective measures – they’re investments in the longevity and integrity of your brand. 

Make no mistake; as you fortify these fronts, you’re crafting an inviolable reputation that will resonate with customers for years to come.