How COVID-19 Forced Stylists to Legitimize Their Small Businesses

Several small business owners unfortunately missed out on the $10,000 forgivable EIDL and the Payment Protection Program. Why? Lack of paperwork proving a legitimate business. If you fall into this category, please do yourself a favor and get your business affairs in order now.

If you’d rather read the video transcript, you can find the full transcript below:

0:00hey guys dr. Tye here I really wanted

0:04to just come out today and just really

0:07speak heavily on this state of

0:11where we’re at right now in this

0:13pandemic give a little motivation and

0:15just really make a clarion call to

0:17really what’s going on for the licensed

0:20beauty environment professionals that

0:22regards hair skin and nails I think that

0:25you know right now at this very moment

0:27we have become so important in society

0:31not saying that we weren’t important but

0:34I think that you know we have always

0:36kind of been like the redheaded

0:38stepchild and sometimes we are not

0:41taken serious as we should and sometimes

0:44a little bit for granted not everybody

0:47but I think that most of the time we’re

0:49not taken as a serious for the purposes

0:53that were needed and I think that right

0:56now where everybody is being quarantined

0:58where everybody’s sitting at home don’t

1:00think that people don’t want to look

1:03good don’t think that people don’t want

1:05a fresh haircut don’t think that people

1:07don’t want to have their hair done they

1:08do and a lot of people are trying to do

1:13it themselves get a little bit of

1:14Education from us so that they can kind

1:16of do a little bit of this artistry

1:18that we’ve gone to school for that we’ve

1:20put in a time that ours the heartache

1:24the frustration of really trying to make

1:27ourselves become successful in this and

1:29this line of work that we do and I think

1:31sometimes we’re not taking as serious as

1:33we should but a lot of that is really on

1:36us so I really want to talk about you

1:39know us being essential I think that

1:41we’re very essential regardless of what

1:43government is that we are essential or

1:47non-essential I think that we’re very

1:48essential and I was just just talking to

1:52a few people that I know or some some

1:54are phone calls and also just taking

1:56some time to really get ready for the

2:00next phase of what this career

2:03is going to allow us to become more of

2:06and less of and I think that we are

2:09gonna have to really upgrade our


2:12not because we not because we don’t want

2:17to but because we have to and I think in

2:19us having to we’re going to really

2:21exceed what we need to really do and

2:25become more successful so I took some

2:27notes down and I really want to share

2:29some things with you guys and just kind

2:32of give you an idea of why I am really

2:37focused on really the business of this

2:40industry and why we should take it more

2:42serious I think that we don’t take this

2:44profession as serious as we should

2:47because we’re so focused on what we’re

2:49doing behind the chair I am such a

2:53advocate for wanting us to be successful

2:56from beyond that chair and I think it’s

2:59because I’ve been out here for a long

3:02time running a tech company been in the

3:03industry for over 25 years having a

3:06salon and barbershop for over two

3:08decades I think that I know what it’s

3:10like when I walk into a bank or when I

3:12want to get a line of credit or when I

3:14want to go finance a home when I want to

3:17increase my portfolio and add to that

3:20how people look at me when I tell them

3:22what profession I’m in I think that they

3:25don’t take us seriously because you know

3:29somewhere along the line we have

3:31diminished what we do in this profession

3:35by doing it illegally by shade tree and

3:38ourselves by being kitchen tician about

3:41being garage barbers and just by going

3:43back and forth to people’s houses to

3:45their jobs making our job just seem like

3:48anyone can do it and I think that it’s

3:51because a lot of people in this

3:52profession aren’t licensed there’s

3:54nothing wrong if you’re not licensed if

3:56that you’re if you’re doing it for a

3:59hobby but if you’re doing it as a

4:02profession this is not something to take

4:05lightly sance is required if you want to

4:09be taken serious simply because the

4:12banks need a paper trail you need to do

4:14your taxes and all those things and

4:15we’ll get off into that but I think that

4:18we don’t take this this industry serious

4:20and you know I’m constant on the

4:22computer I’m constantly working with my

4:25team I share share but I’m educating

4:27them on how we operate in this business

4:29and I think sometimes they’re a little

4:31bit amazed at how big and how our gun

4:35trend this industry is when you think

4:39about everything across the board not

4:42just the artistry a little bit products

4:44we’re talking about tools we’re talking

4:46about the education we’re talking about

4:48the businesses just educating them to

4:51get them to understand why we’re

4:53superseding so many other professions

4:56when it comes to multi-billion lot of

4:59industry and just really ling-ling the

5:02groundwork for the the newcomers that

5:05are zero to three years in this industry

5:07and also helping those who’ve been 5 to

5:1010 years in this industry that haven’t

5:12probably done everything that they could

5:13or should do in order to really create

5:16that success that level of success that

5:18they want but also those ones that have

5:20been in industry 10 plus years that

5:23haven’t reached that level where they

5:26want to get and where they say ok well

5:28I’m getting older I may want to phase

5:30out what else can I do have I done the

5:32proper things to do to really take the

5:36the next step in going into the next

5:38phase of my life and a lot of us we do

5:40it for the passion but we also do it

5:42because this is the only way we know how

5:44to survive and make money and there’s

5:47nothing wrong with that because I love

5:48this industry being in it as long as I

5:50have and I still love it as I did from

5:53the first time I even started they want

5:55getting out of school but let’s think

5:58about this guys we think about this

5:59stimulus package there’s 2.2 trillion

6:02dollars that that Trump has allowed

6:04everyone to be a part of if we’re in

6:08this industry as a business if we’re

6:11doing our paperwork right if we’re doing

6:13our taxes if we are running our business

6:15properly we’re able to get this money

6:20that is going to help our businesses

6:22while they’re down and I think that it’s

6:25important that we think about you know

6:28the things that we got to do I’ve had to

6:30go to the bank

6:31miss paperwork and you know guys if

6:35you’re not doing your taxes if you don’t

6:37have legitimate documents and paperwork

6:42you’re not gonna get any of this money

6:43it’s just not gonna happen and I think

6:45that it should be known for even the

6:48independent contractors that you have to

6:52take yourself serious having the proper

6:55proper documents the paperwork to

6:57qualify for that a IBL the economic

7:00injury disaster loan is going to be

7:03super important and and following those

7:06and following all the stipulations in

7:09order to get that and now I started the

7:12$1,200 that that the president is giving

7:15all its giving everyone just think about

7:18us as professionals who don’t have a

7:20bank account or who haven’t filed our

7:23taxes we don’t even we not even qualify

7:26for direct deposit because the IRS

7:29doesn’t have no any any information or

7:33bank information to even push that money

7:36into your account so think about this

7:38and take yourself serious going into

7:39this next phase of your career after all

7:42this is said and done when we can go

7:44back to work what are we going to do I

7:47think that we should really really think

7:50about why we are doing what we’re doing

7:52and not just look at it from the

7:55artistry and the talent that is that’s a

7:57given I think if you’ve gone to school

7:59if you a great barber if you’re a great

8:02cosmetologist if you’re a great colorist

8:04if you’re a great makeup artist if

8:05you’re a great masseuse whatever you do

8:08that you’re graded it’s bigger than that

8:11it has you have to supersede just the

8:14artistry of it just your talent and

8:16really get behind yourself as a business

8:19and people will take you serious and

8:22let’s not just look at it just for the

8:25artistry you know I think society really

8:28wants to I think they really want to

8:32look at us and say man I really need I

8:35really need my stylist I wish that that

8:40that they could open up salons and

8:42barbershops and spas

8:43because people if they if they told us

8:47the rules and regulations to be able to

8:49service people trust me shops will be

8:51full clients are probably saying right


8:54I wonder how how tie is making it you

8:57know you know if we don’t work we don’t

9:00eat and I think that most of the time

9:03people think like that about us but

9:05believe it or not guys if you’re doing

9:07your business right and you have a

9:08savings account

9:09you’re probably saving your money you’re

9:11spending well you’re paying yourself

9:12first you’re running your business right

9:14and you’re taking care of your business

9:16you’re going to make sure you’re gonna

9:18weather through this storm most people

9:20who are not gonna wear the through this

9:22storm are people who are just doing it

9:23momentarily it’s going to be important

9:27to understand that momentarily is not

9:30good enough when we’re going through

9:32disasters and trials like this pandemic

9:35that we’re going through right now and

9:37know that I’m going to be sharing more

9:40information go to choose your education

9:43go to the sheer share education portal

9:45and it’s sheer sheer build my business

9:48dropping all this knowledge guys it’s I

9:51don’t want this to go by the wayside I

9:53want you to take what I’m saying

9:54seriously and and just know that as we

9:58continue to work ourselves through this

10:01phase as we continue to think about what

10:04is going to happen going into the future

10:06think about the business from behind the

10:09chair because you I’m ready to go back

10:11to work I’m sure my staff is ready to go

10:13back to work my team is ready to go back

10:15to work my shop is ready to get back

10:17which ready to open back up just like

10:19yours and and and your friends and

10:21everyone else that you know but we have

10:23to make sure that we’re doing our part

10:25and I think that this was a clarion call

10:28for everyone understand that if we don’t

10:32do what’s right if we don’t do the

10:34things that we need to do and this

10:35happens again a lot of businesses are

10:38going to close just like they are going

10:40to happen doing this pandemic we want I

10:42want everyone to be successful get ready

10:46once this once once they must Trump

10:50allows us to go back to work you’re

10:51governor all the officials that are

10:54gonna allow us go back to work

10:56about to work you want to get super busy

10:58take that time and understand put money

11:02away and best open an account pay

11:05yourself first take care of your

11:07business don’t throw your money away and

11:09don’t waste your time buying things that

11:12aren’t going to be give you and show a

11:14value or give you anything that’s going

11:17to proper that’s going to actually help

11:18you make money do some things for


11:22what my mom always tell me reward

11:25yourself but don’t overdo it I think

11:27it’s important that we understand at

11:29least that much of our business because

11:32we make money we make a lot of money but

11:34at the same time we spend more than we

11:36keep I want you guys to understand that

11:38I am so excited about the future but

11:41right now as we’re going through this

11:43pandemic as we’re going through this the

11:44stressful times keep your head up stay


11:48always realize that God has your back

11:51he’s not gonna take you through anything

11:52that you can’t handle trust in him first

11:55and everything else will will will make

11:59sure it pieces itself together

12:01I trust my god that it doesn’t matter

12:04what we go through what I go through I’m

12:07always praying that his will be done and

12:10I know that we’re gonna get through this

12:12and we’re gonna come out better than we

12:14are going through this on the other side

12:16have a awesome day

12:18I will get back to you guys with more

12:19information but I want to send a little

12:21motivation I want to just really just

12:24shout out how important the things that

12:27I’m sharing is and just tell you guys

12:29that we’re a central people are really

12:33seeing now how important we are and I

12:36want you to understand that be safe

12:38don’t go out there doing any things

12:40you’ll need to do I know that you want

12:41to make money but be careful and the

12:45government is shutting down people who

12:47are working in this industry and there

12:49are people that are there are getting

12:51sick and then some people gain the

12:53license taken away because they’re going

12:55against the rules and the government is

12:57a shutting their licenses down so be

12:59careful out there and we’re gonna be

13:02alright on the other side have an

13:03awesome day I know you guys are going to

13:06do well just continue to fight continues

13:08on everything to be good peace out

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