7 Ways to Return to Work With Confidence


More and more states are slowly reopening their salon and barbershop small businesses. But with clients and stylists alike not being 100% ready to return to work, how do you step back into a routine? Our ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell has lived through Y2K, ebola, economic recessions, and now the novel coronavirus to share his proof-positive strategy on how to return to work in confidence after a crisis. 

  1. Know that this, too, shall pass. Whether you’ve been sheltering in place for one month or two, accept reality and then:

    1. Have a vision for what you will accomplish post-COVID-19
    2. Pay attention to new opportunities
    3. Do not pressure yourself to meet anyone else’s expectations while in quarantine
    4. Focus on what helps you relax. Self care and mental health is more important than ever
    5. Spend 5 minutes a day “meditating” (your version of meditation could be listening to music or journaling)
    6. Practice daily gratitude
    7. Feed yourself living foods versus processed foods
    8. Check in with your network of supporters via phone or Zoom–family, friends, neighbor stylists or barbers
  2. Watch this video on 5 things you should know before reopening your salon or shop
  3. Prep now for consistent client communication (what you will say to allay their concerns, which channel you will use to communicate the info, how often, etc.)
  4. Access affordable PPE for your salon or barbershop
  5. Have a plan of action. Here’s a free template for a CARE strategy already tried and tested
    1. Includes a client statement of health that you can rebrand to your own business
  6. Show your clients your dedication to their safety and yours by taking the free BARBICIDE return-to-work sanitation course and then displaying that certificate at your station
  7. Determine your new pricing strategy 

If you put this pragmatic plan to use, then you will be able to step back into your salon, barbershop, or salon suite with confidence as you reopen your small business.