black women spend the most in hair salons

Market Research: Which Group Spends the Most Money at Salons?

The hair experts at All Things Hair (a publication by Unilever) conducted a survey targeting 2000 women of different ethnicities above the age of 16.

Collectively, these figures show that African-American women are spending more money in hair salons, visit hair salons more regularly, and spend more time at salon appointments despite having to travel the furthest to find a hair salon that caters to their preference.

Hair Salon Spending Habits

The survey reveals that almost a quarter (24%) of US women spend more than $100 in hair salons. African-American women spend the most money, however, with 36% spending more than $100 at salons. 

Hair Salon Appointment Lengths

  • 18% of African-American women spend more than 3 hours at hair salon appointments (triple the average of 6% of all other ethnicities)
  • Almost half (46%) of Caucasian women in the US spend less than 1 hour at hair salon appointments (higher than the average of 40%) 

The survey also showed that African-American women visit the salon the most: 5.9% of Black women go to a hair salon once a week (which is double the consumer average of 2.9%). Adding to this, African-American women have to travel the furthest to get to a hair salon that really caters to their hair type:


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