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The Power of Pricing: A Case Study on How Daily Rates Can Impact Monthly Revenue for Salon Suites & Barber Chairs

ShearShare has been collecting salon, barbershop, and spa booth rental pricing data for more than 6 years and spanning more than 900 cities. We’ve taken three examples below to share how you can price competitively and unlock more than $80,000 IN ADDITIONAL REVENUE that you didn’t account for!

To be honest, the secret to boosting your monthly revenue isn’t anything difficult. ?? Our latest case study shows how setting the right rate can have a significant impact on your business success. ??

Discover the correlation between daily rates and monthly revenue growth, and learn how you can maximize your earnings as an authorized #ShearShare host. ? Read below to see where you fall in the market expectations by region. ? And if you’d like more specific data for your chair or suite, be sure to join the private Slack channel for ShearShare hosts to get real-time feedback on your pricing strategy.