med spa trends for 2023

Med Spa Trends for 2023

The medical spa market has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years. According to
a recent report, the industry, previously valued at $11.1 billion, is expected to surpass $27.6
billion by 2025, implying a 12.2% annual growth. Medical spas are a new niche that offers
cosmetic treatments using aesthetics and medical practices in spa ambiance. They offer a wide
range of services, ranging from anti-wrinkle treatments, acne therapy, and Botox injections to
fine-line reductions. Cosmetic interventions and aesthetic medicine are increasingly becoming
popular, especially in developed countries. Below are a few trends that will shape medical spa businesses in 2023.

  1. Increased Popularity of Facial Treatments
    Video calls and online chats have replaced physical in-office meetings and classrooms.
    Everyone is currently connecting through screens, making it important for people to improve
    their facial appearance. Americans, regardless of their age, are looking for ways to smoothen
    their skin and clear acne, making medical spas the best option.

This explains why most current medical spa treatments target facial and neck treatments. As
such, medical spas should prepare adequately to handle the sudden uptick in customers
booking these treatments.

  1. Introduction of Medical Spa Memberships
    As mentioned, medical spas combine medical practices and aesthetics to help clients improve
    their skin and body. Most clients prefer these treatments because they alleviate stress and
    improve overall well-being. Like other wellness activities, such as gyms, spa owners and most
    customers have embraced membership models, as it makes them committed.
    Membership models are increasingly becoming popular. Besides improving client commitment,
    it gives businesses a lifeline cash flow. Membership also fosters customer loyalty and increases
    sales of various products and services.
  2. Minimally Invasive Treatments Will Become Popular
    The demand for minimally invasive treatments is also expected to grow in 2023. Customers
    currently prefer non-invasive procedures because they produce fast results, are affordable, and
    require minimal recovery time.
    Medical spa treatments can be done in a few minutes. Clients also enjoy the calm ambiance
    and avoid the stress of cosmetic surgical procedures Non-invasive treatments provide better
    results with minimal financial and emotional investments. Top non-invasive spa treatments
    ● Hair removal
    ● Non-surgical fat reduction
    ● Botox treatments
    ● Hyaluronic acid
    ● Photorejuvenation
    Non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments have made med spas more accessible. Unlike
    before, clients can now schedule treatments and have them done on the same day. Customers
    can attend to these treatments without interrupting their schedules.
  3. Clients Need More Financing Options
    As mentioned, medical spas have made aesthetic treatments more accessible than cosmetic
    surgery centers. However, like other businesses, clients expect better services, including the
    ability to pay for services easily. Introducing financing options allows clients who don’t have
    cash in hand to enjoy the benefits of stress-reducing med spa treatments.
    Financing options also allow medical spas to extend their services to a wide range of clientele,
    whether or not the client can pay for the services in advance. Most financing service providers
    charge affordable monthly payments, allowing clients to choose their preferred treatments
    without blowing their credit cards.

The medical spa business has grown, and there are no signs of stopping. Facial treatment and
body shaping services are the most popular, with the demand for tattoo and hair removal
segments increasing steadily. If you have ventured into the med spa industry, knowing these
trends helps you prepare for clients’ expectations.