Pennsylvania Beauty Salon Suite Rental Controversy

Pennsylvania Beauty Salon Suite Rental Controversy

While many beauty and barbering professionals have fully embraced the gig economy, some professionals and owners are still resisting the inevitable change. Some states still have strict rules around short term rentals when it comes to salon and barbershop booths, stations and private suites. Pennsylvania is one of those states that has a road block set up to prevent beauty and hair salons from renting chairs for short term stays. 

Recently the topic resurfaced as lawmakers in Pennsylvania seek to dramatically tighten policies that prevent salons from renting chairs by the day, week or occasion. Under state law, salons and spas that care for hair, skin and nails are licensed and regulated by the Department of State, and state code prohibits “booth rental.” 

In a memo to fellow lawmakers, Republican state Rep. Natalie Mihalek of Allegheny County said, “In recent years there have been some businesses that have ignored this law by claiming they are renting ‘chairs’ or ‘space’ (not booths).” Mihalek said she intends to file a bill that would tighten the language to prevent such rentals, which she says would protect consumers and assure the licensed facility maintains health, safety, financial accountability and other standards.

If the memo results in the filing of a bill, no action could be taken on it before late September, when lawmakers are scheduled to return to Harrisburg.

Salon Suite Rental Loophole

As with all rules, there are loopholes. In this case the loophole is salon suites, which the current legislation does not cover. Some salons that do not support these rules have taken to separating their areas to form private suites. These suites are not subject to the same oversight when it comes to rental rules. 

While we don’t have any advice one way or another, on the ShearShare platform salons and barbershop owners can list their vacant stations, chairs or suites. We even offer complimentary insurance to all hosts for every booking that happens on the platform. For beauty professionals we offer usage based insurance for just $5/day so that you never have to worry about anything other than your clients experience. 

We’ll keep watching this story as it develops and hope that we can someday soon open up our services to Pennsylvania salon and barbershop owners. For more information on the legislative updates you can read the full article here.