America’s Beauty Show 2021 ShearShare Recap

America’s Beauty Show 2021: ShearShare Recap

America’s Beauty Show, or as we industry insiders (read: first time attendees lol)  like to call it, ABS is one of the top beauty shows in the United States of America. This year, again for an exciting first time, the ShearShare Customer Operations team attended the show with the hopes of connecting with some of our amazing ShearShare users. However, we got so much more than we bargained for! 

History of ABS

ABS 2021 comes almost 100 years after the first show was created in 1912. Since its inception, America’s Beauty Show has been completely managed by Cosmetologists Chicago. The non-profit association was created with the sole purpose of serving licensed beauty professionals to help the industry grow with continued education, network events and mentorship opportunities. For 97 years, America’s Beauty Show has served the Professional Beauty Industry with heart by hosting over 2,000,000 licensed beauty professionals, launching some of the most innovative products and by providing a culture of inclusion that values relationships.

ABS 2021 Highlights

Traditionally, the 3-day show is broken down into 3 segments: Education, Entertainment and Exhibitions. Cosmetologist Chicago members, beauty professionals and general attendees get access to everything from an exciting and over the top fashion show to daily panels and classes from some of the best and most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. 

Our very own Head of Customer Operation, Jenny Johnson, represented ShearShare on day 2 of the event by taking beauty professional attendees on a journey through the exciting world of ShearShare. Attendees received a front row seat on how ShearShare is changing the work from anywhere landscape with its by the day rental options, along with our plans to get beauty professionals back to work with affordable rates, unique locations and access to 1000s of chairs on their terms. Likewise, Jenny gave salon owners an inside peek into how ShearShare is protecting them with our one of a kind complementary liability insurance that comes with every ShearShare stay. 

Aside from ShearShare, there are hundreds of other brands exhibiting their newest products. Some of the notable brands include Ulta Beauty, Salonwear, Barbicide Safe Service, and Wahl just to name a few. However, all corners of industry were on hand to cover all the technology, product, or service needs for every solopreneur or entrepreneur in attendance. 

In addition, there have been some exciting panel discussions and education classes on full display. One of the most attended discussions was The Pigmented Panel, which saw 4 top beauty professionals discussing their frustrations with being black in the beauty industry. Panelists discussed some of the experience in the industry and the mark they are trying to leave to make sure the beauty space is as inclusive as it should be. 

ABS Day 3

While day 3 is just getting started, it is important to note just how amazing the show has been so far. From meeting some of our beauty crushes to discussing the future of beauty with students from various beauty schools in Chicago and the surrounding area, this ShearSharer is so excited for what’s to come not only with the show, but for the beauty industry in general. So many talented individuals and collectives and doing their part to help progress the industry as far forward as they can. AND WE ARE HERE FOR IT!