Rebound from COVID-19

Be a stronger leader with a stronger business post COVID with these resources

From creating a signature product you can sell today to accessing benefits under the CARES Act plus how to monetize your followers during quarantine, these curated videos, podcasts, and articles offer guidance on how to win as an entrepreneur now and post-COVID-19. So watch, read, or listen! We’ll add to this list daily, so check back often.

On Dec. 3,  CA Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a new statewide order, a set of far-reaching restrictions tied to regional strains on critical care services as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Read more here

You heard correctly! 💙 ShearShare now offers professional liability insurance BY THE DAY! 🙌📲🌐  For the first time EVER,

In this super informative panel, Beatrice Dixon of The Honey Pot Co and Melissa Butler of The Lip Bar share sooo many practical TO-DOs when you’re first starting out. Hit play! 🙌🏼💪🏾

In this new wellness podcast, you’ll learn how to stop extending yourself beyond the breaking point. Take this unusual time to feed yourself. You’ll thank us later. 😉

You know you should be using hashtags but can’t figure out the “right” hashtags to use in your posts. In this virtual sesh, you’ll learn hashtag strategy fundamentals, how to create your own hashtag groups, and how to adjust your hashtag strategy for various social platforms.

Drive More Foot Traffic!

Use the same tech used by Ulta Beauty to help drive more foot traffic to your salon, spa, or barbershop! Don’t miss the free giveaway.

Finding Ways to Survive & Thrive in 2020

Click the video above to listen to ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell and Blushington CEO Natasha Cornsteindiscuss how leaders can help their staff find ways to thrive under these challenging conditions.

Scale Your Business

How to triple your sales in 60 days using Facebook & Instagram ads that run like a 24/7 sales machine!

  • Discussed the ads income formula
  • How to get in front of your buyers
  • How to create an AD so you’re bringing consistent income to your business
  • The conversions process to execute ASAP!

The number of grants and resources available to our small businesses–including relief from COVID-19–is ever changing. But we’ve made it easy. Check out this list of current funding opportunities for small business owners. Apply now!

Did you know you could raise money for those homeschool costs? Yep!  This article highlights many of the known and unknown expenses that come with homeschooling and the ways in which you can raise money to cover them. Really great advice for our fellow stylists and owners. Go now!

Are you getting to “burnout” faster?  Scientists state that we may underestimate how severe our collective anxiety is and that we may be experiencing a normal reaction to a pretty severe and ongoing, unfolding, cascading disaster that is 2020. Read more.

Could You Be the First to Receive a Second Stimulus Check?

Will Congress approve sending a second stimulus check by the end of 2020? The timing of another direct payment depends on whether negotiations pick up after having stalled for more than a month. With the Senate back in session, Republican and Democratic lawmakers may be continuing negotiations on a new coronavirus stimulus bill, as both parties say they want to reach a deal. Learn more.

Women Entrepreneurs: How Women-Led Biz Drives Economic Growth in the US

Did you know that women-led companies hold the potential to create 4 million new jobs and add over $500 billion in additional productivity each year to the national GDP? Or that more than 65% of licensed cosmetologists, barbers, and salon/shop owners are female? 

In 2017, more than 1.1 million women-led businesses generated nearly $1.5 billion in revenue and created more than 10 million jobs. What are the lessons to be learned from examples of successful women founders that can help more women in entrepreneurship? Read this special report about Women in Entrepreneurship in 2020.

How to Think About the Business From #BehindTheChair

This year has taught us many things, one of which will always hold true: when it comes to building a successful long-term beauty or barbering biz, it’s not enough to think only about perfecting your craft.

The future of your small business success depends on your business acumen and how you handle the day-to-day requirements, (i.e., liability insurance, quarterly taxes, accounting, financial management, vendor relationships, etc.)

Listen to 26-year industry veteran Dr. Tye Caldwell talk with Heli Rodriguez Prilliman, founder of LacquerbarU, about how you can’t think about just the art.

One of the most effective ways to grow your biz online is to perform well in online search, which is why small business SEO (search engine optimization) is a skill that’s worthwhile for any beauty or barbering entrepreneur to know. Get into it here

Successful female pioneers, self-made entrepreneurs, and industry trendsetters reveal insights on how to get ahead, reach your goals, and achieve success. These are so good.

Each day, the pandemic challenges our industry to prove itself time and again. Yet, in cities and small towns around the country, our #smallbusinesses are displaying a remarkable determination to survive. 💪🏽Our entrepreneurial, “do-whatever-it-takes” spirit has a positive impact on local communities. 💙🙌🏼

“If your intention is to build something permanent and lasting, it’s generally a good idea to ‘own’ the soil beneath your feet.” But what do you do if your potential clients are hanging out on social media channels? Get the answer

As the economy shifts towards 10x talent and 10x businesses, leaders need to choose success over sabotage. Both in their personal and work lives. Listen to this episode to hear what it looks like to lead as a 10x leader.

Apply now for your chance to receive a $10,000 grant for entrepreneurs and small business owners, plus up to $15,000 in free business services! Rolling deadline.

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in financial setbacks: unexpected bills, medical problems, or even losing a job, which can lead to falling behind on credit card payments. Here are four options to consider when financing your credit card debt.

Coronavirus supplies are hiding everywhere. It’s like Whac-A-Mole shopping out there, with products constantly popping up and then disappearing and reappearing somewhere else — sometimes in surprising places. Here are some Web sites that you might not think to check, plus a few tips on getting the most for your money while avoiding rip-offs.

Regardless of the precautions you’ve taken, you will be in for an intensely stressful time. Even if the employee was unlikely to expose anyone else, you’re going to be in charge of damage control moving forward. Here are 11 recommendations for what to do after you’ve notified all of your employees.

Are you a cosmetologist or barber AND a military family? USAA is donating $30 million to nonprofit organizations to offer you relief and support! The Military Family Relief Initiative will provide zero‐interest loans and emergency grants to eligible service members, guardsmen, reservists, and their families. Apply now!

Sally Beauty Supply and Boss Women Media partnered to provide a simple guide that will help serve you along your journey of entrepreneurship. Get free tips here!

Times may be strange, but building your business shouldn’t be. Here are three tried-and-true tips to show you how to win as an industry entrepreneur now and post-COVID-19.

The last thing you need to be in the midst of the “year of the pandemic” is overwhelmed and confused. Here are 4 actionable strategies to implement today to increase your leads, conversions, and revenue. Keep reading.

You can find a new PPP forgiveness platform at PPPForgivenessTool.com. Any business that took out a PPP loan can use the tool for free, regardless of whether you worked with a bank or a non-bank lender. #yourewelcome

First, the PPP ran out of money. Then many lenders stopped accepting new applications. Other funding options may help you access capital sooner, and/or provide better terms and greater flexibility. 

To help keep barbers safe behind the chair, BarberEVO and Gillette have committed to donating 20,000 protective face shields for barbers nationwide. Just fill out the form below and subject to verification, BarberEVO will issue you one free box.

Sign this letter to support targeted relief for salons and barbershops in the upcoming stimulus package. This industry has been the hardest hit and the last to reopen, with 65% of jobs lost. Take action now.

PPP Loan Application Deadline Extended to August 8

If you didn’t complete an application for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan before the previous deadline, you’re in luck. On July 4, President Donald Trump extended the deadline for PPP loan applications for more than another month. The new deadline for PPP loan applications is August 8.

Thanks to our beta testers, ShearShare has released more money-making features to help protect you against uncertain times. Watch how here.

“As COVID-19 closes salon and barbershop doors, more beauticians and barbers are becoming independent contractors and may continue to see growth.” Read the entire story in the Dallas Business Journal.

There’s been much talk in recent weeks about whether lawmakers in D.C. will pursue further economic stimulus measures meant to help our households and businesses through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Use this calculator to see how much you could receive.

Visa has extended its partnership with IFundWomen to provide Black women-owned small businesses with grants to continue offering much-needed services to their local communities. Apply now. Applications are ope n from June 30-July 31.

It’s all about creating economic opportunity for our fellow entrepreneurs and our communities. Based on the type of free grant monies you’re looking for, there are several options still available! Click here to start searching and applying.

Did you know you could request a stimulus check trace? Yep. To determine the amount you’re eligible for, you can also use the IRS’ “Calculate My Payment” chart. And if you didn’t receive the full amount that you were entitled to, you can claim the additional amount on your 2020 tax return when you file your taxes next year. Here are the steps to take.

How Do You Compare?

More than 80% of stylists said they plan to open their books on Sundays and Mondays post-COVID-19, with our typical off days now accounting for 23% of the workweek. How do you compare to your peers?

There are challenges with opening a salon during a global pandemic, like distributors on furlough, which makes it difficult to get supplies (like Barbicide), not to mention the amount of hair color needed for the influx of correction services. Here’s one tale of how this new owner had to get a bit crafty.

PayPal has created a $10 million fund to provide grants up to $10,000 to more than 1,000 Black-owned small businesses across the United States. This grant can be used to assist in the recovery or stabilization of a small business that has been negatively impacted by either of the two pandemics.

The IRS has set a new deadline to register to obtain your stimulus check worth up to $1,200 as part of the CARES Act that intends to aid Americans amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since there are more than 30 million Americans still waiting, the IRS has set an October 15 stimulus check registration deadline for those who do not file taxes. The people that fall in this category are those with incomes below $24,400 for married couples, and $12,200 for individuals. Use this non-fliers tool to apply.

Our friends at Zenefits put together the following list of loan programs that are designed to provide financial assistance to local small businesses facing pressure during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can filter by state, county or city to quickly find those most relevant to you. You can also perform a search by keyword. See what you can find, all 50 states are represented!

What the new bill includes: 

  • Cuts the share of aid required for payroll to 60% from 75%
  • Allows businesses to use the money for 6 months instead of 2 
  • Extends a June 30 deadline to rehire staff 
  • Gives loan recipients a longer period of time to repay the loans 
  • Lets those salons/barbershops receiving loan forgiveness defer payroll taxes

In this segment of the Female Quotient, small business coach Robyn Ward sits down to give some advice on how to manage your mindset in uncertain times. Listen to this 20-minute video to get real tips to help you feel more positive and optimistic, less stressed, to sleep better, and be more creative and more productive.  

Courtney Caldwell will be the first to tell you that you don’t have to know everything about business to become a successful beauty entrepreneur. You just need to have the confidence to jump and grow your wings on the way down. Here are 10 questions with Courtney that will give you guidance on planning your start and ditching the toxic, “sleep when you’re dead” entrepreneur mentality.

This ShearShare report outlines key industry data gathered from over 7,300 stylists and salon and barbershop owners across the US. Within its pages:

  • Who received PPP funds and who didn’t
  • What parts of our small businesses transitioned to online during ‘RONA 
  • The most active states for daily booth rental 
  • Lessons learned from 2008 applied to 2020
  • How, when, and where stylists plan to go back to work, and more!

See how you stack up against your peers as you consider how to reposition your business after ‘RONA.

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, you should have one major priority when it comes to your online presence — showing up in local business searches! It doesn’t matter if someone in Dallas, Texas, finds your business online if you’re located in Tampa, Florida, right?

You need the people who live, work and spend time near your physical business location to be able to search and find your business.

Here are 8 easy tips to do now so you can start showing up in local business searches. #yourewelcome

Are you thinking about launching a new hair product or new service at the salon or barbershop? Don’t talk yourself out of it because “there are so many competitors” in your space! Why? Because the early winner isn’t always the last winner.

A wise man once said, “The best product doesn’t always win, but the winning product becomes the best product.”

There are exceptions, though. And of course it’s highly specific to the situation. But take a listen to these 2 minutes of encouragement . . . and then by all means, jus start!

In addition to the major health and financial crisis we are facing, the coronavirus pandemic is also having an immense emotional impact on people. Regardless of whether you are an owner or operator, it’s okay not to be okay. But the question remains: How do we get through this emotional rollercoaster? Go here for a few tips.

The PPP Flexibility Act just passed in the House and gives our small businesses the needed time to rebuild after COVID-19.  Read the details here.

As a beauty or barbering entrepreneur, which activity actually nets you the biggest payback? Read this!

One thing that the quarantine has taught us is that self-learning is paramount for the success of our business and for our lives in general. ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell says that Mentored by Failure: A 5-Point Guide to Long-Term Success in the Beauty & Style Industry is the book he wishes he had when he graduated from beauty and barber school almost 30 years ago. It’s a quick read and available for order on Amazon.com. 

Because not everyone is a visual learner, here is a snippet from the audiobook. Enjoy!

Close personal interaction is an integral component of our industry; physical contact and proximity is essential for many of the services we provide and cannot be avoided. Social distancing during COVID-19 is putting many of our small businesses into crisis mode as we search for ways to adapt and adjust.
Here are five innovative ways to remain actively connected with clients during COVID-19 and beyond.

Twenty-six year industry veteran✂️and ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell breaks down one highly-publicized reason. Listen closely. 

To make a great first impression, here are 6 tips on how to stand out with your Instagram bio that will be helpful now and post-COVID-19.

Formalize additional streams of income while in quarantine. This video is 30 beauty-related business ideas that can help make you money in 2020.

The PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund was founded to assist licensed industry professionals who are experiencing monetary hardship amid the coronavirus pandemic. Through generous donations, they have awarded $1 million in grants to those who need it most! Funds still available, apply here.

Dr. Deborah Birx cautioned governors from including hair salons , nail salons, and barbershops — even when people are wearing masks — in their first round of reopenings, even as some governors in some states are either considering taking the step or have taken it already. Read more here.

There are so many priorities vying for your time as you look to return to work. Here’s one testimonial.

Compared to liquid boosts, supplements, etc., there are more natural and cost-effective ways we can enhance both our physical and mental energy levels. Here are six natural tips to help boost your energy.

Listen to 26-year industry veteran Dr. Tye Caldwell, a master barber-stylist and owner of an award-winning salon and barbershop, highlights 7 personal skills to work while you’re sheltering in place. Listen now!

#1: Don’t overthink your business plan. It simply serves as a roadmap towards your goals and objectives. #2: Get started with these 8 questions!

Our ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell has lived through Y2K, ebola, economic recessions, and now the novel coronavirus to share his proof-positive strategy on how to return to work in confidence. For all the tips and templates you need, click here.

Even during the coronavirus, email has been driving record-breaking sales in the midst of the pandemic. Want to know what these beauty and barbering businesses are doing that’s working right now in 2020 and why its ROI is better than TikTok?

🔍Did you know that 95% of your success of failure in this industry is partly determined by the 5 people with whom you spend the most time? This podcast also takes listener questions on whether or not COVID-19 is a good time to make a career transition.

Last week, tech CEO 👨🏽‍💼 @drtyecaldwell went from the boardroom to the barbershop💈to give ShearSharers a firsthand preview of life after reopening. After the first return-to-work weekend, he’s already learned a few things that have helped his business run more smoothly. Listen and prepare.

Boosted posts are a way to reach new people who are likely interested in your beauty or barbering business but aren’t currently your fans on Facebook. 📝When you boost a post, you have the potential to reach more eyeballs and entice current fans and potential new clients to connect with your business. Use this time at home and give it a try. 

With nearly 20 states now reopen/reopening, how are you coping with your own go/no-go decision? 🦠Whether you reopen this week or sometime in the future, know that ShearShare is doing our part to support you. Visit our blog for timely resources that include a free client statement of health template, vendor list for where you can access affordable PPE, and free COVID-19 testing near you. 

As states gradually begin to reopen, your salon and staff will need to be protected and prepared. Here are several PPE guidelines 🧼you should follow and where to find the supplies, courtesy of the The Professional Beauty Association (PBA). Here is a curated list of 15 vendors that are supplying the needs of the beauty and barbering industry.

👩🏾‍💼If you’ve been thinking about changing your salon or barbershop business model from commission to booth rental or vice versa, listen to small business attorneys discuss the best way to register your business to protect yourself.

In order for the PPP loan that is maximized at 2.5 times monthly average payroll to be 100% forgivable, a business has to rehire the same number (not necessarily the same individuals) of full-time employees that were used to determine their PPP loan amount. However, with a smaller staff needed for reduced sales and employees possibly making more on unemployment, many operators questioned how they would get their staff levels back to the same level as before. Read more here.  

We asked displaced stylists and barbers how they’re thinking about rebuilding after the coronavirus. When considering new salons and barbershops to service their clientele, these were the top 9 items that were of the utmost importance. 

Since March, many of us have been wondering when life would resume as normal. Forty-two states issued coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders. If you’re wondering where your state currently stands on reopening salons and barbershops, here is a breakdown of the current status in all 50 states.

Regardless of when your state decides to reopen, industry professionals are already rethinking how many days they’ll spend behind the chair. 

If you are a salon suite owner or booth renter, are you really a business? Yes, absolutely! Hear 26-year industry veteran and ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell break down how to organize as a small business and treat yourself and your money accordingly. Listen now.

🛠Want to go from a commission model to booth rental, or vice versa? Listen to small business attorneys discuss risk assessment, how to switch, permanent labor audits (and why you should care), how to handle contract “takebacks” due to COVID-19, and your liability after we return to work.

If you’re going to promote your business or service on social media, where should you spend your time?Marketing experts weight in on how the coronavirus will impact U.S. time spent with audio. So take a listen and then decide where you’ll drop new content to attract new clients.👏🏼

Not only is it cheaper to keep an existing client happy, 🤑but it’s more economical for your business to increase revenues with the clients you already have! Grab your notebook and tune in for these killer strategies that can make you more money today.

When Do Stylists Expect to Reopen or Return to Work?

A total of 2,003 participants were surveyed and asked if they were ready “for things to open back up.” Fifty percent of respondents would at least like their state and officials to be on the same page as the Centers for Disease Control. 😷 Are you surprised by the results, #ShearSharers? Which bucket do you fall in–May, June, or August +? ✂️💇🏻‍♂️💆🏿‍♀️💈Decide what’s best for you and your biz and then click here for a proof-positive strategy on how to reopen with CARE. 

👨🏻‍💻Do you have compliance policies in place for when your salon or shop employees come back to work? How do you handle emergency paid sick leave? Or the payroll tax credit? Can the self-employed receive an equivalent credit? Now is the perfect time to educate yourself and create SOP docs. Listen to HR expert Delmar Johnson offer guidance.

Dr. Tye & Courtney Caldwell

In an industry where close proximity is required, how do you continue to make money when you’re not in front of clients? Listen to the cofounders of ShearShare discuss new channels created for beauty and barbering pros to still conduct business, take retail online, enable new communication channels, and still prioritize education.🤗

Although a few states have begun reopening businesses and embracing the new normal, 97% of the country remains under stay-at-home orders. Where does your state stand on reopening?

Don’t be stuck in silence. The number one mistake small business owners make during crisis is not engaging with their clientele. Learn the message that builds stronger relationships during ‘RONA. 

Did you recently apply for and receive PPP or EIDL funding? Now’s the time to start thinking about how to properly account for forgiveness. Sign up for this Webinar to make sure you are protecting yourself.

Are We Really Ready to Reopen Our Businesses With CARE?

With the start of states reopening small businesses in phases (i.e., Georgia), how do you relax restrictions on something you can’t control? Listen to💈ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell share his thoughts on how to proceed with great caution and what he implemented in his own salon as a test prior to the stay-at-home order. Here’s one strategy: CARE.

🏆5 Habits of Highly-Successful Beauty and Barbering Pros

👋🏼Hey, ShearShare fam! Check out these 5 Habits of Highly-Successful Beauty and Barbering Professionals. Which one is helping you get through this quarantine? If you need a little boost, check out Dr. Tye Caldwell’s best-selling book titled Mentored by Failure, available on Amazon. 📚

How To Regrow Your Clientele After COVID-19

As you begin to think through how you’ll re-organize your client list (you may be considering how to remove a client from the lineup or how to increase your average ticket price), take time to return to the basics. ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell describes how the “Power of 3” can help you regrow your clientele.

🗣Business Tips for Salon Suites Owners + Indie Pros

Wonder why we missed out on the CARES Act PPP and EIDL? Painful, we know. Listen to ShearShare CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell answer questions sent in by fellow cosmetologists and barbers. He then breaks down 5 basic business principles that you need in order to have and operate a healthy small business. 

7 Skills to Work on During 'RONA To Take Your Beauty Biz to the Next Level

🛠 While sheltering-in-place, tackle these 7 skills that will undoubtedly help you take your beauty and barbering business to the next level once the economy reopens.

Special Episode of Beyond The Technique Podcast

Be inspired by the one and only Dr. Tye Caldwell! He’s the visionary, pioneer, and CEO of ShearShare—our industry’s HAIRbnb. Learning about his journey through beauty to tech is incredible. Take a listen!

How COVID-19 is Forcing Stylists to Legitimize Our Small Businesses

We’ve talked to several small business owners that will unfortunately miss out on the $10,000 forgivable EIDL and the Payment Protection Program. 😔 Why? Lack of paperwork proving a legitimate business. If you fall into this category, please do yourself a favor and get your business affairs in order now.

#COVID19 May Be Changing the Definition of “Essential Workers”

ShearShare CEO and 26-year industry veteran Dr. Tye Caldwell discusses how some countries are choosing to come back online and which businesses they’re allowing to open first. Spoiler alert: we ARE essential. Be encouraged!

Developing Your Salon Crisis Plan with Speaker Aleya Harris

Did you know that consumers read your Web site in a Z formation? Yep! Here are 5 things you need to change on your shop Web site now to thrive during COVID-19. Stay updated with more videos from Aleya’s crisis management tools and insight here.

How To Teach a Beauty or Barbering Class Online

Now that we’re all at home for the COVID-19 quarantine, it’s a perfect time to figure out how you can take aspects of your beauty or barber business online. Watch this free class by Season Bennett (Kim Kimble’s social media manager and barbershop owner) as she walks you through every step! 👏🏼

4 Mistakes New Salon & Barbershop Owners Make​

How do you know you’re ready to open up your own independent salon, suite or barbershop? In this Webinar, Dr. Tye Caldwell highlights the 4 biggest mistakes new owners make and how to avoid them. Hear how he hurdled challenges in the early days to end up running an award-winning salon and shop for nearly three decades.👍🏽

5 Ways to Build (and Keep!) Your Clientele

No matter where you are in your career, we can always accomplish more. 🙌🏾 Listen to best-selling author Dr. Tye Caldwell share tips and tricks on how to build your book of business, generate loyal customers, and keep your client retention rate high.

How to Balance a Healthy Biz + Personal Relationship

ShearShare cofounders Dr. Tye and Courtney Caldwell talk openly about their own highs and lows starting a small business and what they’ve learned along the way. From salons and barbershops to beauty tech, they share how they’ve been able to manage successful businesses while married 💙without losing themselves. 🤗

9 Coronavirus Prevention Tips for Salons & Shops

Coronavirus. COVID-19. 2019 Novel Coronavirus. 😷No matter what you call it, the virus has caused such a frenzy. Although our industry already takes great strides when it comes to sanitation and disease control, here are several coronavirus prevention tips from infectious disease MDs that can further protect your business and you. 🙌🏽

4 Best Practices for Daily Salon & Shop Booth Rental

What are you doing now to help fill that empty station or suite in your salon or barbershop? In this Webinar, you’ll learn practical tips for standing out from the crowd and getting more licensed cosmetologists and barbers to take advantage of daily booth rental in your salon or shop!

Defining Today's Beauty & Barbering Professional

The only thing constant is change. In this Webinar, Dr. Tye Caldwell shares his findings from years of research that helps to define the personality and business desires of today’s beauty and barbering pro. If you like numbers, you’ll love this content. See where you stack up compared to your peers!

4 Traits of Successful Beauty & Barbering Pros

Have you ever wondered what steps were required to break out of a “client comfort” slump? Hear from 26-year master barber-stylist and salon and barbershop owner Dr. Tye Caldwell as he shares 4 ways you can go from good to great in your career. For serious barbers and cosmetologists only.

3 New Strategies for Service & Success

What’s holding you back from multiplying your success? How can you do more with less? This Webinar introduces you to a proven methodology for building long-term success for your small business using resources you already have. (You’ll want to listen to this one more than once.) 🧠

Taxes 101 for Hairstylists and Barbers

Most beauty and barbering professionals may not know that we’re actually hurting ourselves when we don’t file our taxes correctly. Lawmakers assume we only make $20,000 a year and therefore push to de-regulate, but not filing also hurts our own pockets when we attempt to purchase a home, refinance a car, or send a child to college. 

Ask Me Anything with Dr. Tye Caldwell

An “Ask Me Anything” session with 26-year industry veteran, author, salon and barbershop owner, and master barber stylist Dr. Tye Caldwell. Super informative. In this Webinar, Dr. Tye answers viewers’ questions about the industry, details how to overcome specific challenges, and offers tried-and-true business tips.

How to Increase Your Value as a Beauty & Barbering Pro

We all want to maximize our career and the impact on our clients and the community, right? Would you believe me if we told you that success starts in your mind? This on-demand Webinar provides helpful tips on how to not only boost your business confidence but also how to increase the business of YOU!