salon booth rental pros and cons

Salon Booth Rental vs Commission: The Pros & Cons

Salon booth rental and commission are two different ways that salon professionals can earn money.

Salon booth rental means that a salon professional rents a space in a salon and pays a weekly or monthly fee to the salon owner. The professional keeps all of the money they earn from their services and is responsible for managing their own schedule, clients, and supplies.

Commission, on the other hand, means that a salon professional is an employee of the salon and earns a percentage of the money they bring in from services. The salon owner typically provides the supplies and manages the schedule and clients.

Both options have their pros and cons, and the choice ultimately depends on the individual’s goals and preferences.

Pros of salon booth rental:

  • Freedom and independence to manage your own business
  • Control over pricing and all services offered
  • Ability to keep more of your hard-earned money
  • Ability to set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want
  • Opportunity to learn and grow from other independent stylists
  • Work when you want, where you want

Cons of salon booth rental:

  • Responsibility for expenses like rent, supplies, and marketing
  • In some instances, minimal support and resources provided by the salon

Pros of commission:

  • Income and clients provided by the salon owner
  • Support and resources provided by the salon, such as supplies and marketing
  • Opportunity to learn from and collaborate with other professionals in the salon

Cons of commission:

  • Limited to no control over how you build your book of business
  • Limited or no control over your pricing and services offered
  • Less flexibility in scheduling and client management
  • Less-than-favorable commission rates

Ultimately, it is important for salon professionals to carefully consider their goals and preferences before choosing how they would like to build their cosmetology career. With ShearShare, you can build your business on your terms and pay for what you need!