ShearShare at Google I/O

ShearShare at Google I/O 2024

Last week, ShearShare was invited to attend the coveted Google I/O conference at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. In addition to a private dinner for Google for Startups alumni, our ShearShare cofounders also pitched at the AI meetup and learned the new ways that Google will be better for our beauty and barbering businesses. Read on!

Key takeaways:
1. As AI gets cheaper, faster and more predictable, AI Startups are becoming more focused on providing the best experience possible. Salons and barbershops can leverage by using AI for customer service/front desk operations. 😉
2. Automation is really taking off. Figure out what you can automate now to get ahead tomorrow.
3. Startups enabled by AI products like Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro, which will allow 2 Million Tokens, and developers are creating an amazing variety of new LLM and user experiences.
4. AI is becoming Multi-modal, Mobile and Multilingual. You’ll be able to use it wherever you interact with your clients and stylists!

Erika Bahr, founder of Daxe and an AI expert, summed up additional learnings very nicely:

Broad Adoption and Impact

Today, over 1.5 million developers are leveraging Gemini models to enhance their work, from debugging code to gaining new insights and creating next-gen AI applications. Google has integrated Gemini’s capabilities across its suite of products, impacting over 2 billion users. Notably, the Gemini experience is now directly accessible on Android and iOS, making advanced AI capabilities more available than ever.

“Ask Photos”!

We’re probably most excited about Google Photos. The beloved tool for organizing memories has been revolutionized by Gemini AI. The new feature, Ask Photos, allows users to search for specific memories with natural language queries, providing a more intuitive and powerful way to relive precious moments.

Revolutionizing Google Search

One of the most exciting advancements has been the transformation of Google Search. The introduction of the Search Generative Experience has enabled users to ask more complex and nuanced queries, even incorporating photos. This revamped experience, known as AI Overviews, is set to roll out in the U.S. this week, with plans for global expansion.

Enhancing Google Workspace

Do you use Gmail for your salon or spa email? Gemini’s integration into Google Workspace exemplifies the synergy of multimodality and long context. Whether summarizing emails, analyzing attachments, or generating meeting highlights, Gemini enhances productivity and efficiency, making everyday tasks easier and more intuitive.

All in all, this year’s Google I/O was eye-opening!