“ShearShare Brings a Salon Near You”

According to the STL Black Biz Business Directory:

ShearShare brings a salon near you. Businesses are created out of need. ShearShare was created on the basis of this mindset.

Founders, Tye and Courtney Caldwell are the owners of Salon74 by Tye. Their salon began to grow and with that they found an increased need for stylists. The owners were finding a hard time gaining and holding onto stylists that were interested in staying long-term. Also stylists needed space to work without the financial commitment. From this frustration and need the ShearShare App was created.

Tye Caldwell, the second half of Salon74 by Tye has been in the hair care business for nearly 25 years. This has allowed him to see the good and the bad, therefore, he understands and can relate to the concerns of hair stylists and barbers. The other side of this business venture is Courtney Caldwell. Her talent in sales and marketing and as the vice president of marketing for Marketing Advocate, has propelled ShearShare.

According to the ShearShare website, ShearShare is a first-of-its-kind beauty platform that connects salon, spa, and barbershop owners to individual cosmetologists and barbers to fill unused suites and booths on a temporary basis. With ShearShare, you can rent salon space whenever, wherever!

The ShearShare app allows stylists and barbers to live out their dream as stylists and barbers without the fear of not being able to afford space or to be bogged down with a long-term commitment to pay for space. According to the Caldwells, financial strain is no longer an excuse for not building your beauty business because they’ve essentially erased that barrier.

Salon owners have the space and stylist have the clients and the need for salon space without the commitment. ShearShare offers access to space in more than 200 cities and even 8 countries. There are 3 simple steps to put ShearShare to use.

  1. Stylists and barbers have the option to choose temporary space in a salon across the United States and other countries based on amenities, work space, and daily prices.
  2. Select  your date, payment, then set and confirm your reservation.
  3. Then look forward to servicing your clients in the salon and/or barbershop of your choice.

For more information on ShearShare visit the website at www.shearshare.com and don’t forget to download the ShearShare App on your Android or iOS.