Premiere Orlando 2021

ShearShare’s Key Takeaways from Premiere Orlando 2021!

There are many great hair and beauty trades shows that happen all across the United States throughout the year. However, none are as much of a party as Premiere Orlando! For a few days all beauty and barbering professionals, hair and beauty brands, and like minded partners gather in Orlando to share new products, learn new trends and share important information about the state of the hair and beauty industry. 

ShearShare’s 1st Presentation at Premiere Orlando

This year ShearShare not only attended, but we exhibited our amazing application to thousands of professionals over the course of 2 days. It was exciting to hear from professionals from all over the US, sharing with our co-founders, Dr. Tye and Courtney Caldwell, just how impactful ShearShare has been for them as they continue to push through the pandemic to grow the business and be successful. Likewise, it was just as important to hear the pain points of our users so that we can build an even better in-app experience. 

Keep in mind, Premiere Orlando isn’t just about ShearShare… no matter how much we’d like it to be! It’s about sharing and learning new information about where our industry as a whole is progressing towards. So here are a few thought-starters we walked away from the weekend with.


Sorry for yelling, but we needed to make sure the folks in the back heard. Our ShearShare COO, Courtney Caldwell, says “The more beautiful thing I kept noticing is the different languages that were being spoken. It wasn’t just English. Vendors were explaining their products in French and Spanish to make sure everyone could understand. That is such an amazing customer experience!”

Natural hair is here to stay. 

Trust us, we know how important products and tools are in our trade. However, we noticed a lot of men and women sporting their true ‘dos. The confidence that comes with being exactly who you are and looking exactly as you feel you should cannot be matched. There were a whole lot of folks walking around showing off their confidence with their natural hair unapologetically. We are here for it!

Eco-Friendly Products win BIG!

Speaking of natural hair, our biggest takeaway was eco-friendly products. Not just for the sake of protecting our environment but also to protect your hair and body. A lot of brands were buzzing with their new natural products that remove all the chemicals without having to sacrifice results. Whether color products and overall processes, eco-friendly was a big winner at this year’s Premiere Orlando. 

We can’t cover every aspect of the beauty show because we’d have to write an entire novel. We didn’t even mention all the prizes ShearShare gave away, the haircutting competition that we sponsored featuring some of the best and brightest in the industry and of course our CEO, Dr. Tye Caldwell judging that event. 

Like we said, it was an amazing weekend, with amazing people. We’re just excited we were able to meet as many people as we did. Can’t wait to meet thousands more next year!

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