Superhost Christina Miller

ShearShare Superhost Spotlight: Christina Miller

We’ve just introduced our new program, ShearShare Superhosts! A program that celebrates and rewards the most experienced owners and operators on the ShearShare app. These Hosts go above and beyond to provide workable space for our licensed professionals. So we’re shining the spotlight on one of our Superhosts, Christina Miller, a salon owner in Austin, Texas. We asked her some questions below about her business, her experience as a ShearShare Host, and what being a Superhost means to her. Learn more about this Superhost below!

ShearShare Superhost Q&A

How did you hear about ShearShare?  

I saw an ad in an industry magazine.

Why did you want to become a ShearShare Host? 

I work part-time in a studio with 2 chairs so I thought it would be a great way to help with rent expenses.

How did you generate your first ShearShare booking? 

I placed a listing on the site with pictures and a description of the space and waited.

What do visiting stylists love about your space, and what advice would you give to someone else thinking of becoming a Host on ShearShare? 

Visiting stylists love the location and most of the time they have the space to themselves.  If I am working on a day they book, my space is roomy enough to share comfortably.  My advice to others is to make sure your space is clean, well-lit, and photographed well.  When these items are in place, they have no surprises upon arrival.

How do you continue to create community among visiting stylists? 

Communication is key. Visiting stylists know they can depend on me to answer any questions they might have in a timely fashion and they can count on consistency.

What does being a Superhost represent to you? 

Trustworthiness. Visiting stylists know what to expect upon arrival and departure with no extra hurdles.  Most of the stylists who rent my space repeat every month or so because they know the space is consistently the same and they can trust and depend on that.

Learn How to Become a Superhost

As a ShearShare Superhost, you’ll have more visibility, more earning potential, and receive exclusive rewards. If you’d like to learn how you can become a Superhost, visit our website. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support of the community!