In My Chair Podcast featuring Michelle Andrea

In My Chair Podcast Episode 9 Featuring Michelle Andrea

Episode 9 of In My Chair podcast introduces Michelle Andrea, owner of Sole Beauty! Andrea is a licensed cosmetologist of 8+ years but originally started doing hair when she was in second grade. So it’s safe to say that hair has always been a part of her life! She sat down with Dr. Tye to discuss her transition from turning a side hustle into a full-fledged business after working as a receptionist at a predominantly white salon during the pandemic. While there, Michelle noticed a lack of service and care for natural hair. “Women with natural would come in, look around, and not see themselves in any of the stylists.” Once she did the big chop, she realized she needed to step up for others in her community that struggled to find proper care for their natural hair.

Learn all about Michelle’s story and more, below! And if you’re looking for a natural hairstylist in Tampa, FL, check out her website.

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