Take Control of Your Book of Business in 2020


As we enter into a new decade, from a business perspective, my main word of advice to all hairdressers is to…

…take control of your book of business! Don’t let the universe determine your future. Make it a point to maximize your calendar potential by optimizing the tools available to you in this new decade.

A few key tools to focus on in 2020 include:

Easy, efficient and convenient client booking through online and direct messaging channels. The days of keeping a written appointment book for your appointments are over. Your focus should be on making it very simple and pain-free for your clients to book an appointment. Options include incorporating a booking option on your website, social media platforms or even direct to your mobile phone. Automatic reminders can be set up on these channels to avoid frustrating no-shows or cancellations.

Heightened visibility and outreach by establishing a presence on a variety of social media platforms. You can stall all you want, and attempt to wish it away, but social media is here to stay. If you don’t adopt a social media strategy for your business, your bottom line will most definitely suffer.

Having a strong social media presence will allow you to network more effectively and build relationships. Yes, it’s great to meet clients at a party, but now the party is online all day and all night long, waiting for you to connect and reach out. Youtube offers great tutorials on how to setup social media accounts like those on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Investing a small amount of time on learning the basics, will help your business grown thrive in the long run. Once your accounts have been established, you should be posting content daily to increase customer engagement and keep your business top of mind.

Wide range of services targeting a more diverse customer base. Don’t limit your service options to one segment of any given market. Make sure to keep up on industry news and take classes to help you capitalize on emerging trends. Be sure to offer services for all hair types and create a loyal multi-cultural client base that will spread the word and recommend your services.

Retail focus that recognizes rising trends such as organic and cruelty-free products. Be sure to keep up with retail trends and the latest new product introductions. People love “new” and your expertise in the industry will have them entrusting you with the best product recommendations.

Today’s salon client tends to be more concerned with organic ingredients and cruelty-free formulations. By recognizing these trends and carrying products to support them, you are showing your clients that you care about what they think, and are willing to adjust your business model accordingly.

By keeping tabs on emerging business, technology and product trends, you will continually stay ahead of the game with regards to attracting and retaining new clients. This focus will automatically translate into future growth and success for your business.

Happy New Year, and good luck in 2020!

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