The Business Behind the Blush: A LIVE Online Business Class


In this online class for beauty (and barbering) professionals, you’ll learn:

  • How to find the courage to take a big leap towards committing to a full-time career as a beauty pro…
  • How to balance your personal life when you feel stuck trading your time for $$$…
  • How to tackle the top three excuses that hold you back from getting $#!& done, so you can implement the changes you need in place to build your business…
  • The secret sauce to getting ahead, even if you feel overwhelmed and overworked
  • The simple mindset shift that will take you from slacking to success, even if you have serious setbacks along the way…
  • How to set up your schedule so you always feel prepared and professional
  • The ONE tool to have in your kit that can drastically (!) increase your sales and increase momentum in your beauty business….
  • How to banish perfectionism and procrastination, so you can finally start seeing progress
  • The daily habits, practices and exercises to master that help you face your fears and kick self-doubt to the curb…



This live online class is designed to save you the frustration (and self-sabotage!) of trying to figure everything out on your own. Pretty Blush is spilling her best beauty secrets to get your mind right and help you build your dream beauty biz.

Monday, March 2nd  |  7PM EST  |  $149 

$99 until 2/8 with code BLUSH

Replay will be available for purchase until 3/7.


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