The Beauty & Barbering Entrepreneur’s Circle of Trust



As an entrepreneur, business owner, husband, father, and author, there is extreme pressure and sacrifice daily, but I love it, because it comes with the territory. I’m often asked, “how do you juggle and maneuver through it all?” My response: support is key. I’m able to maintain because I have a circle of individuals that I trust, that I can bounce ideas and information off of. I also need to share my struggles and emotions. We will all have to deal with setbacks and struggles, but what helps is having support from those that believe in you. 


You have to create and forge a circle of trusted advisors and supporters. No matter what, these cronies will have your front and back while you’re growing through trials, tribulations, successes, and failures. These trusted supporters will be a small limited group, but super vital, and can be there in times of need. They serve as unlimited emotional resources, so choose them carefully, because you will need them at one point in time or another. 


The characteristics that these individuals will need to possess are: genuine love, business acumen, relational communication, and seasoned life experience. However, you will most definitely need to be able to receive their honest feedback and constructive criticism. Constructive criticism doesn’t always feel good to hear, but it’s definitely good if you’re willing to take some notes on yourself for review. Most people aren’t fans of criticism. Why would you be? Criticism naturally points a finger at our issues and shortcomings. It takes time and maturity—I consider it an acquired taste, but once you realize how necessary criticism is to your overall growth, you will start to welcome it. Don’t ever be afraid. I see criticism as a gap filler of shared wisdom that you and I don’t yet know. For example, I always tell my son, “if I give you the answers to the test, why would you fail?” … With wise advisors, you don’t. 


So who should these individuals be? It could be those that are closest to you like your mother or father, a family member, mentor/coach, teacher, counselor, or professor . . . just to name a few. Take time to choose wisely, because it really makes sense to have these impactful people in your life. 


Take heed to what I’m sharing. I guarantee you it will save you tons of pain, wasted time, and heartache in the end. Like myself, I owe my growth, success and the awesome choices I’ve made in life to the help of God and to my “Circle of Trust.”