Why Hairdressers Are The Happiest In Their Profession


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Following her win as Hairdresser Journal’s British Hairdresser of the Year, Sally Brooks had a story to tell. In her new documentary, The Journey To My Destination, Brooks delves into the breadth of the hairdressing industry and explains why hairdressers are the happiest in their profession.

In the film, Brooks argues that hairdressing isn’t a ‘second-best’ career; it’s actually a career choice full of opportunity that grows and changes with you throughout your life. Alongside videographer Gabriel Maciuca, also a barber, Brooks takes us through the potential highlights of this exciting profession, asks big names in the industry to tell their stories and shares her own unique insight into what it takes to get to the very top—advice which can be translated to many other careers.

With hairdressing always topping the list of happiest industries to work in and great apprenticeships available, it really is a career worth exploring. After all, what other career can offer you opportunities as varied as setting up your own business, creating trends and even traveling the world? 


View a trailer from the documentary. The full version is now available to stream on Amazon Prime