best foods for hairstylists

The Most Energizing Foods for Beauty & Barbering Professionals

As a hairstylist, barber, esthetician, nail tech, MUA, braider, massage therapist, or microblading artist, are you eating foods that raise your energy or deplete your energy? We all know that it’s important to maintain a high level of energy throughout the day to keep up with the physical demands of the job. But have you ever thought about eating according to angstroms?

Here’s what we mean:

The Angstrom energy of foods can be divided into four general classes:

Category 1: Foods that have wave lengths between 6,500 and 10,000 angstroms, (regarded as those of the highest quality).

  • Mature fruits and fruit juices obtained from squeezing (made fresh and immediately consumed). (8000 – 10,000)
  • Raw fresh vegetables (8000 – 9000)
  • Olive, sweet almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut, peanuts and hazelnuts
  • Raw sea fish and shellfish
  • Whole grain cereals, flour and bread
  • Some foods are superior only if consumed at the time of production like raw milk (8500), butter and eggs.

Category 2: 3,000 angstroms to 6.500 (medium quality)

  • Cooked vegetables (4000 – 6500)
  • Not fresh milk, butter, and eggs
  • Honey
  • Cooked fish
  • Peanut oil
  • Wine

Category 3: very weak radiations below 3,000 angstroms

  • Coffee, tea
  • Chocolate
  • Jams
  • Cheeses (1800)
  • White bread (1500)

Category 4: exhibits practically no energy (dead matter)

  • Margarine
  • Pasteurized milk
  • Conserves
  • Alcoholic spirits
  • Cooked meats, sausages
  • Refined white sugar and bleached flour

Again, be sure to eat foods that raise your energy because we all need that precious energy in order to serve our clients well!