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In My Chair Podcast: Season 3, Episode 5 Featuring NYC Nail Tech & Mobile Beauty Boutique Owner TeAra DeBerry

The fifth episode of the season features TeAra DeBerry, a mobile nail technician, hairstylist, and makeup artist who shares the reality of being a female in the world of business and how much money you can make. How do you maintain your creative mindset to serve your clients when your nail salon lease skyrockets to $23,000 per month?! Listen to the innovative way that TeAra hurdled the challenge and still kept her mental health a priority. When asked what advice she would offer the next generation of nail technicians, TeAra shared the following:

  • Whatever your goals, do it while you’re scared.
  • Don’t worry about support from friends and family. They may or may not ever come around to believe in your dream. 
  • These three steps are tried-and-true for advertising your business. Layer in ShearShare to make money either every day or while you’re transitioning.

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