This Strapless Mask Is Made For Easy Maneuvering While Cutting And Styling


No one understands the impact of the pandemic on the hair industry quite like someone who’s seen it at its best. David McClellan spent 20 years of his career as the director of video at Aveda, spending a tremendous amount of time watching artists and stylists work their magic with color, cut and styling. “I’ve seen what is obtrusive and what is complementary to an artist and their craft,” McClellan says. 

When the pandemic hit and started impacting small businesses, McClellan wanted to create a way to keep stylists and clients safe, keep salon doors open and alleviate the problems associated with cutting and styling around a client’s mask.

“As masks were introduced into our daily lives, I noticed several common themes. Masks were everywhere except where they should be: on peoples’ faces. Instead they were hanging off an ear, stuffed into back pockets and dangling from rear view mirrors,” McClellan says. That’s when he started working on the concept for the KIWY Mask. “KIWY stands for Keep It With You because it fastens and rests around your neck and quickly raises and lowers as needed,” he adds. What’s more, the KIWY design provides for excellent breathability and can eliminate ear irritation from wearing the mask for long periods of time. 

Different from other masks on the market, the KIWY mask fastens around the neck with a hook and loop closure allowing for a customized and comfortable fit. When needed, simply pull the mask over the nose and adjust for comfort. “The ear-loop-free design makes the KIWY mask unique,” McClellan says. “It’s perfect for cuts and colors, but also for guests that wear glasses or hearing devices, as there aren’t any loops to irritate or interfere.” 

The team developed a wholesale program that offers discounted prices and good margins for participants. To get your hands on one, visit kiwymask.com

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