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As hairstylists, barbers, and beauty salon owners, we hold a unique position in society. Every
day, we touch the lives of our clients, not just through our craft, but through the connections we
build and the transformations we facilitate. It’s a noble calling, but one that often leaves us
feeling tethered to the salon, working long hours and trading time for money. However, there’s a
better way—a way to leverage our skills and expertise to create a more fulfilling lifestyle while
earning passive income. And it starts with mentoring.

Acknowledging the Noble Work
First and foremost, let’s recognize the profound impact hairstylists, barbers, aestheticians,
massage therapists, and other personal care professionals have on people’s lives. The healing
work we do extends beyond mere aesthetics; it touches the soul. But let’s be honest, it can be
exhausting. Working long hours, and providing hands-on service day in and day out, takes its
toll. That’s why it’s crucial to explore alternative avenues to thrive in our industry.

The Power of Mentoring
Mentoring offers a pathway to expand beyond the confines of the salon chair. It’s about learning
from those who have successfully sculpted their businesses to achieve the lifestyles they desire.
Mentoring stimulates fresh ideas, provides new perspectives, and offers constructive advice that
supports both personal and professional growth. It’s a catalyst for innovation and transformation.

Introducing the Stylists Only PRIVATE SERIES
This season marks the inaugural Stylists Only PRIVATE SERIES—a live business accelerator and
mentoring program designed specifically for personal care professionals like you. Throughout
the series, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from five multihyphenate hairstylists from across
the country, who have diversified their income and crafted careers that keep them in flow. From
celebrity and mobile styling to creating premium tiers and breaking into media and entertainment
with more time for fun and family, this 5-week virtual series covers it all!
Expert Mentors:

  1. Afiya Mbilishaka, Ph.D. – Founder of Psychotherapy, Dr. Afiya bridges the gap between
    hair, wellness, and human performance.
  2. Aishia Strickland – Influential blogger, beauty educator and mentor, Aisha, is dedicated
    to combating misinformation in the natural hair community.
  3. Spring Capers – With over 30 years of experience, Spring combines her expertise in hair
    care with life and business coaching.
  4. Kali Patrice –Her mission to inspire transformation through hair led her to hairstyling
    and product formulation, then to create the Midwest’s first personal branding firm.
  5. AJ Johnson – Chicago’s preeminent beauty and fashion expert, AJ brings new meaning
    to flow: He makes a living at the intersection of entertainment, hair and fashion.

Unlocking Your Potential
Participants in the Stylists Only PRIVATE SERIES not only gain access to valuable resources like
how-to guides and contract templates but also form high-value relationships with expert mentors.
Engaging with a supportive cohort of growth-minded professionals is priceless—it’s where
inspiration meets action, and dreams become reality.

There’s More for You in 2024
As personal care professionals, it’s time to think beyond the chair. Mentoring offers a pathway to
elevate your business, expand your horizons, and achieve the lifestyle you desire. Take a leap,
invest in yourself, and explore the endless possibilities within immediate reach. This year,
consider how you will add or upgrade your mentoring relationships—your future self will thank