Top 19 Startups in the Sharing Economy Industry

ShearShare Named A Top Startup in the Sharing Economy Industry

Think Sharing Economy is boring and everything’s been done before? Think again!

If you’re in the Sharing Economy industry or are interested in starting a company in this space, this article dives into 19 of the hottest fast-growing Sharing Economy startups. Find the top five startups (including ShearShare) below!

Top 5 Sharing Economy Startups

  1. Wonderschool – Wonderschool is a platform that allows people to start newborn and toddler programs as well as preschools from the comfort of their own homes.
  2. Grover – Grover is a firm that allows individuals to subscribe to electronic items on a monthly basis rather than purchasing them outright.
  3. ShearShare – ShearShare is the first B2B marketplace that connects salon and barbershop owners with stylists on a demand basis to fill their vacant spaces.
  4. Rheaply – Rheaply is a procurement management platform that allows you to purchase, sell, trade, donate, and rent resources.
  5. Neighbor – Neighbor is a peer-to-peer marketplace that specializes in public storage, economic empowerment, sharing economy, and peer-to-peer marketplace.

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