Become an Overnight Success

How to Become an Overnight Success in the Beauty & Barbering Industry

The truth is you will look back on the business you’ve built and it will feel as though you completed it overnight. In the beginning, it will seem as though nothing is happening your way. But if you’re building your network and business right, your tireless and faithful steps will pay off. It will seem so seamless and quick that only the people that worked closely on each project will know the amount of work that went into each detail. The first step is to understand that hard work and dedication is the only way to become an overnight success in any industry.

Rejection is Just Another Word for Redirection

The biggest key  to success is “getting over the rejection and the no’s” as Dr. Tye Caldwell says. It may take marketers and industry professionals time to adjust to a new trailblazer in the business. You have to keep believing in yourself and have the right people around you- because you are the future of the beauty & barbering industry. 

When you are doing something that has never been done before- you are becoming a pioneer. You will deal with people who are not susceptible to change, and they will reject your ideas and projects at first. However, you have to understand your market- needs, wants, inputs, and outputs- to continue to grow your business but also help others see the vision. Understand that you are a niche market and that comes with resistance but also great change. 

4 Steps to Success

Be Confident

Success is never attained without belief in yourself and your work. 

Build Your Business the Right Way

Leave the patchy quick-scheme work behind and take all the right steps, do the research, and build a good team. 

Perfect Your Skills

Although business strategy will get you far- make sure your skills are always top quality.

Enjoy the Process

Being a pioneer takes dedication, hard work, and a long journey. But just as ShearShare has become a tech and beauty trailblazer, so can you! 

Your overnight success is coming soon- it will seem like only yesterday the idea for your empire popped into your head. 

Encouraging Words from our CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Tye Caldwell: 

Using the ShearShare app and building your profile is a great way to begin!