Startup of the Year Summit 2022-

Startup Of The Year Awards Summit 2022

Our co-founders, Dr. Tye and Courtney Caldwell, returned to Tampa Bay, Florida for the annual Startup Of The Year Awards. This year was just a chance for them to support all the amazing startups that are looking to claim the coveted title. However, lets not forget that ShearShare took home the title in 2016!

During the chat with Frank Gruber, co-CEO of Established & Established Venture, Dr. Tye and Courtney discussed the how much of an impact winning the Startup of the Year award had on our company. They also gave insights into their approach to fundraising, building relationships and managing their move from McKinney Texas to ShearShare’s new HQ2 in Buffalo, New York.

To learn more about the awards and about some of the new things coming to ShearShare in 2022 what the full video!