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ShearShare 2.0 is here! We are thrilled to present a new platform to all hosts and professionals in the beauty industry. Our new app provides users with a seamless experience, sure to increase productivity and profitability. We have introduced several new features, including a new business listing dashboard to manage data on in-app listings, usage-based liability insurance for every host up to one million dollars for only $5 a day, and much more!

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We understand that change takes some time to get used to. So, we are offering a 15-minute demonstration with an onboarding specialist to help our ShearShare community. Learn all the ways our new app can make your life, and your business, easier! Our specialists will walk you through the account creation process, show you best practices to get your private suite or station noticed, and answer any questions about the overall ShearShare experience.

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The ShearShare 2.0 demo is one of the many ways we make your life as a beauty professional or small business owner easier. Not only do we connect professionals with hosts around the country, but we also provide a plethora of free educational resources. Explore our website to learn how to become a host or professional, and stay up-to-date with all things ShearShare.